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Message Subject [**MEGA TRUTH**] The Ongoing Story of You Know Who - Decoded and Extracted from Fake "News" and Media
Poster Handle rachel3108
Post Content
Jeffrey Epstein reconstructed the Tower of Babel on his island.

Perhaps, in the context of [them], we shouldn’t be asking not “what” but “WHO” is the keystone?

WHO is the ritual priestess at the top of the mountain?

For those screaming “THE KEYSTONE IS THE SES”:

2. The goddess Ninhursag (Ishtar) has a symbol called the Sumerian Omega. She is considered primeval mother of the gods. Hathor is her Egyptian version. Here the omega is flipped on her head. Keystone?
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Infinity device

Kind of like eleven, they need her to access the upside down

Did whiterose need Eliot (played Queen) to run the machine? He was there to install malware

The ‘17 economist cover ends with the 17th tarot card, the star. In the depiction a comet flies by other “stars” which in Q posts are abused children without a voice (like the faceless figures around Alice at the opening of IPG) who have been sexually abused and become models of mind control for the masses to mimic (Full moon coming / undiscovered stars learned / missions forward - Q 1543) Q, the collective voice of the silenced, those waking up from slumber

Crowley did not like that tzadi was the star. He switched it for the letter hey
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