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Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion

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12/30/2006 07:57 PM
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Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
[link to www.weathermodification.org]

The Weather Modification Association (WMA) was organized in 1950 to cultivate a better understanding of weather modification techniques, impacts, and expectations among program sponsors, program operators, and the scientific community, and to promote ethical professional conduct and a free exchange of information.

All WMA members are expected to act in such a way as to promote the purposes of the WMA. However, those members, hereinafter referred to as operators, who direct or participate in field experiments or operations in weather modification, have a special obligation to protect the interests of the WMA, their profession, and the general public.

The WMA has a program to certify individuals as qualified to execute field experiments or operations in weather modification. For details, click here. Certification is based upon experience, knowledge, and character. In considering applications for certification or renewal, the Certification Board will consider the degree to which each applicant has conformed to the present statement on standards and ethics. Violation of the statement on standards and ethics may be cause for the denial or revocation of certification.


Air Pharmacology, "Chemtrails", and You


This page is written by the person that invented the DOE's biggest project on re-mediation for the ozone hole. Jim Phelps invented the DOE's "Global Shield" Weather Control Projects in the mid-1980s to compensate for man's damage to the ozone layer leading to global warming. Jim Phelps spotted the predominate mechanisms for global warming and found ways to lessen the damage using commercial aircraft to make cloud systems to cool the Earth.

Jim Phelps invented the concepts of "Global Systems Engineering" to do studies that allowed Human activities to more harmonize with the natural order of the Earth, rather than conflict. Phelps discovered the way UV-b radiation damaged the ocean's cloud systems and invented the large scale methods using commercial jet planes that attempt to restore some of this cloud based cooling effect and lessen the rate for Global Warming.

The inventions came from direct experience at the Oak Ridge National Lab and working the Q-cleared world of DOE's nuclear weapons complex. This piece is about the origin of the Ozone Hole and the methods in use and being designed to attempt to fix what man's pollution has done to our weather and environment. Chemtrails are, in essence, the man-made massive global white clouds that are the harbinger for Christ's message.

If you have ever wondered about chemtrails; What they are, How they work, Who designed them, or Who is responsible then it is all right here in these pages for all to see. Here one can read the science behind chemtrails, the real mechanisms for global warming, and the common sense reasons for what is happening.

Many persons around the world are becoming concerned about the ugly lines they see in the skies each day that often turn into a Sun blighting haze by afternoon. They are correct to be concerned for what they are seeing and right to want to become involved in the process and play their rightful roles as stakeholders in what has been going on. The USDOE has conducted most of these projects in secrecy to keep the US Citizens and others from learning the ugly truth on how badly those charged with protecting the citizens and their environment have failed.

In order to learn the basic issues of what is happening, some may begin to see the values of my research from ORNL in the 1980s. I did correlational synergism studies on fluorine. These studies found that bone concentration of fluorine directly affected illness and death by alteration of beneficial trace metals concentration in the blood and within cells.

Fluorine has a terrible health effect when combined with certain metals, and long term and low level exposure to it can highly upset the human immune system and disease and illness response.

I found that problem by looking carefully at the emissions from Oak Ridge and the sickness patterns in worker's job exposures. It turned into one of the most important discoveries for mankind.

However, that discovery cascaded into several others very quickly. The ozone hole studies turned up that the radiolytic breakdown of Freon in the atmosphere to free chlorine atoms and how that process destroyed the ozone levels. Then another study found that the high UV from the ozone depletion caused the rise of the global warming gas CO2 in the atmosphere, by damage to ocean phytoplankton. The UV damage to the plankton also resulted in the fall of dimethylsulfide (DMS) concentrations over oceans that control cloud formation, IR reflection, and global temperature regulation. Following that information cascade, I discovered that UV set up a radiolytic effect with hydrogen fluoride releases that promoted fluorine and light hydrocarbon global warming gas injection into the upper atmosphere. That was the major finding the kicked off the chemtrails pursuits.

When the same radiolytic effects of fluorine and other sources of HF emissions from Oak Ridge and TVA were looked at carefully, what popped out was the HF synergism with the hydrocarbon emissions made interesting products that formed the global warming blanket. Just like photo-chemistry or radiochemistry drives the smog and Freon breakdown, so these drive the global warming methane (CH-4) blanket catalyzed by HF and UV.

That became another of the landmark important discoveries for mankind. Then, how to attempt to fix or remediate that effect became of highest importance. This is how the chemtrails [what I called "Air Pharmacology" in those times] Generation 1 and 2 methods were suggested by myself with the additional use of HAARP to dump these IR absorbing gases from the atmosphere. Everyone has always suspected HAARP and Chemtrail methods were related, and they are, one is preventative method and the other after the fact corrections for GW. The top goal for HAARP is to dump the concentrations of Methane type gases in the upper atmosphere similar to how high sun spot activity causes losses of gases into space from the atmosphere. I specified and named the atmospheric RF heating system to modify the methane concentrations in the upper atmosphere, to remediate this critical problem in global warming.

The damage factors from the fluorine's two dominate effects that I isolated via the correlation studies of fluorine synergism effects then showed up the definite connection to the factors of the predictions of Revelation's prophecies. In Fact, I had isolated the exact processes that set up the environmental and health problems forecast by these prophecies. As incredible as it might seem on first look, the Revelations part of the bible accords became more than fiction, they became causally linked to real processes. Amazing this all would become tied to the critical for human life sulfur compound called dimethylsulfide (DMS).

Continue here [link to members.aol.com]
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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12/30/2006 08:05 PM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
How would you like to wake one day and see this sky graffiti happening, times 100, over your entire area? Then these lines turn to a haze that blots the sun in the summertime, leaving no more pure blue skies. This is what this web page is about: Informed consent of the citizens.


The best way to proceed in the teaching of global warming is to consider the effects of the ozone depletion toward the problems of rising CO-2 gases in the atmosphere. Most people have learned the concentration of CO-2 is rising in the atmosphere and many all too quickly think this is only due to more fossil fuels being burned. Those that jump to that all too simple conclusions make a fatal mistake in logic.

The CO-2 concentration is rising in the atmosphere because of increasing damage to the largest CO-2 absorption sink on the planet. The prime CO-2 absorption sink on the planet is the ocean itself and the phytoplankton of the oceans and it is extremely sensitive to UV-b radiation that has increased due to the ozone's depletion. The effect is very serious near the ozone hole areas, as the ocean surface temperature and phytoplankon is most damaged there and lends to higher concentrations of CO-2 levels and less reflective clouds that speeds up the polar ice melting.

The temperature of the oceans surface in these polar regions determines how much CO-2 can be absorbed into the oceans and sequestered there for long periods of time. The phytoplankton directly uses CO-2 and carbon products from this fall to the ocean's floor and removes carbon from the atmosphere in the very long term. When UV-b damages the phytoplankton this critical reflective cloud forming effect is damaged and the ocean's surface temperature rises in these cold polar oceans and the CO-2 absorption is reduced raising the entire planets air concentration of CO-2. The UV-b also damages the phytoplankton that directly converts CO-2 into oxygen and deposits carbon on the ocean floor. This is the dominant effect that is causing the rise of CO-2 in the atmosphere.

Plankton contribute toward dimethylsulfide (DMS) releases from the ocean and is essential in the global sulfur cycle. When UV damages the plankton growth it also lowers the DMS emissions from the oceans. The DMS emissions of the oceans govern the oceans cloud cover that reflects heat back into space and this process regulates the planet's temperature. It is the reduction of DMS emissions that is the prime factor for why global warming and climate changes are happening. DMS / DMSO is essential for the Global Sulfur Cycle that some people describe as a "Gaia" system of regulation. DMSO is a hygroscopic gas that induces clouds to form and cool the oceans.

The ozone depletion is being caused by CFC things like Freon contributing Cl to destroy the ozone layer. This is the prime cause of the rise in CO-2 in the atmosphere and its contribution to global warming. It is the synergistic effects of the Cl causing a rise in UV-b that damages the phytoplankton, which is the prime cause of the global warming effects.

It was this type synergist effect of radiation that set off my deeper looking into if other effects like this existed from ozone depletion effects and there was another effect. This effect was associated with the very high HF loses from the Oak Ridge processes and coal emissions. HF is hygroscopic and will attach to water vapor, which is lighter than air, so it floats.

HF can stay suspended in the atmosphere with water vapor for long periods of time, whereupon, it will be affected by UV radiation. The UV radiation will ionize some of the fluorine atoms, which will result in its attachment to the most prevalent gas, nitrogen. Then forming the compound NFO. This compound acts much like the Freon inert factor for injecting chlorine into the ozone region except the NFx effect injected fluorine into the upper atmosphere and methane like compounds.

This discovery lead to another of the Global Warming factor synergism connected to the rise of UV radiation from the ozone depletion. There are three principle mechanisms that dominate global warming via the UV relationship. One is the DNA damage to the ocean's plankton and its ability to process CO2 and add DMS. Two is the radiolysis of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere, in example: (C-H)6 + UV --> CH4 + C2H2 + 3CO2. Three is the HF being decomposed by UV to form the NFO and the NFx-methane injection process.

When I found these simple cause and effect relationships per UV that dominated global warming, I recommended the end of the production of Freon and the US and Jewish companies like DuPont concurred due to huge damage factors and extreme fault liabilities. This ban was supported to cut the UV factors and curb the GW effects due to UV, DMS, CO2, and HF. This was the beginning of a long set of secretive DOE operations to change the long term outcomes of Ozone Depletion effects tied to Global Warming.
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12/30/2006 08:06 PM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion

Getting into the science on HF or hydrogen fluoride's catalytic effect making its effective GWP quite high. This is the "Phelps Factor" for the global warming effect that lead to the implementation of chemtrails and more so to HAARP.

Looking into the complete GW gas equations it was found that chemicals like HF and H2SO4 are employed in heat driven oil refineries to crack heavy hydrocarbons into lighter ones. This like process was found to be a problem in the atmosphere due to UV driven effects making a process that generated and pumped methane gas into the global warming blanket.

HF is a light gas with a MW [molecular weight] of only 20, this compared to air at a MW of 30. We know that HF will combine with water vapor in the air and rise to heights where it is highly affected by UV radiation from the sun. Here the UV breaks the hydrogen bond to the fluorine because the hydrogen has a high capture of UV energy.

Then the extremely electronegative free fluorine atom in air tends to seek and bond with the next atom around, which is generally nitrogen or oxygen. So, the Sun's UV cooking of the HF high in the sky radiologically makes NFx and OFx compounds, which are heavier than air and sink back into the lower altitudes. I tend to prefer the term "radiolysis" over that of "photochemical ionization," as UV is more akin to or like X-ray radiation damage.

The photochemical driven NFx compound is not reactive toward much except the hydrocarbons in the atmosphere. It won't react with water in the atmosphere. When one of these fluorine compounds gets near a hydrocarbon the affinity of fluorine toward hydrogen atoms in the hydrocarbon takes over and it pulls the hydrogen out of the chain or ring of the hydrocarbon. This forces it to rearrange itself into a simpler shorter hydrocarbon molecule, like methane. The hydrogen atom the fluorine pulled loose goes into HF and then combines back with water vapor in the sky to start the process again. A little bit of the recycled fluorine or HF goes a long way toward the making of light H-C compounds, hence the high GWP associated with HF. The effect is similar in many ways as to why a chlorine atom can destroy so much ozone, except the effect here is the generate light GW gases.

It is this UV driven HF catalytic pump effect of generating these light hydro-carbons that fill the skies with hydrocarbons that float on the atmosphere and which have the high IR absorption spectra from their multiple atom H-C bonds.

The effect only occurs due to the synergism of both high emissions of HF from industry and natural sources (coal burning), and due to the very high consumption of hydrocarbon fuels that burn with inefficient processes that drive the entire process. For this reason, in history this is the first time this type of global warming event has happened. And it is the dominant effect in setting up the methane like global warming gas blanket high above the Earth's surface.

I found this effect way back in the middle 1980's while looking at the Star Wars LASER effects on the atmosphere, the mechanism of the ozone hole, and the mechanism for smog generation. Observations around Oak Ridge due to its high emissions of HF were showing unusual effects on temperatures and with close inspection of the processes I became the first to define the HF global warming equation and the unusual recycle boundary conditions. The HF being lighter than air was a sure sign of problems in the upper atmosphere, but one that took UV synergism for the injection.

The discovery of this process lead directly to the issues of designing chemtrail methods to pull the HF out of the skies, since it was the easiest to get to with combination chemistry with metals and via absorption into water molecules. Generation 1 and Generation 2 chemtrail techniques are all my invention to stop the formation of the IR blanket gases. HAARP was my idea to deal with the IR gases already high in skies by heating them in such a way as to set up a wave propagation to push some of these gases into space. High-energy ejection from the Sun also will cast off light gases from Earth into space in the upper atmosphere and HAARP is intended to mimic this effect and more. It was a retroactive approach to lessen the problems. HAARP could also be potentially used to test making more ozone to replace what was being killed from the Cl atoms and cut GW effects.

This is why fluoride emissions need to be carefully regulated and the effect made public.

[link to members.aol.com]
Who Really Knows? (OP)
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12/30/2006 08:08 PM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion

Since chemicals like HF and H2SO4 that are part of the atmosphere are used in heat driven oil refining processes for cracking heavier hydrocarbons into lighter ones, this process was checked for in the atmosphere and found to be driven by UV radiation. Sick a process can easily contribute toward global warming by cracking heavier unburned hydrocarbon products into the very light methane gases that cause a global warming blanket in the upper atmosphere.

The most important concept to establish the reasons for chemtrails is the connection between what the UV radiation does to the HF in the atmosphere. The discussion here brings in the concepts of why and how this happens. Then, once the connection of UV affecting the HF making the global warming problems worse, a deeper discussion can be presented.

A review of the bounding conditions for the atmospheric distillation column effect:

Normally one thinks of the atmosphere as layers of gases, with the light ones on top and the heavy ones on bottom.

The column order is roughly these distinct areas of molecular weight ,MW, interest:

1. Hydrogen H2 The hydrogen layer MW 2

2. Methane CH-4 Ethyne C2H2 The hydro-carbon GW layer MW 16-20

3. Hydrogen Fluoride HF The fluorine problem layer MW 20

4. Air O2 N2 The standard air layer MW 30 mixed with heavy hydrocarbons and NFx.

This distillation column effect in the atmosphere sets up boundary conditions for the radiolytic [AKA photochemical] chemistry process.

UV radiation breaks down the HF into free fluorine that immediately combines with the most abundant air component nitrogen and goes to form the heavier than air NFO, which will only react with hydrocarbons in the lower atmosphere.

The NFO encounters with H-C's in the lower atmosphere release HF again and H-C compounds like CH-4, C2H2, or truncated rings and chains of the more complicated H-C's, which sustains their suspension in air. The HF returns to the water vapor layer and the process starts anew. The light hydrocarbons like CH-4 and C2H2 go to the global warming blanket. And heavier H-C's absorb heat in the O2 N2 layer.

The net recycling effect of the HF generating this high floating H-C layer is the roots of its very high effective GWP. And this is the logical reason for chemtrails that are designed to rain out the HF at lower altitudes and provide some IR reflection to cool the planet's IR absorption.

The companion project, HAARP, is designed to do experiments to push off this top H-C global warming layer that the HF catalytic pump supplies.


The equation for HF and UV radiation catalytic recombination is this one, given the upper atmosphere is mainly N2 and O2 (bounding condition criteria):

HF + UV ---> H + F


Free hydrogen generally escapes the atmosphere or: H + 1/2 O2 ---> OH


F + N2 + O2 ---> NFO + NO

NFO is the most abundant NFx molecule from the ionization of HF in the upper atmosphere and it has the similar characteristics toward hydrocarbon decomposition as NF3. The fluorine atom of this NFx type molecule will always go for the hydrogen combination with carbon, unless there is a metal present.

If the NFO encounters another carbon bound hydrogen atom it goes back to HF, and if NFO encounters other free fluorine atoms it goes to NF3. It can go to NF3, but rarely. NFx compounds won't react with oxygen bound hydrogen, as in H2O, because the oxygen bond of hydrogen is too strong. NFx compounds will only react with the more lose bonding of carbon and hydrogen as in hydrocarbons.

NFO is the primary molecule that decomposes hydrocarbon chains and rings in the atmosphere into lower MW hydrocarbons the linger in the atmosphere. It works by capture of the hydrogen in the long chain or rings of hydrocarbons forcing the breakdown into more light H-C compounds.

The effect gives rise to the huge effective GWP number for HF or fluorine compounds in the atmosphere.

These are the rather simple and obvious little equations that crooks who want to conceal this effect for the oil industry attempt to avoid.


This is a typical chemical equation for the production of HF and a light global warming hydrocarbon:

C6H6 + NFO + 5O2 ---> HF + CH4 + NO + 5CO2

The example here was is a hydrocarbon "Benzene Ring," (C-H)6, and NFO which goes to make light Methane gas [MW=16] with a GWP of 21 that stays sequestered on top of the atmosphere and is constantly pumped up by the HF catalytic effects.

There can be dozens of these hydrocarbon source compounds that are broken down into lighter hydrocarbon compounds by NFx reactions to aid their long term suspension in air.


An example of the correct method for writing photo-chemical decomposition equations, the transition state equations, that pay heed to the mechanism at hand.

NF3 + UV ---> F + NF2


F + O2 + N2 ---> NFO + NO


NF2 + N2 + O2 ---> 2NFO + NO

The outcome on the right is the predominate NFx compound.

The fluorine atom's higher electronegative state dominates all the transition processes.

These are the proper photo chemical transition state equations for a UV interaction with a NF3 molecule.

Similar radiolytic, or photochemical, reactions go to break down other fluorine based gases in the air to feed the HF global warming process.


What you have just read in this section is the proof of a causal link between HF and the production of the Global Warming Gas Blanket in the upper atmosphere. The action of one fluorine atom results in the conversion of thousands of hydrocarbon heavy molecules into light ones that rise to fill the upper atmosphere forming a layer of heat absorbing hydrocarbon gases. This effect of one fluorine atom to mine thousand of molecules of GW gases into the upper atmosphere means chemicals like HF produce a net GWP much greater than the worst of the GW gases by orders of magnitude.

This layer of light hydrocarbon gases makes for a much warmer layer in the upper atmosphere that changes the temperature profile of the Earth's air. The high atmosphere air that used to be super cold is now significantly warmer and thus the Earth warmer. The net effect is like a person under a blanket using the air layer trapped in the blanket as the huge temperature gradient effect. In the upper layer the temperature gradient effect is these light H-C gases that form the same type layer and temperature gradient effect as a blanket.

I was the person that discovered the HF mechanism for the formation of this high altitude global warming blanket. One of the problems is this blanket is disrupted over the polar regions by the Van Allen radiation effects stirring the air, which goes to accelerate the polar ice melt rates.

This discovery set of a panic in the national lab systems and the US Government due to the projected harm effects due to the strength of storm problems, greater rates of earthquakes, more severe tropical storms, more volcanic activity, and etc. The problems were shared with persons like Teller of LLNL, who had significant connections with the national lab system, President Reagan, the Jewish dominated banking systems and press, and the matter was hushed up by these connections.

I, on the other hand, insisted it become a public process so as not to be used as abused by the crooked factions in the US Government. The public and the world has the right to know these factors, but the crooked side of the US Government and Manhattan Project wanted these factors falsely concealed behind national security.
GW or Solar System? (OP)
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12/30/2006 08:10 PM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion

The discovery of the HF problems leading to imminent disasters due to strategic metals industries and coal power HF releases together with the oil industries hydrocarbon emissions was all covered up. Since I discovered the effect, I was far ahead to the pack on possible solutions.

I was the first person to suggest two possible ways to control the HF problems, one via using metals to complex with the HF and weight it down from the skies and the other using the HF affinity toward water and raining it from the skies. In those days, I called these methods "air pharmacology," but the more recent most popularly used term has become "chemtrails." So basically, I was the person that invented chemtrails.

My ideas for how to capture the HF in the skies involved the very same methods used to stop HF release from the Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion process. The gas diffusion process leaked HF from bearing seals and used alumina, Al2O3, affinity for HF to trap the HF. The other gas diffusion problems were due to air leaking into the system and a purge process that released a lot of HF, which was trapped by running it though a "bubbler" system in a water tank. My ideas would take these concepts airborne. The Generation 1 ideas used the metals and the Generation 2 ideas used more the water.

The first ideas involved putting alumina dusts into the skies and letting that react with the HF in the air. Problems came in the form of limited suspension time and the need to renew it almost daily. So, the next idea was to make the aluminum a component of the jet fuel in commercial planes. Then, the concept for making clouds became apparent. When soluble aluminum compounds are mixed with jet fuels and burned, one gets some alumina dust to react with the H2SO4 in the air and one also gets aluminum sulfate, Al2(SO4)3, which is hygroscopic and retains water molecules becoming Al2(SO4)3*18HOH. It is this effect that produces persistent thick clouds that grow to make more rain.

This discovery became the advent of how to make persistent clouds to set up a sunlight reflecting shield by using the hygroscopic metal compounds to promote persistent clouds. The heart of cloud seeding is these hygroscopic metal compounds that won't evaporate. The metal seeds of water vapor that won't sublime due to their hygrosopic attraction of the seed metal compound. It was this technique of cloud seeding that set up a Mie Scatting reflective layer for the sunlight's IR that could be used to compensate for the upper layer's IR retention problems.

Investigation into other metals turned up titanium dioxide, which in the acid atmosphere would form titanium sulfate, Ti(SO4)2*9HOH. This could do the same as Al, plus titanium lessened the toxic problems with raining out the aluminum fluoride onto the landscape, and it also soaked up the problems with NOx compounds in the air. I had also discovered the serious problems with rising fluorides in the environment being directly connected to immune system illnesses and recognized the power of titanium in mediating the toxic effects of fluorine.

A little more looking turned up that barium sulfate, BaSO4, was compatible with oil and soluble in it, so this was of interest as a fuel additives. Barium sulfate is used as oil drilling mud to prevent blowouts in out drilling. And the Barium oxide form of barium absorbed CO-2 and would be useful for CO-2 reduction. It could also complex with HF and weight the HF out of the skies. Barium would also ionize with sunlight and the ionization would tend to hold it lofted much longer than other metals. Barium's ionization could ride on the Earth's potential gradient as the positive ion would be attracted to the high negative charge in the upper ion layers due to the Van Allen charging effects with electrons from the Sun.

So, this criteria set up the basic three concepts for "chemtrails." Barium went into popular use with its lofting time and ionization to set up electromagnetic wave ducting. All these type metals methods became the "Generation 1" methods of "chemtrail" making to rain out the HF and to reflect some of the IR radiation using Mie Scattering for IR.

Since commercial jet planes were the lowest cost method to get the global warming shield into place, the long range plan, or "Generation 2" methods, was the idea of using the fuel itself and the jet engines design parameters to make water vapor in dense quantities. The goal of the Generation 2 methods required a decade to get into place because it involved changes in jet engine designs and the jet fuels. The dense water vapor seeded into the upper atmosphere would begin to fall and with these falls trigger rainfall in lower cloud systems, thus removing HF from the air. Normal cirrus clouds are formed by natural processes and tend to just sublime back into just vapor. Clouds seeded by chemtrail jet planes form the heavy particles that fall and don't perform as Cirrus clouds.

In the 90's, the EPA was forcing the oil refineries to button up leaks that were causing carcinogen health problems in the communities around them. These improvements resulted in process changes like total hydrogen management, which raised the hydrogen levels in jet fuels and the water vapor they created. Improvements even added hydrogen to jet fuels in the refinery process to lower the sulfur content and lower the jet fuels SOx release problems. Processes began to use more catalysts to make use of the heavies. The resultant modern jet fuels are kerosene based rather than the naptha base of years before. This wetting down of the fuels with hydrogen produces much more water vapor that shows up as clouds that tend to fall and seed rain or more low level clouds. These are the new JP-8 based jet fuels in use today.

The jet engines were redesigned into high by-pass designs like the GE-90 systems, which have high compression effects to produce large water particles. The redesigns also burn the fuel more efficiently leaving less unburned hydrocarbons that more easily get into the upper atmosphere from jets. The 90's were a period of much change for jets and oil companies and it was all about adapting to the discovery of how HF interacted with hydrocarbon releases.

With the implementation of Generation 2 methods using jets around the globe, the chemtrail methods of cloud making have begun to change the amount of global warming. They have also modified rainfall patterns making some places more wet and others drier. They have also rained down more of the poison HF and acid rain that liberate toxic metals from the soils and into the food and water chain. Jet methods also have taken much of the acid rain [Carbonic HCO3, Sulfuric H2SO4, Hydrochloric HCl, Hydrogen Fluoride HF] off the oceans and promoted more CO-2 absorption by the plankton, which is the largest CO-2 sink on the planet. All these efforts aim at GW reduction in several ways at once.

The is a pie chart of coal burning emissions, which are 70 percent HCl acid based. This large chlorine acid component changes the solubility factors for metals in the soils, making them more enter the human and animal food chain.

Jet chemtrails also change the acid profiles of the planet that were once set by sulfur dominated volcanic emissions, but are now set by coal emissions of HCl dominated releases. This sets up a different metals mobility profile that places lots of dangerous toxic metals into the food and water chain. The effect increases aluminum pathways into humans, which are dangerous when rising levels of fluorides occur also.

Two principle problem areas that stem from these acid problems are: It adds more metals to the food chain and it increases the fluoride in the food chain.

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12/30/2006 08:11 PM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion

As one might well associate, using chemtrails methods to rain out the problems of HF would make for huge problems. HF and toxic metals were already being connected to animal health issues via prion illnesses like "scrappie" and later "Mad-Cow." Fluorides rising in the environment was the factor that correlated to these problems. The change of acid dominance in the atmosphere from sulfur based to chlorine based due to coal burning also set up rise of toxic metals problems. This is how the titanium technique was to come to be used to control fluoride linked illness in animals and man.

Titanium prevents the formation of a very dangerous metal fluoride, the AlFx compounds. Just like the NFx compounds were found to be a danger to the environment via global warming, the AlFx compounds were found to cause danger to health by forming a fluoride metal compound that upset the immune resistance in animals and man.

The way to counter the rainout of HF onto the landscape had to be countered with the spraying of Titanium Dioxide over large areas, so that the titanium would complex with the fluorine atoms and make then less harmful. Titanium also absorbed NOx compounds from the atmosphere and helped clear that problem even after it settled into landscapes and rooftops.

The titanium was an effective method to counter the rising fluorides in the human food chain that are contributing to disease. Titanium was put into lots of foods and medicine as a colorant, which concealed what it was being used for and upped the levels of titanium in millions of humans in the US. Titanium was put into these materials to combat the fluoride induced health effects, by raising its concentration in the blood stream, so the fluorides would be more apt to form with titanium than one of the toxic metals like aluminum.

It was the combination of fluorine and aluminum that caused the biggest problems. Fluorine and the acid shift toward HCl was the catalyst that was contributing to the rise in Alzheimer's, as well as mad cow effects, and the very roots of the HIV crisis. Fluorine's abilities to seek out metals upset the trace metals metabolism in the human body. It set up a catalytic effect where the toxic metals were retained and the beneficial trace metals were shed.

High fluoride levels were connected to the worst locations for HIV transmissions in Africa, and with that came the fact that manganese depletion allowed cells to be easily infected by HIV. Fluoride damaged the manganese levels, which allowed the reverse transcription process in cells to occur for HIV.

The fluoride levels are very high in the East African Rift zone and set up a pattern for high fluoride levels in the bone and blood of persons living there. As the fluoride concentrations in the bone rise, the levels of beneficial trace metals in the blood decrease. The rise of bone fluorine causes the reduction of essential trace metals like manganese in the cells, which sets up the transmissions of retroviruses like HIV. It is a direct effect of the fluorine killing cellular immunity. The concentration of fluorine in the bone directly associates to illness and death, it is that dominant an effect. It is an effect that the Chiropractors have been very close to discovering for decades and an effect that AMA based medicine doesn't want the public to find. It is a dominate health effect that appears to have been know all the way back in time to Moses and the Mt. Sinai volcanic effects emitting fluorine. It has been a long kept secret.

When I found this bone sequestration of fluorine effects that upset the trace metals in the immune cells formed there, I also found another important mechanism related to Sr-90 bone sequestration. Sr-90 is a bone seeking isotope from nuclear weapons testing and it is a bone seeker. In the bone its beta emissions create a Bremstrahlung Effect type pathway of oxygen free radicals. These oxygen free radicals do the same type thing the fluorine does by way to complexing with the metals and rendering them into insoluble oxides. Free oxygen radicals are next in line in their electronegative effects with fluorine. This became a principle mechanism for Sr-90 causing immune system dysfunction leading to cancer in humans and animals. It has additive effects with the fluorine-related mechanism. In Oak Ridge this bone trace metals effect from both the Sr-90 and the fluorine electronegative effect were nicknamed the "Sr-90 Problems."

So, the titanium methods were used with aerial spray methods to protect grazing animals and the inclusion of titanium in the human food chain added protection against the fluorine in humans. Titanium works similarly to zinc, magnesium, and selenium in forming compounds with fluorine that are not dangerous to immune function and help to shed the fluorine from the body.

Titanium use provides a strategic advantage to countries like the US that use it. It helps in terms of lowering rates of all kinds of illness, from heart disease, to rates of flu, to HIV. In high coal consuming countries that don't use the titanium methods, their populations will increasingly fall victim to the effects of high HF releases and HCl induced toxic metals shifts. Countries like China and India will be hit the hardest.

It is these reasons that the problems connected with HF need to be released and dealt with on public basis. In place of this openness process the GOP politicians of the world see this as a way to make lots of money on pharmacy sales, big medicine, and global depopulation. All these are goals of the Bush presidency, along with protecting the oil industry from being exposed. Tennessee and Texas politics became linked on protecting the HF problems of Oak Ridge and the oil problems of Texas oil.


The use of titanium by air dropping causes problems with the nitrogen absorption acting like a fertilizer and growth media on rooftops and discoloring them.
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion

Many people are concerned about a project called HAARP, a project to which I assigned the name. "HAARP" means "High Altitude Aurora Research Project" and the model for HAARP sits in Oak Ridge as the EBT, Elmo Bumpy Torus Fusion Energy project. EBT used a very high powered HF/VHF transmitter coupled into its plasma confinement to increase the heating to promote fusion. This system analogy transferred to the global atmosphere became the HAARP invention.

HAARP is a very high powered frequency agile transmitter with Pulse Width Modulation abilities to impress very low frequency modulation on the energy output. HAARP's megawatt transmitters are coupled to a phase steared directional antenna array to beam the energy high into the ion layer of the sky. HAARP's primary intentions are to heat up the ions in the upper atmosphere via resistive heating from the RF energy beamed from the Earth's surface. The main experiments for HAARP are to look for resonance effects in this layer of the ionized atmosphere and seek to set up air motion and effects like a drum head vibration.

The principle concept for HAARP is much like a flame speaker, where an electric current with an audio voltage impressed upon it can produce temperature modulation of the collective ions and make acoustic waves or sounds in air. HAARP seeks to do the same thing, except on a massive scale. The major intention of HAARP is to set up vibrations intense enough to blow off some of the upper atmosphere's heat absorbing problem gases into space and remediate the global warming blanket problems disclosed previously. The technique would work like popcorn placed in a speaker cone and the power turned it, and the popcorn being physically scattered from the speaker's cone. HAARP's currents in air would also replenish ozone levels like a lighting bolt in air, and this used to lower the UV levels.

HAARP was sold as a multiple use project, as the same low frequency modulation techniques used to blow the gases into space also can be used to modulate the Earth's Potential Gradient and this is very useful for communications with deeply submerged nuclear submarines. Only the very lowest electro-magnetic waves can penetrate the ocean depths to communicate with the nuclear defense submarines that don't want to reveal their locations.

HAARP's modulation can also be lowered by the Pulse Width Modulation effect to look at Earth's Surface modulation abilities and Earth Surface resonance effects that can be used either to produce a series of less damaging micro-quakes in high risk areas, like California, or trigger large quakes in enemy zones that are showing up as overdue.

Most of the HAARP studies make use of the Earth's atmosphere being modeled as a two terminal capacitor. Here the ideas come from what is popularly called the Tesla ideas. The upper ionization layer in the atmosphere and the surface of the Earth are the two terminals of the capacitor and the charging source for the capacitor are the Sun's electrons. The Sun's electrons coming into the atmosphere are guided by the Van Allen Belt effects of the Earth's magnetic field to the North pole zone. The net effect makes a huge charge of millions of volts and produces a potential gradient of some 400 volts per meter in the atmosphere. HAARP seeks to affect the upper terminal conductance and modulate the charge gradient. It is the like effect to how a capacitance microphone operates.

HAARP's projects have turned into many these days, but all are based upon using the heating effects of an electromagnetic wave to induce mechanical and electrical changes in the ionization layer. Some of these tests project waves into space, and some project the very low frequency E-M waves into a wave-guide like effect created by the ionization layer and the Earth's surface. HAARP has amplification effects due to generation of light and UV excitations of other gas atoms, much as to how flame speakers have amplification. Lighting bolt effects are triggered by the same electron excitation of oxygen atoms to emit UV to set up the larger discharge path.

HAARP is a project that needs to be kept unclassified and as open as possible to avoid misuse. One of the misuse factors is already happening in terms of their failing to disclose the principle uses of HAARP to eject the global warming layer in the atmosphere. Everyone needs to know why the big problem with global warming is being caused by and what is causing it and the ways to fix it from chemtrials to HAARP methods.

When I named HAARP, the similarity to the instrument that angles play was very intentional, as this HAARP is all about acoustic vibrations in the heavens for good purposes. But, with classification and cover-ups, it can also find uses toward not so good purposes. HAARP can also be used for Star Wars weapons designs.

HAARP can also be used to study the Tesla Free Energy Methods of extracting the electron currents the Sun induces into the ionosphere. The collection efficiency of the ion layer will determine the current this sort of system can supply. The ultimate idea is to increase the ionization in the upper layer and ionize an air pathway to the ground using a UV or X-ray LASER system to produce the conductive pathway to the ground. Such energy methods would be better than the coal and oil energy methods in use today causing the huge problems on health and the environment.

For now, although the technology is largely there to do this, the Govt. wants to lower the population levels on the planet and make money from the process. And to play New World Ownership games for the big banking systems behind the US and the Manhattan Project. This process is also stalling the feasibility of cold fusion.

The HF global warming factor dominates over the CO-2 problems on Earth. The CO-2 problem on Earth is considered a future problem, and only when the CO-2 global warming contribution begins to match the HF contribution will the US change toward more carbon-less energy methods such as nuclear, cold fusion, or Tesla type designs.

The CO-2 problems on Mars is more dominate and the Mars CO-2 ice cap is being seen in telescopes as getting smaller. Here the driving effect is a fluctuation in the Sun's energy output. It is up on the average of about 10% and this is driving the ice melt of the polar CO-2 ice on Mars.

The effect on Earth contributes only 10% of the global warming effect. CO-2 is about 3% of the global warming effect on Earth. And the HF effect is about 50% of the effect. This is why the chemtrail rainout removal methods of pulling the HF out of the air is so effective in lowering the Earth global warming effect.
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion

Now for a short review of these processes and the common sense behind most of these inventions.

Back in the mid-80's, I was working on problems connected with the Molten Salt Reactor's breakdown of fluoride fuel compounds by radiation, or radiolysis, that contributed to a fluorine explosion and lots of sick persons exposed to HF. Shortly after the Molten Salt problems were isolated and defined I began working on problems connected with the K-25 gas diffusion plant. We were having high levels of thyroid illness at the plant and around the town. So, this led rather rapidly to the high loss of poison HF, since fluorine screws up the thyroid.

My looking at these problems considered any radiolytic effects on the compounds. It was via the process of considering how chemicals like Freon in the atmosphere produced the ozone hole and ozone depletion effect due to radiation breakdown of Freon that lead to the same effect of radiation dominating the CO-2 rise in the atmosphere due to UV damage to ocean plankton. Then the discovery of how rising UV also set up a injection vector for HF and IR absorbing hydrocarbons into the upper atmosphere.

This then became the need for chemtrails and HAARP, both of which are my original ideas. As well as the discovery of the radiolytic processes for CO-2's rise and the prime global warming vector from NFx. I found all the effects connected to radiolytic effects associated with the ozone depletion dominated these processes and this gave a better handle on ways to control the GW problems.

Few persons that have not been around and know the systems of Oak Ridge would realize that chemtrails and the HAARP system are simply spin-offs of the Manhattan Project. The WWII gas diffusion project was very prone for loosing HF from all the UF-6 processing. So, the way that was handled to reduce emissions was two ways: 1. Water absorption in bubblers and 2. alumina trap absorbers.

Alumina is just Al2O3. So, the very first idea to get HF out of the air was to dump a load of fine alumina dust into the air from high altitudes. Then one has to consider the air is loaded with HCl, H2SO4, and HF from coal burning, so as the aluma falls it will react with these acids in the air. And all the reaction products of aluminum with those three acids are hygroscopic. The chemicals formed were: AlCl2*6HOH, Al2(SO4)3*18HOH, and AlF3*3.5HOH. That was the birth of aluminum chemtrails idea. It just involved the very same technique used in the Manhattan Project to control the HF releases, and added only the airborne dispersion.

Once the hygroscopic idea came into view, it was a prime idea for making persistent clouds for reflection of IR heat, as well as complexing with the fluorine to pull it down via water affinity and by MW with aluminum. These were the Generation 1 methods of chemtrails and were about the same thing as a rocket with aluminum and chloride propellants and the similar big white water vapor trail from rockets.

HAARP was the idea to deal with the upper atmospheres sequestration of the light hydrocarbons. Its model was the ORNL Fusion Energy Divisions plasma heating method using the largest auto-tune synthesized HF / VHF transmitter made at the time. It was big as a freight truck trailer.

The Alaska version of the same plasma heating method aimed at the plasma in the sky was just a scaled up version of what ORNL experimented with to make D-T Fusion. These experiments happened at the very same DOE plant that makes the lithium-deuteride hydrogen bomb fusion weapons parts for the DOD. The Fusion Experiments building was a huge WWII vintage building that once made bomb uranium using calutron technology.

The inventions of chemtrials and HAARP for GW remediation were just common sense extensions of existing methods in use in Oak Ridge, just scaled up in size a bit.

Rather simple stuff, and really simple chemical methods employed to modify atmospheric problems. These ideas would lead to the Generation 2 methods of chemtrails that would take more than a decade to get into place, with the same goal of washing acids, particularly HF, from the air to reduce GW.
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion

Many fail to associate that the Manhattan Project, Teller, Star Wars, and Chemtrails are all connected.

One really cannot separate Teller being a Jew from the choices he made in life. Just as you cannot separate the fact that Teller was gimpy due to a streetcar accident chopping off his foot. It was likely this disability that led him to studies and becoming accomplished at math and science, as he could not walk well. All photos of him generally include his walking stick.

Teller was born in Buddha-Pest Hungary to rich Jewish parents that were able to send him to schools. His schooling was in Buddha-Pest until there were quotas placed on Jews in the schools there.

Then he went to Germany to go to school and actually connected up with Werner Heisenberg, the scientist they all thought would run Hitler's quest for a fission bomb. Almost all the scientists on the fission projects were Jewish because they thought this connected to their god in varied fashions.

As Hitler went after the Jews in Germany, Teller had to move to Belgium and shortly after to the US. In the US he was behind the letter of Einstein to Roosevelt that would became the Manhattan Project. Teller had a large role in starting the bomb project.

Meanwhile, back in Germany Hitler called all the Fission studies as "The Dirty Jewish sciences" and did not put much stock in it. The Germans thought it was all too poisonous to use. Heisenberg even made some outrageous estimates for a critical mass, which led Hitler to think it not useful for a bomb.

Teller was behind getting Jewish lineage Einstein to write a letter to Roosevelt to get the Manhattan project started. Einstein believed in a One-World Government, which the bomb project and its economic supporters had in mind for the long term.

Teller was always ego driven and rather fear driven because of his being Jewish and in Europe as Hitler came to power. Teller wanted to head a Division of the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, but Oppenheimer picked someone else. Opie tried to not go for the fusion bomb, but Teller wanted bigger and better bombs and forced Opie out of the way.

Teller was behind the establishment of Livermore National Lab as another bomb theory National Lab. This lab today is the one that is supposed to do the Environmental Impact Statements. And the Lab that is helping to hide the Jet rainmaker trails pulling down more acid rain differentially on regions and upsetting the trace metals balance in the food chain----which in turns drives long term effects on human health.

Oak Ridge is very much connected to Teller's fusion bomb because Oak Ridge is the only place that builds the fusion secondaries for the H-bombs. Oak Ridge also runs a Fusion Energy research group at Y-12, the bomb plant, under the management of ORNL. I used to work for that Fusion Group for a time. They do Fusion Torus experiments with projects like ISX and EBT.

When we came up with the ideas and sciences of how jet rainmaker plumes would get into the human health equation and found the fluoride problems, Teller was right in there being consulted. His Livermore Groups helped to plug up any leaks on the problems, let alone doing the Environmental Impact Studies that would make it real public.

Teller in his later years just got into the business of keeping National Labs funded, even if it meant lying to Congress. Teller told all kinds of lies to keep Star Wars funded, especially obvious ones on the LASER methods and their optical ranges for a defensive missile shield. I met some of Tellers co-workers up in DC who had turned totally against him for doing this kind of say anything to get another dollar out of Congress. I even signed their petitions to Congress to get Teller retired from LLNL.

While you may try to separate Teller from his Jewish roots, all that was Teller and his ego was shaped by his Jewish roots, even his ability to attend school was from his rich Jewish parents. All his push on bigger and bigger bombs was shaped to blow up Hitler and any future Hitler's. WWII was largely about a power struggle between Jewish bankers in Europe and Hitler. Teller's big bombs would become the protector of this banking money system after WWII.

Teller did write and get published a rather lame-brained version of a global shield to offset the global warming factor, however my ideas of using jet planes to seed white clouds globally received the bigger reception. Cloud seeding to induce Mie Scattering from all the global plane traffic can modify the global warming factor very economically. Chemtrails techniques could act like the oceans sulfur cycle and DMS that seeded clouds and cooled the planet. It also pulls the acids off the oceans onto landmasses and would up the ocean CO-2 conversion and it comes with a really big downside there from the HF poisoning effects and aluminum on the animal and human health. Titanium attempts to correct that factor. The other fact is that it kills the baby boomers sooner, so the Govt. can use and abuse the Social Security Funds for making wars.

It is for the latter of these reasons that I believe the chemtrails issues need to be fully revealed to the public and the correct studies funded and made public, so that these important factors cannot be exploited by the GOP and national labs.

One of the most interesting things involving Teller is the naming of "Star Wars", which was mainly about the Jewish Star (of David) Vs Communist atheist states----the cold war factors that arise from the Jewish problem areas of states within states. All the Star Wars defensive stuff came directly from the cold war that Teller basically started with the bomb and the ways the Jews sought economic controls.

The first of the bombs were dirty and turned out a bunch of fission products with lots of the energy around the Sr-90 and Cs-137 isotopes. These were the fission yield peaks. As things improved and used less nuclear material, the bombs became somewhat cleaner.

Teller's move toward the "Super" or the H-bombs was about more moves to the cleaner burn systems that avoided the fission isotopes of Sr-90 and Cs-137. Teller wanted to use his cleaner bombs to make canals and shape the planet. But then JFK started reading about the fears and health problems connected to atmospheric atomic testing and JFK banned atmospheric testing, with Teller saying there is not a problem. There was a problem.

JFK struck down Teller's big ideas, then went after the Jewish Rothschilds Federal Reserve System, and after the Jew's bomb in Israel. JFK understood the problems and who was making them----and this would mean peace. Oak Ridge and Teller did not want peace-----they wanted at all times to push their Jewish methods of world conquest.

Using the ideals of Star Wars energy beam techniques, I found even cleaner methods for energy releases using the Tesla like methods of atmospheric discharges. All that type information was related to how the Earth's magnetic field and the Sun's ionizing radiation pulled pollutants to the poles, setting up higher levels of ozone depletion, lowered DMS, and heat absorption.

Teller was warned of the problems connected to global warming and even offered his own version for a compensation technique.

The problem is we had a cheaper and more easily realizable similar technique in Oak Ridge that used the jet plane plumes as a global shield. You can see the net results in the skies above most areas.

The follow on for the Jet acid rain making also means more profits for the GOP oriented pharmacy and medical interests, with lowering of age span for the baby boomers. So the GOP can exploit the Social Security Funds in the US for their wars and other games.

The Oak Ridge plan wants reduction in global population, which can be achieved by allowing these acid rainout effects to damage the immune resistance of humans. Some countries can be damaged more than others can---depending on if they are allowed to know the titanium techniques, avoidance of aluminum, and the replenishment needed for the trace metals in agricultural use soils.

After around 1984 everyone knew the global warming equation was principally driven by radiation ionizing pollution and these ions concentrating over the pole making the ozone hole. CFC's were chlorine and fluorine. Cl competed with ozone formation and damaged the DMS emissions, and HF set up higher absorbed IR.

They saw the writing on the wall.

To do the studies on Star Wars x-ray LASER systems in atmosphere---they had to know the atmospheric absorption factors. These type things started with the HF LASERS to shoot down planes and migrated on up to using A-bombs as X-ray sources. These A-bomb X-ray sources and reflector arrangements are how all the H-bombs work to compress the secondary. Oak Ridge made the copper and beryllium alloy X-ray / neutron mirrors for H-bombs.

One can't do Star Wars type directed energy studies without knowing the essential components of the global warming equation. Teller and the National Lab systems did not talk of the HF links to global warming publicly or of the DMS factors so critical of Jewish religion factors, but that does not mean they did not know the problems.

One should keep in mind some other factors for Teller, California labs, and Reagan. Star Wars was only possible because Ronnie Reagan bought into Teller's pipe dreams. Reagan was the keeper of the Holocaust archives during his war career in California. As Governor of California he listened to all things Jewish at length.

So, when Reagan got the presidency, Teller had the green light for new funding schemes for national lab big science projects. Reagan used the Star Wars to scare the Russians, which is why these pipe dreams were tolerated more than anything else. Teller and Reagan sold Star Wars as a defensive system and this did not have much hope of working well, but the other secretive side of Star Wars was offensive weapons and one of these worked exceedingly well. The Russians really did not want a brand new cold war with more money to squander on war defenses. The Russians were into the lets wage peace on the US campaigns.

Star Wars defensive stances were just a big fat bluff conjured up by Reagan and Teller to bluff the Russians into ending the cold war. It was mostly a lie that was used for fuel research into national lab big science programs. However, the real story on Star Wars successes were in the offensive weapons and these did scare the Russians, because these could destroy an area and then be re-inhabited almost immediately, unlike the conventional nuclear bomb radiation contamination issues.

Lots of Tellers ideas were pure pipe dreams because he never bothered telling Congress that Russian missiles don't follow predictable reentry paths and you can't shoot one down with a directed energy weapon unless you can predict its position in real time. Plus, the Russians would use hundreds of missiles in a real attack and the Star Wars methods of Teller were just too expensive to imagine---literally thousands of satellites to make it effective.

They had to have a lot of close spaced satellites because even the optics criteria for X-rays limited the focus tightness of the energy onto rockets downrange to around a 1,000 miles.

You can see some of the alternative to Star Wars missile defenses in the Iraq War with the Patriot missile batteries, which can't even seem to hit reliably very slow SCUDS missiles traveling highly predictable flight paths in the atmosphere.

All the Star Wars tests on real fast dithered flight path systems just don't fare well. They are back to the only thing that comes close to working now---rockets to chase rockets.

The latter parts of Teller's involvement in chemtrails is missing. It is being kept from the public because of the huge economic impacts involved, which are assigned to fluorine, the Manhattan Project, and the strategic metals businesses. Plus, these issues as they related to religion, produced a huge paradigm shift, which the Jews and the Rothschilds don't want made public. Also, the uranium plant's national security existence problems would be in huge trouble, if the local public discovered the impacts to their immune system to the point of excess cancers and risk for HIV infection. Because of this, we came to nickname Teller as the "Lying Story Teller" at ORNL as we discovered and watched his lies to support the lab systems he created. Teller's bold push and visions turned into more of an antichrist that a benevolent end.

You have to keep in mind that Teller's views of the Communists highly colored the US visions and fears of things. If there was anyone that started the Cold War, it was Teller. Teller not only started the Manhattan Project, he started the system of National Labs. So, Teller was given to exploit this power and tell any lie to get congressional funding.

Russia was our ally against Germany, and after the war the world needed to be kept from learning the religion factors assigned to the Jews from both the Russian and German political systems. Teller was a principle player in helping conceal the sense and sensibilities of these factors.

Teller was affected by the Jewish quotas imposed in schools in Hungary, and this colored his responses. The real problem between the Communists, who are Jewish reformers, called Marxists / Leninists, was that they recognized how religion would come to run over Governments. So, the Communists shifted toward atheist states and toward socialist economies that avoided banking systems like the Rothschilds. They were attempting to short-circuit the Jewish systems to gain control of Governments.

Naturally, the Jews and the Rothschilds banking systems hated this, as they could not work their games in atheist states and socialized economies. Castro adopted the same system. And even Hitler's was based on similar concerns, though Hitler allowed a form of religion to exist in Germany.

So, when Teller came out with the warnings about the Germans will develop the bomb, he set up a huge scare in the US system that was exploited for some 60 years. Tellers fears were based on these states rejecting the religion games of the Jews and upon rejection of their closely associated economic take over methods using wars.

Teller's Jewish fears set up this entire fear of Communism by the US, and the huge battle for economic domination of the planet. The main job of the US Pentagon is defense of this economic system, which is highly corrupt on a number of issues. In place of freedom, this economic system the Pentagon defends is more about economic controls pushing toward a NWO.

Then, when we get into the issues of Chemtrails, here the big problem is the fluorides and this was a liability that the Manhattan Project would incur and the bankers that funded it. Plus, the greater investigations of the acid rain and global warming issues exposes the big Jewish issues connected to Revelations and the end of the huge Jewish attempts at economic domination of the US and extended toward attempts for the New World Ownership.

Teller set up a pivotal role in US politics and the management of fear politics to accommodate the Jewish equation for world politics.


Lots of words have been expended here in explaining how Teller was influenced by what was going down in Europe in the 1930s. Teller was but one tiny cog for a much larger wheel. All the richer peoples and bankers of Europe in these times were of the same Jewish blood as Teller, and Hitler was going after their economic domination of Europe. Much of the wealth in Europe was centered in about 200 families, most all of whom is related to the Royal bloodline of David.

So, when Hitler went after getting the Jews out of the system in Germany, the writing was on the wall for the big banking systems like the Rothschilds and the rich Royal Jewish families whose money he held and managed. The war with Hitler became one of an economic domination battle between these rich Jewish families and Hitler's Germany.

The war started with the Jews declaring war on Hitler in 1933 and trying to ruin him and Germany economically. Then Hitler went after the economic tyranny process that was trying to control him with their big money systems. It ended up with Hitler invading France and all the way down to the Vatican in Italy.

Via rich money games with the UK and the US, this rich elite pitted the forces of the UK and the US against Hitler in a massive war. They supplied much of the money to build the bomb via the Federal Reserve System and the Jewish scientists worked night and day to blow up Hitler.

When one looks back on it, one can see that persons like Einstein were wanting a one world Government, and Jewish Teller wanted a big bomb project to promote that ideal. It became a system of power much like the Knights Templar of Europe, where the European Jewish Royal Line wanted to command the world via their economic domination. Today, many call these rich folks the Illuminati or sometimes the Bilderburgs.

It is this rich group of persons that hold the reins of control over the US, via economic tyranny. It is this system to which the Manhattan Project was married from the beginning. It is how the dangers of the Manhattan Project were covered up for so long, how human experiments were covered up by control of the press, and how the chemtrail issues are suppressed from the public's right to know.

It is a system whose economic designs on the US have produced the US Civil War and killed President Lincoln. And it is the same system of economic control that killed President Kennedy. The Manhattan Project is married to a group of criminals that will do anything for control and power. And it is this system that attempts to drive the world into their version of New World Ownership.

The promises of freedom from this group of criminals is more about their freedom of exploitation, than freedom of the people.

This is a photo of a favorite T-shirt that I often wear to Oak Ridge. It captures most of the inner circle secrets for what has been going on for some time involving the Manhattan Project and the crooks of Oak Ridge. Note the "Federal Reserve Note," which is about the big banks involving the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. The Rockefellers got Roosevelt to agree to do testing with humans in the equatorial zones of South America with varied toxin and poisons from industry and warfare agents. This began a criminal war crimes level cover up involving the presidency and national security. The alien featured is the result of the genetic harm done to these like jungle natives via that testing. They are not US citizens and thus termed aliens. Some of these little natives were also used in US nuclear testing, which killed them. The alien replacing Washington also stands for the foreign interests of the Jews in controlling the US via economic tyranny. Note the radiation symbol at the bottom and the blackmail symbol in the number 8. This is how the US system has fallen from within.

This is a photo of one of the "US Notes" that John F. Kennedy had put into circulation to end the economic domination of the US by these foreign interests per the Federal Reserve Notes. It was this Jewish and Royal Jewish money system that conspired to have JFK killed, just like Abe Lincoln was killed when he spotted the same games of tyranny and racketeering on the Civil War issues. JFK appears to have chosen the Five-Dollar Bill as a US Note because of the significance of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers crooked business of US economic tyranny. It is now a collector's item of high value and part of the evidence trail on the death of JFK.

Note that the foundation for the T-shirt's Federal Reserve Note is a radiation symbol and that joins the words alien and eight. This is symbolic of the human experiments the Rockefeller's human experiments did on Manhattan Project A-bomb testing and the blackmail potential this gives against the Presidency and the White House, i.e. the symbol 8. Note also that the serial number and the great seal in these bills are printed in blood-red ink, when other bills used green ink. It was all-symbolic that JFK knew this system killed Lincoln for their greed and control over the US. These bills are now valued collector's items for this special meaning that JFK designed into them.
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion

Now that much of the ground rules have been exposed on Chemtrials and their action on Global Warming remediation, the real meat of the discussions are at hand. Everyone knows that Global Warming is melting the polar ice and is going to seriously damage many low lying countries and seriously alter coast lines. The end point, if the poles were totally melted, is the oceans rise in height by some 230 ft. It would put huge coastal zones around the US under water and loose the entire state of Florida.

The implications for global warming are likened to what is part of the prophecies for the End-Times. The ozone depletion is killing the ocean plankton off and altering the oceans food supply chain, in addition to the rising CO-2 concentrations in the air and loss of the DMS induced clouds that cool the planet. The acid rain the chemtrials mass on the landmasses are altering the metals uptake in plants that animals eat and setting up the conditions in animal lymph nodes that form prion illnesses. The rising aluminum is finding its way into human brains and unusual illnesses like Alzheimer's are prolific. The illness of HIV transmission finds it rising in pandemic proportions and killing off entire continents like Africa. Again, these are the warnings from the End-Times prophecies.

In Oak Ridge, as all these ozone depletion effects and global warming effects were connected to these man-made pollutants, it was well established that what we were seeing happen via these processes was good evidence for the End-Time predictions. All these problems came to center mostly around the element fluorine and its huge electronegative properties. We began to take note that lots of these old Jewish writings came from people that were connected to the metals industries of these times and the Old World science of Alchemy. It appeared to most that knew the big picture on what was going on that these Alchemist really had knowledge comparable to out own in the present day. It made us wonder about what really induced the great flood of Noah, and if these old world Alchemists knew these effects.

I had found the main problem with immune system damage in humans and animals was highly centered upon the fact that fluorine combined with aluminum to mimic a G-protein thyroid signaling compound. The AlFx compound could bind to G-protein sites on cells and the bond was permanent due to the fluorine atom's electronegative effects. Fluorine rising in the environment was a much more extremely serious problem than previously disclosed. Fluorine's binding to aluminum set up an effect much as the effect sought in vaccines that use aluminum adjuvants to increase the immune system memory of vaccines. Aluminum adjuvants work on the dendritic cells of the sentinel lymph nodes and lock in their memory for the vaccine antigen. The very same effects happen with fluorine rising in the food chain, and the effect locks up the normal ability of the immune system to respond to varied pathogens, like varied viruses such as CMV, EBV, varied cancer viruses, mycoplasmas, and even HIV.

Fluoring rising in the bone mass leads to increasing levels of alteration of the essential trace metals in the blood and cells, due to the affinity of fluorine toward metals. The bone mass sequesters fluorine and as the blood circulates in the bone the essential trace metal nutrients are stripped away. This effect sets up the reduction of trace metals like manganese, which is essential for cell protection against retroviral reproduction like HIV. It is fluorine that sets up the infection rate of HIV in humans. Rising levels of bone fluorine concentrations track the development of illnesses, aging, and death. It is that dominant of an effect and one the AMA does not want the public to know about. It has been known about since the times of Moses.

This was really hot information that applied to huge liabilities to US industries and the US enriched uranium weapons programs. I found a huge problem right in the middle of Reagan's push against Russia and the Cold War and the crooked ORNL and US Govt. decided to conceal the problems. I had found the prime vector for HIV transmission, and it showed up well with how the HIV infection rates tracked the geographic regions of the Africa's Eastern Rift Zone. Here the fluoride levels are very high in the food and water chain and this effect as the fluoride complexes with metals shuts down the immune systems defense against HIV infection. The high fluorine levels also alter the manganese levels in human cells, which is the component of cells that prevents HIV reverse transcription. In addition to finding the major cause of Global Warming in my research at ORNL in the early-1980's, I had also identified the root cause of AIDS epidemics.

Obviously, these were major issues that tied directly to Manhattan Project concerns since fluorine was involved, and they put these problems under the national security cover up excuse illegally. The US has a long history of hiding harmful industrial releases from the Manhattan Project. Some of the more serious things that have been hidden were human experiments connected to toxic metals and chemicals that the Rockefeller medical folks wanted to do on jungle natives in Equatorial South America. These experiments serious screwed up these little jungle natives and gave some a freaky appearance. They did all sorts of testing on them from nerve gas experiments to later testing for nuclear weapons survivability. This is how some of the illegal experiments began for the US national security system and more have been stacked in behind those precedents, like the HIV connected to fluoride causation.

There were all kinds of factors that began to correlate to the effects and some of it is still becoming stronger today. For instance, when we look at cancer experiments in mice, we are using an animal that has had millennia exposures to fluoride. Rodents chew on bones of animals to sharpen their teeth and with this process comes very high exposures to fluorides and metals, as theses are sequestered there by nature. In recent times, in evidence of this effect comes the news of a Wake Forest University discovery of a mouse line that rejects all cancers they are injected with. Wake Forest feed generations of mice low fluoride food and did some selection and found a mouse that resisted all cancers. This mouse was breed into a line of mice that all have this resistance to cancers. This new discovery now leads to the idea that all previously done cancer studies in mice have been flawed by using fluoride and genetically damaged mice that have lead to wrong science on how the immune system works against cancer.

The nature of rodents to chew on old bones also leads to yet other insights. The incidence for occurrences of black plague outbreaks is time correlated to massive volcanic events that rain out HF around the globe. Grazing animals tend to pick up the fluoride on the grasses and sequester it in their bones. As man hunts these animals and discards the bones around big cities in Europe, rodents consume the bones and their increased burdens of fluoride and metals. This then damages their immune system to the extent that they become incubators and carriers of the black plague bacterium.

Still other factors correlate to bone storage of these toxic materials causing problems. In the case of gardeners that use bone mean to make flowers grow more colorful, when they use the bone mean on their food gardens these persons experience higher rates of illnesses. In the case of bone meal fed to cattle, the same problems are linked to mad cow and prion driven illnesses. So, there are many statistical indicators that bone sequestration of fluoride and metals sets up health problems for species that consume this material as foodstuff.

The lymph nodes of the animal and human body play a strong role in what is happening in these processes. When a foreign substance enters the body, particularly a metal or fluoride chemical, the macrophages attack these foreign elements and carry them into the lymph nodes. Here the process of the immune activation is triggered and the offending material targeted for destruction. The immune systems search and destroy mechanism is very effective against all varied biological pathogens, but not very effective against toxic metals and fluoride compounds. If fact, this is the root of a serious problem, as these materials can accumulate in the lymph nodes and seriously affect cytokine generation and long term patterns. This is the root of the process that creates the defective prions.

If we move on to the discussion of HIV and the AIDS pandemic, we will find some interesting similarities. HIV is a virus that becomes active in certain primate species exposed to toxic materials that alters their immune system defenses. If a human with similar damaged immune response were to be exposed to this virus by a cut or some other nefarious methods, the human can sustain the HIV in their cells. One of the most interesting factors for AIDS, is that all the countries with the worst AIDS rates are sitting on top of the East African Rift Zone. Here the fluoride levels in the food chain and water are some of the worst highest levels on the planet. This simple fact highly correlates HIV with fluoride damage to the immune system.

Areas with high fluoride in the food and water destroy two factors that lead to poor defense against HIV infection. The fluoride levels do two principle things: 1. It damages the lymph node dendritic cell programming and keeps it mode locked to ignore pathogens like HIV, and 2. The fluoride tends to alter the toxic and beneficial trace metal balances that are essential to cellular protection from HIV infections. Fluoride causes increased loss of the beneficial trace elements like zinc, selenium, magnesium, and manganese. When the cells are partly depleted of manganese the normal control of HIV infection in cells is impaired.

This appears to be why the HIV sequestration in persons affected shows up most strongly in the lymph nodes in the area of the gut. It is here that the fluorides tend to be gathered most strongly into the lymph nodes and do the worst damage to the lymph node cells. Lots of the immune cells are literally bone in the bone, and as the fluorine levels rise their trace metals levels become impaired. Lymph nodes are like the vacuum cleaners of the body and concentrate all the materials that are detected as foreign. Lots of the infections spread because of the trace metals impairment of these immune cells in the lymph system. Thus, we see correlation to HIV infection being an environmentally driven illness in its prime origin.

Now, the full story becomes that rising fluorides in the environment are the key element in two big issues of the prophecies. Both the environment impact stories per weather, oceans, and the huge health impact stories of Revelations are highly linked to the problems of fluorine contamination. One can, in fact, show that much of the warnings of the Revelations End-Times are directly connected to the damage factors from fluorine. In essence, science has come full circle to prove the factors of Revelations, and religion and science have begun to become as one. From science we now know the principle elements driving these old prophecies and One element is the NFx problem with global warming and the other is the AlFx problem with the immune system.

Now, if one begins to look back at some of the old Icon symbolism for religion one can literally see some of these problems expressed. The icon for Mary in Catholicism has her standing on a snake with an apple in its mouth and this states symbolically that one has to control the poisons that enter the food chain. Even with the symbolism for Adam and Eve, the same poison in the food chain issue appears.

The Icon symbolism gets into the story of Noah and Mt. Ararat, which happens to be the largest land mass volcano in the world. And the story of a 40-day and 40 night flood is very similar to what a huge ocean volcano detonation effect would do to the world. Ocean volcano explosions like the one seen from Krakatoa covered the planet in darkness and rain for weeks on end. It also set off some black plague type events shortly afterwards. So, here we see the need to feed and shelter the animals of the world to insure their survival in such massive events.

Then as well look more closely at the story of Sodom and Gomorrah we see still more connections to fault zones and volcanoes. Sodom and Gomorrah sank beneath the Dead Sea and for it to do this there would have to be a fault zone there and there is one. And as this sinking was occurring in those old times, the water supplies of the region would have become contaminated with toxic metals and fluorides. This would have given rise to the mythical story of the Medusa and her head of snakes, meaning poison effects in those days.

In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah there are tales of sexual excesses and we have seen this effect in Oak Ridge with persons exposed to HF releases. Persons exposed to HF releases suddenly become sexually aroused and tend to go home and wear the wife out or the next available willing person. It was so bad an effect in Oak Ridge that all the frosted glass windows and doors in the buildings for the Manhattan Project were ordered changed to clear glass to avoid people having sexual relations on the job.

Entire cultures that base themselves on ignoring these toxic effects are likely the mythical origin of the multiple snake-head Hydra monster. Even the symbol for medicine, the Caduceus, involves the snake icon wrapped around the ruler's staff.

Then we come to the story of Jesus and his being spared by the Magi that brought him gifts. Magi were the scientists and astronomers of these days, the intellectuals. Mary was of the Royal Family of David and this helped to spare her son. The Magi's greatest gifts to Mary and Jesus was the clear understanding they provided for the interpretations of these old Icons and symbolism's. This is what came to give Jesus his great popularity and what would become a threat to the crooked Pharisee and Torah interpretations of god.

Although the associations above show up clearly in the sciences and how the sciences came to support the predictions of Revelations, you will very rarely hear the church speak to these most important associations for these coming days.


One can see how the Church is directly involved in the cover up of the truth of what has been going on over two millennia. Churches are into money making and they don't present that there are serious problems in joining Judeo and Christian teachings, as they are diametrically opposed to each other.

The joining of the falsehoods of the Judeo religion to those of the Christian religion is fomenting a huge war. Just like in Revelations the areas of China and Russia are forming up to protect themselves from the One World Order aggressions stemming from the Royal David money rulers.

Recall the wars and rumors of wars of Revelations prophecies. We appear to be in these times, and the nuclear bomb is part of the Great War equation.

What this great war is all about, is that it becomes the end of the Jews and the time in which Jesus and his prophecies are vindicated as being the superior outlook and mindset.

We have as corrupt a president in office now as the US has ever known, who caters to the Rich elite's control of the US and leaves the citizens nearly powerless in the process of telling great lies. The Congress has become a joke, leading to an Empire system of rule.

The corrupt Bush-43 is just like the predictions for the anti-Christ and is a person that uses the Dallas Highland Park United Methodist Church and Southern Methodist University as his false platform to become the misleading false power to make great wars for the false claims of the church and the money controllers that use the church for their wealth and power. Oak Ridge and its large Republican base also use the Methodist church, particularly Church Street United Methodist church of Knoxville and the Holston Conference, to sustain its goals of cover up and promoting nuclear weapons production.

The problems of religion have been known for a long time, and it shows up well in the times of Martin Luther and Michelangelo. In the painting entitled "The Creation" that adorns the Vatican's Sistine Chapel, one can see that this famous intellectual showed a duality in his painting that in one sense god created man, but when one looks closely one notes the image of god sits upon the outline of man's brain. Hence, the long-standing idea that Moses created god for man's purposes becomes the highest of truths high upon the Sistine's ceiling for hundreds of years now. This is the hidden inner truth of religion.

[link to members.aol.com]

Similarly, the talented sculptor Michelangelo captures the Devil Nature in the ideas from Moses to create a god for his purposes. In this Vatican masterpiece the artist adorns Moses with the Horns of Satan or that of El.
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion

Back in the early-80s when I isolated these fluorine problems connected to the NFx injection into the atmosphere and the UV/DMS factor dominating global warming and the AlFx problems connected to a dominate effect in the human illness equation, I did not know the total level of corruption in both the Government and in Religion that it would reveal. Those discoveries revealed a monster of epic proportion, and a better solution.

The game going on hiding chemtrails is a big one that is on the order of a mythical hydra, which needs all its heads chopped off at once to end the exploitation games. The heads for this hydra were born in stages over a long period of time. Perhaps the beginning came with the formation of the rulers and religion models of old Egypt and how their rulers came to power in conjunction with the support of their so called gods and religious temple establishments. The large temples of Egypt's Karnack region speak to how well the rulers funded these religion factors to stay in power and rule the kingdom. Then later, how Moses used this concept for his invention of Judaism and the beginnings of the Torah. In these times, man for man's purposes invented god and it is still largely that way today.

Other critical points came down the line with the Throne of David and the establishment of the rich Royal Family descendents, which over the millennia finally gained much monetary power in Europe. This power would come to consolidate around the establishment of Catholicism and the Pope of the Roman Empire, which was largely run by Jewish persons in the beginning. And this Royal Line come to control most of the big money in Europe and even make the laws via the Church they controlled. The biggest game in all of Europe was that of religion and they pretty much dictated what the laws were to be and it catered to the Jewish Royal money system.

Another critical point concerned the US and how the European Jewish money sought to market slaves in the US. It began with slaves being sold to the northern manufacturing states, which failed because the slaves could not deal with the complexities. So, this European slave traders moved down to the US's Carolinas to market the slaves to the Southern Plantation owners. This met with some acceptance in the beginning, but became the roots of the Civil War in the end. The same Jewish Royal money line that supplied these slaves was the same one that funded the US Civil War and bought up a huge interest in the US. When President Lincoln detected the money games, Royal Family loyalist named Booth killed him.

In the US this Jewish Wealth Empire controls the bulk of the press in newsprint and on television, they dominate Hollywood, they attempt to dominate and dictate to religion in the US, and they have the money to elect those to Congress and the presidency that will support their continued monopoly over the US.

The problems became worse with the Rockefellers planned the Federal Reserve Banking System among the US wealthy of Jekyl Island, Ga. This put the European Jewish Rothschilds in control of the US Govt. money system and their banks able to demand varied levels of usury. In this time the Rockefeller oil interests also established the pharmaceuticals business and the American Medical Association. This was the beginning of the industrial age and lots of pollution would follow from the use of fossil fuels and industry emissions of all kinds of pollution that would set up illness patterns.

This Royal Jewish wealth is what demanded too much from Germany and started up the beginning of WWII. It also demanded too much from Henry Ford, which fueled the fires of Hiler's resistance of the same system. This Jewish wealth system declared war on Hitler in 1933 for Germany kicking the Jews out of the money control and Govt. of Germany. This was a direct attack on the Jewish Rothschilds Empire and Monopoly on economic control of Europe. The Rothschilds real last name was Bauer and they were of German descent and wealth. They did not like being removed from their economic power position by Hitler. The US right now is experiencing the same set of problems as Germany in 1933, and the road ahead leads to a Great War.

These Rich Jewish bankers set up pulling both the UK and US into this war for economic empire over Europe. Everyone thought the Roman Empire was dissolved, but its seed of power still existed in the form of all these very wealthy Jewish Royal family types. Even the queen of the UK is directly related to this Jewish bloodline that goes back to the Throne of David. It was both Churchhill and Roosevelt catering to this system of wealth that drew each country into a war with Germany.

As we get nearer to the present day, it was persons like US President John Kennedy who encountered the economic dictatorial power of this Jewish dominated system. Some call them the "Illuminati" and others call them the "Bilderburg" conference persons, but they are collectively around 200 Jewish Royal bloodline families that control 80 percent of the wealth in Europe and try to have the same level of control over the US. They collectively represent a monopoly and an economic empire.

When JFK tried to stop some of the games of war for more economic conquests these Jewish empire types wanted, he was killed. The new Booth for this system was the Bush Dynasty types involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. JFK was ending the war in Vietnam, calling off the CIA's kill Castro games, shutting down the Federal Reserve Control of the US by issuing silver backed "US Notes," shutting down nuclear testing, and putting a stop to Israel getting nuclear bombs. These are all issues these rich Jewish money controllers had in their sights to press for their version of a New World Ownership. JFK did not see things their way, that the US should be used as some sort of religious puppet system to do the Jewish NW Ownership games bidding. JFK sought to tell America about the system that was taking away their freedom and intended to tell them what was really going on.

There is every indication that JFK knew religion's inner secret, as he spoke of man's evolution from the sea and his always needing to return to the sea. DMSO was discovered in the early 60s and the issues of the sulfur cycle and DMS were being disclosed. The CIA's satellites were taking close looks at the Saudi Arabian zone that was Moses Mt. Sinai, and the volcanic rift the intersected an oil field was becoming very noticeable. JFK in all likelihood knew that the sulfur cycle's DMS was this special Manna that Moses spoke of in the Torah. Even the young lady (Judyth Baker) they had assigned to fashion the cancer virus for Castro had worked on cell freezing methods that used DMSO. This was the system that JFK intended to expose after the next election that was manipulating the White House and taking away the freedom of all Americans.

In the present day, the US is being mislead by the crooked president named George Bush, who is backing the long standing cover ups and games for a New World Ownership of the world. Bush-41 is complicit in the murder of JFK and this is the big bankers hold on the crooked Bush Dynasty. The Bush's once supported Hitler, but quickly jumped ship when they saw the economic power of the Jewish money system to go after Hitler's destruction. The monopoly process is bleeding the US dry of wealth and driving up the profits for the Jewish dominated Fed. Reserve bankers. The US president is surrounded by Jewish Neo-Cons that call the shots to support this system based on monopoly and racketeering. These are the same effects that threatened to ruin Germany in 1933 and Hitler sought to correct, in much that same ways as JFK. The Bush Dynasty is the new version of Booth for the big bankers NOW.

The Bush corruption goes back to the times of Prescott Bush supporting Hitler and big German industry like IG Farbin. Farben discovered the nerve gas weapon that was based upon fluorine. Both Germany and Russia supported putting fluorine in their prison water supplies because it made the prisoners docile and too slow to resist authority. It is this industry system that has long known the dangers to health that fluorine causes and they set up the system of cover up for the health effects of fluorine. It was persons from the Bush wealth dynasty that bought into the Jewish monopoly system in the times of Prescott Bush. The Bush dynasty has grown to control much Texas oil and have long-standing relationships with companies like Halliburton.

Prescott Bush put together the ticket of Eisenhower and Nixon to gain control of the White House for their exploitation. Prescott Bush actually found Dick Nixon by placing an ad in a California newspaper. It was this system that wanted the Bay of Pigs invasion to regain assets in Cuba. This began the Bush Dynasty, which can be controlled by the Jewish Bankers and Israel. It was this system that became so strong that it killed JFK just years after Eisenhower warned the US to beware of the Military Industrial Network becoming much too powerful. It was Eisenhower who fully knew of the serious problems in relgion, but opted not to tell the public because it would upset what folks were taught as children. What revealing that would have done was upset the power to rule based on false system of beliefs.

The Bushes belong to the "Skull and Bones" club of Yale University, which began by the study of how the Rothschilds gained economic power by setting up the conditions for making wars and funding both sides and taking the spoils in the end. This system was like the mythical story of the Phoenix or Black Bird that rises from the ashes. The Phoenix is a key symbolism in the Mason creed that supports this system of conquest. The secret games of the Rothschilds scull-duggery is based on their being the wealthy black birds rising to economic power and rule.

The Bush-43 system is being run just like the old Rulers of Egypt who well funded the temples of Karnack to have their names held up as Holy. The Bushes are some of the most corrupt and murderous persons even to lead the US Govt. Bush is feeding lots of money into the churches to buy their support. Bush's political base is GOP Republican and churchgoers are 90 percent Republicans. They have all been trained to accept the company line and pay their money and keep quiet.

The real story, that man made god for his purposes and needs, is beginning to creep out of the story of how the Egyptian religion system worked, and likewise how Moses designed his version of religion. Moses set up his version of religion to make the Jews a closed society and use their religion to promote their wealth and power in the world. The Jews are a group aggrandizing religion sect that puts anyone else down for their exploitation. The exploitation method is simple, they are the only ones that hold the inner truths and everyone else is fed a diet of untruths. This is exactly what we see happening today, as the truth on religion and what God is and is not is being highly manipulated.

It is being manipulated into controlling who are the Evil Empires and who the terrorists really are. Bush-43 has designed a system of wars to further capture control of oil regions, to further Israeli Middle East domination games, and to milk the wealth from the US for these wars that are being used to promote the control and profits of this corrupt system of the Jewish Royalty.

Bush-43 has long had these ideas in his sights and he has long been selling these goals to the Money Monopoly system. Bush-43 is a big drunk and drug user and he has found the Methodist system is very suitable toward his goals of using religion to support his corrupt theme for these Jewish bloodline Royalty whose ancestors founded the get rich religion game. Bush-43 is a member of the Highland Park United Methodist Church of Dallas Texas, which sits on the corner of the Southern Methodist University of Dallas. The United Methodist church was even founded in Dallas by one Jewish surnamed person. The United Methodist church is dominantly Republican and supports Bush highly. The Methodist church actually is supporting the anti-Christ fully with Bush-43 as their member.

It is Dallas that is the home to much of the Jewish wealth in Texas and the big Texas oil money types that were also involved in the plots of kill JFK and cover it up in the long term. In the End-Times there are supposed to be many lies and the GOP political sham system is nothing but lies upon lies to promote wars and profit taking using the US citizens as their pawns to acquire their new wealth and domain.

Thus, we have the basis for what is showing up to be the war of Armageddon, where the world comes to terms with this monopolistic control and puts it down and in the process also puts down the big lies of religions like Judaism. We are seeing defensive postures by both China and Russia teaming up to resist this economic gaming for power with anti-Christ leader Bush-43 at the helm.

This is the Corrupt power system, the shadow Govt. as some call it, that Oak Ridge chose to hide the chemtrials problems and the problems connected with HIV, and profit from both of them and reduce the world's population. This is why the great chemtrails clouds made in the skies of the world appear to be the sign and symbol for the message of the Christ follower's predictions for Revelations.

The entire system of corruption is even attempting to delay the End-Times of the Jews where all the truths become known and the Jewish wealth games comes to a sudden end.

As we all know down deep inside, the truth sets everyone free again and we can find that time of 1000 years of peace in a promised land for everyone.

One can see from another sculptured statue in Oak Ridge that the inner truth of Judaism's falsehoods have long been known. In this statue of Mary, one can see that she represents the higher truth over Moses teachings. Mary and Jesus were of the court that God was more of a loving kind of mother, like Mother Nature. And that in time, the world would come to know universally what happens when one does not respect Mother Nature. This is the inner story of the chemtrials equations and their connectivity to the End-Times / Revelations factor.

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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
Religion Icons are very important toward the understanding of the inner workings of religions and this statue is one of the most important. Mary is often associated with the same imagery as that for ISIS from Egypt and her godly son Horus. This Mary statue stands in the center of Oak Ridge, Tennessee facing the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant in prayerful pose and she wears the crown of the old pontiffs. She stands upon the symbolic snake that poisons the food chain, unless it is restrained. The symbol of the atom bomb the Jews helped to create contains the "Star of David" and the Sun sign. It tells one that Judaism can be as lowly as Satan, and that the base for and inner workings for it all was just the Sun and Mother Nature. Thus, we have the greater definition for God put forth in this simple icon symbol that speaks so well with a picture worth a million words. How visually poetic that the loving God would be so akin to what most of us calls Mother Nature and that all stems from that simple association.

This simple bit of inner truth is what gives the world peace.


In order to tie everything together nicely, one must include the study of how volcanic emissions enter into the global warming equation. Oftentimes, in a good book one saves the most powerful points to the end and this is one of those times. In order to look at the environmental factors most clearly, one has to go back in time and look at the steady state equation from volcanic emissions first.

Volcanoes were here on planet Earth long before man or even plants came along. Volcanoes are credited with setting up the atmosphere, as lava emissions dump lots of gases into the atmosphere that are broken down by the Sun's UV radiation to the point that an equilibrium point is reached.

Volcanoes emit strong emissions of sulfur compounds like SOx and H2S and these dominate what happens to the trace metals in the soils that volcanoes have emitted over the millennia. Sulfur compounds tend to precipitate metals into compounds that are not water-soluble, sulfites.

Volcanoes emit lots of SO2, H2S, HF, HCl, CO2, and metals. These go through varied transport methods from forming water soluble and hygroscopic compounds that ride on water vapor, to the opposite end of things where the formation of insoluble metal sulfites that fall out of air suspension in the short range of the plume emissions.

It is the latter issue of metal fallout that becomes the one of importance to old religion texts as it pertains to volcanic emissions from the Mt. Sinai volcano near Midian. It is well known that the sulfur reactions with metals, like H2S, will precipitate metals from solution. So, one should expect this effect to happen in volcanic emissions where varied metals are pulled to the surface by lava and heat. Moses lived near the Mt. Sinai volcano where he settled after leaving Egypt and with the tribe of Jethro. Here Moses learned how to live with the emissions of a volcano and what the locals found ways to live with its toxic presence. Their toxic ideas became a subtle weapon and a way to take control of the world.

The biggest problem in living near a volcano range is dealing with the poison HF vapors, and there are some interesting and efficient natural ways to manage the poisonous effect. One of the first things one learns about fluoride is that it likes to sequester itself in the bone and the metals in the body also like to store themselves there. We have learned that the highly electronegative fluorine atom likes metals with the freest electrons and will seek to complex with these metals above all other atoms in the body.

Fluoride rising in the bone mass causes some problems in that it will seek to complex with some beneficial trace metals and render them insoluble, whereupon they will be rapidly shed from the body. This is why things like magnesium, zinc, and selenium are all rapidly pulled from persons with high fluoride retention, and these minerals are often deficient in them. Titanium lends the same effect is shedding fluorine from the body. This build up of fluorine in the bone mass over a persons lifetime is even a dominate effect in their aging, as it is directly linked to the loss of these essential trace metals. Rising fluorine in the bone mass can also pull essential trace metals out of circulation by rendering them insoluble. When the bone mass acquires so much fluorine that the effect starves off the essential trace metals in the body, illnesses, aging, and death follow. The effect highly relates to why persons in the old times lived to be nearly 1,000 years old.

Just as fluorine is attracted to the bone, it is also attracted to the calcium rich gland called the pineal gland between the clefts of the brain. The pineal glad is associated with making melatonin from serotonin and both connected with brain cell repair and higher brain mental function. In the days of the Egyptians this was called the "Mind's Eye" or "Third Eye" and played a role in the divine power of thought. Today, we know that fluorine antagonism toward the pineal gland and melatonin / serotonin is connected to the age of sexual maturity and even with the sexual drive. When humans are young, they have very high levels of melatonin in the brain, with very low sex drive, and huge abilities to absorb information or learning.

When one lives beneath a volcanoes emissions one can literally see the problems with the HF and the trace metals effects of the so called manna. Similarly in the present day, when a person lives in the East African Rift Zone area of Ethiopia one can see the high fluorides levels make for persons only living 40 years. And likewise, when one works around fluorine processes like the dangerous one in Oak Ridge, one can literally see those persons lives be affected by HF and their aging problems accelerate and the health decline. Moses saw these effects and thought them useful to promote the Jews over the Gentiles and used it as an inner sanctum religious secret given to him by his volcano god.

Moses volcanic rift was much more special than most volcanoes because it intersected and area rich in crude oil near Midian. This effect added lots of hydrocarbons to the volcanic sulfur dominated chemical reactions. This became the central issue of the volcanic manna of Moses. Manna was the chemical compound CH3SCH3 or dimethylsulfide or just DMS. DMS has all the properties of the Manna that was scooped up off plants in the mornings, as it would quickly dissipate when the Sun's UV hit it. It had an interesint healing power because the sulfur it supplied boosted the glutathione in cells and liver. It acted much like the healing powers of cow's milk that is the general source of DMS, and likely why cattle were made sacred in many cultures. It was the likely reason for the founding of the Jewish early god named El, which was a cow shaped idol.

This special DMS emission of Moses volcanic mountain has the chemical abilities to seed clouds and change the climate around his mountain into one with lots of rain and cooler temperatures. The DMS effect is part of the ocean's Sulfur Cycle that regulates the Earth's temperature by forming low level clouds over the oceans. The DMS effect lies at the very heart of Earth's Gaia system. DMS was one of the inner most secrets for the natural process of Earth which Moses and his learning from the Egyptian School of mysteries would have associated as they sought Earth's natural processes. Later, Joseph and Jesus would come to attend these same Egytian schools and gain the insights that Moses had for his writings in the Torah. It is knowledge of this mystery effect that is the holy grail of Moses religion and the knowledge that Jesus possessed that formed his prophecies of Revelations. DMS is the magic chemical that explains many illness problems and climate changes we experience today.

Now jumping back to the present day, the man-made acids effects on the soils from the HCl dominated coal burning render another damaging effect in that these acids change the metals retention for plants and the uptake into animals. Acid rain makes dangerous metals like aluminum more soluble in the food uptake, whereupon it does dangerous things in animals and man. When fluorine in the body encounters aluminum it forms a compound that is able to bind to G-protein trigger sites on immune cells. This effect is sought in the use of aluminum as a vaccine adjuvant to make the dendrite cells of the lymph nodes remember the vaccine's pathogen signature much longer than without it. When it forms naturally in the body due to the presence of aluminum and fluorine, the uncontrolled consequences are dangerous.

Some chemtrail related experiments make use of this aluminum adjuvant method by air vaccination of people with blood cells as carriers for pathogens.

It is this dangerous AlFx G-protein formation that sets up a sort of mode lock of a critical part of the human immune system's ability to program itself to destroy varied pathogens in the body. This effect is the key to why the immune system fails to respond to cancer viruses, things like the chronic fatigue viruses of CMV or EBV, even the mycoplasma problems seen in the Gulf War Veterans, and the general decline in health leading to death.

The special mystery problem that AlFx causes is that is keeps the thyroid hormones upregulated and no longer controlled by the pitutary system that turns up cell energy levels in day and powers them down at night. This day/night cycling is essential in the cellular repair mechanism and without the effect the problems of free radical damage in the cells of the body build over time. It depletes one of the most important cellular and liver enzymes called glutathione or GSH. When GSH is depleted another cellular enzyme is upregulated to attempt to repair excessive oxygen damage from the cell mitochondria. This enzyme is called superoxide dimutase or SOD. GSH needs selenium and sulfur for its production and SOD needs manganese. As the demand for SOD rises, it takes up all the free manganese in the cells that is used to produce enzymes that protect cells from viruses. It is this effect that renders cells unable to defend themselves from cancer viruses or HIV.

It is this special effect that was not as precisely known in the times of Moses that has become man's plague of illnesses today, though we know exactly the mechanism. This makes the problems we have today the direct result of man's greed in pollution and man's greed in using religion to exploit man's minds in place of telling them the simple truth about the mountain of Moses and his version of god. Those that know this inner sanctum of truth about religion can save themselves from this harm and others in the world.

Anyone that has done real research into religion and the story of Genesis and the history of Moses find that he was speaking about problems linked to a volcano situated along an oil region and its natural effects.

Volcanoes do much of the same techniques in making clouds as the Generation 1 chemtrail methods and it is their dispersion system for metals into the atmosphere suspension with water vapor. Anyone that has truly done studies of global warming or the ozone hole has to include the knowledge base connected to volcanic emissions. In fact, these are the baseline studies, the datum mark studies.

Volcanoes have both the problems of the metals and the acids. They set up the millenium old factor for what is called the Earth atmospheric baseline. Volcanic emissions created the atmosphere, they are that integral to the baseline. The DMS system of emissions is the Gaia like system that regulates the Earth's temperature and the heart of global warming and climate change.

So, when one wants to include the factors that man adds to the steady-state volcanic driven atmosphere effects, one starts with the volcanic standard emissions.

Volcanoes work mainly from sulfur releases. This plus the chloride effects set up the metals compounds solubility with water and their hygroscopic natures that lead to the metals distribution effects. The sulfur effects also set up non-soluble water compounds of sulfur that fall out close to the volcano. It is these trace metals that are the special so called "manna" compounds that Moses people collected after volcanic releases from Mt. Sinai. The manna counteracted the HF effects and set up its removal from the body, and also kept up the needed trace metals for good health.

Later these metals and health efforts became more specialized and went into the realm of metal colloids. Here particular metals could be sought that had excellent reactivity with fluorine in the body and could penetrate all cellular and other barriers. Gold Colloids were the most prized of the curative metals that brought on good health and mental enlightenment, and the divine power of highest cognitive reasoning and thought. This was a prize generally reserved for only the rulers and the highest priest of these times.

We can even look back in time and find that the area of Baghdad had batteries made from differing metals that generated a voltage from an acid. These were designed well before the times of Jesus, and the technology to make gold colloid existed then and there.

And we can even see the Jews of the Exodus using the gold manna effect when they cooked a calf using gold jewelry in their cooking fire to add the gold ions to the meat. Even the Chinese still use this gold cooking in their food and put gold flakes in their fine restaurant foods. It all works just like the colloid metals, just less well because the absorption factor is less.

The Chinese in the times of Jesus was using metal needles made from silver and gold to treat illness and inflammation. Today, we call this are acupuncture and it involves inserting these metal needles into tissues and spinning them rapidly to rub off the metal atoms into the tissues. Newer ways involve using a voltage to pull the atoms into the tissues electrically. Even the new art of magnetic therapy is very old as Egypt's Cleopatra used a magnetic lodestone for helping her mental powers. Magnets attract ferrous metals into tissues, which combine with fluorine and speed its removal from tissues and the body. These alternative therapies are old and the chropractors tend to use these effects to compensate for the damaging effects of fluorine in the body.

We can even see that the proverbial "Garden of Eden" was adjacent Mt. Ararat, the world's largest land mass volcano. What helped make this place so special was the emissions of these trace metal "manna's" that made these fertile planes that were dubbed the "Garden of Eden."

The central problem is lots of people simply don't know the common sense of religion and what inspired Moses writings and the game he set up to make the Jews his volcano god's chosen people. Moses system was designed upon one thing and that was to suppress the methods he used to resist the damage factors from fluorine using the manna effect that Midian's lead priest ole Jethro helped to teach him. That special trick is what made the Jews god's chosen people.

Which all comes to mean, if one is to be inclusive of these determinate factors, that the central problem has been this concealment of the fluorine effect that the Jews hoped to employ to get rich and control the world using Moses alchemy tricks from volcanoes.

In Oak Ridge, these volcano tricks are what were used predominately to design chemtrails methods. Even the method of using titanium is one right out of the manna methods techniques. Titanium is just a cheep and effective form of gold colloid treatment to pull out the fluoride from the body and negate its harmful effects.

Now, if persons really know religion, even knew a tiny bit of science or chemistry, then all those issues would become self evident as to why the Jewish factors are a must consider for the overall drive equations on the politics behind this cover up situation.

I present things this way because this is what the science says and what the deeper looking into the stories of Moses and his old associations with the mining temples and alchemy of Egypt show to be the case.

One cannot teach the science of chemtrails and omit these obvious pieces of the history that contributed to their very invention, by myself, who followed these exact research pathways.

Jesus, because of his family involvement in mining and metals processing via Joseph, was quick to take note that the words of Moses and his god were only about volcano natural order effects. Just like Jesus and his followers took note of these falsehoods in religion and objected, so were these same problems noted in Oak Ridge in the process of looking at the HF problems per weather and the health effects, both of which appear in the Revelations prophecies. Interesting enough, we see an icons of chemtrails white clouds that are supposed to forecast the return of Jesus' warnings about the corruption of the Jews and their religion.

The very roots of the problems of today come from the Jewish version of god, and the church itself being corrupted by these falsehoods.

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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
These are some old 1962 CIA photos of the volcanic zone just South of Midian and the Moses Mountain called "Jebbel al Lawz." The volcanic activity can be seen clearly from the ash and cinder cones dotting this region. It is an area rich in gold mines and along oil fields. Notice the 1962 data would mean that JFK would have the data and it would call his attention to the problems in the issues of the Jewish god. The sulfur cycle and the DMS chemical effects were found in the early 60s. It would also point out what the religion really focuses upon is coving up the volcanic origin of the religion and its huge interest in the acquisition of gold and power. It was the gold mined from these volcanic sites that was used to craft the Solomon's Temple for god.


One can see that the investigation of the volcanic effects that lead to the invention of the chemtrail methods yielded some unique surprises. The model for chemtrails Generation 1 methods was the volcanic emissions of metals and acids of this Mt. Sinai region volcanic area that set up climate change for this area. The model for the Generation 2 methods of chemtrails was the large scale volcanic detonations like the Krakatoa ocean volcano explosion that injected huge amounts of water into the atmosphere to induce 40 day and night rains. The investigations of the gold mines around the Midian volcanic zone founds rather simply that gold is rather non reactive with acids in the emissions and plume and will settle to the bottom of volcanic lava flows.

The real secret of Mt. Sinai for Moses was part these gold deposits that were mined and which became part of the wealth for the Throne of David and to be used in building Solomon's Temple, but the special characteristic of the gold to settle out as a dust downwind of the air emissions became the prime issue for the special Manna or bread of the Israelites. Manna was also the DMS effect which left the volatile white compound the Israelites gathered off the grass in the mornings. This was used to enhance their health and combat the problems of being near the toxic emissions of HF in these areas.

Later, when the Israelites were captured and the temple burned and plundered by the Persians, all the secrets of the Ark and the special Manna appear to have been gained by the Baghdad area. One can see the Baghdad area knew how to make batteries from dissimilar metals long before the time of Christ and that this battery technique is easily used to make gold colloid material, which was like the Manna of god.

These very simple battery designs are thousands of years old and stem from Babylon. The Babylonians captured all the secrets of the ancient Ark, which included the secret for the Manna, bread of god, or the making gold colloids for health. The use of titanium is similar to the effects the gold provided to health, as this is the ancient reason for the use of titanium in the mysterious chemtrails projects.

The Mason's make a great deal out of long knowing all the issues linked to Egypt and to the issues linked to Moses' god. They make great ritual and symbolism of this inner circle knowledge that pertains to what made the god of Moses, that the golden Temple of Solomon was really a tribute to gold and money, and that the message of the Ark was about healing power of the Manna. There is a long line of symbolism connected with the 12 tribes of Israel and their human designed one god and the number 13 that represent them.

This last section of this chemtrails page is built around some of the special Masonic issues that pertain to the number 13. The specialness of 13 follows from the 12 tribes of the Jews and the 12 marble columns erected at Mt. Sinai, with the 13 th factor being that of the volcano god. The Masons had a big influence on the design of Washington DC and their symbols even appear on US paper currency, provided by the Federal Reserve. A number of US presidents were Masons from George Washington to Roosevelt. Roosevelt being a Mason is part and parcel for what got the US into WWII, as he supported the greater New World Order visions of the Masons and their Jewish associate inner circle religion factors. In fact, a great many of the Masons are Jewish because of this long standing and close inner circle relationship.

These photos are of the "Great Seal" of the US, which has much Masonic symbolism included. The front seal symbolizes war and peace with the Phoenix or Eagle always supporting the 13 stars of heaven. Masons use a double-headed eagle to connote the "Eagle" (Freedom-Peace) and "Phoenix" (Conquest-War) per this symbolism. Note if one connects every other star in the circular periphery that it forms two triangles or the Star of David, which is the economic domination plan of Moses using religion as the keystone.

The Rear of the Great Seal has the incomplete pyramid symbol with 13 levels, with the golden or all seeing eye of god above it. The pyramid is the symbolic shape of the volcano Mt. Sinai of Moses. The Golden or Enlightened Eye represents the vision of his god was about the gold mining of the Mt. Sinai volcano zone that became used to make the Solomon's Temple lined with this gold as the symbol for their god. Moses carried an Egyptian name, learned of Egyptian gold mining temples, and learned to intertwine religion and the throne, and basically learned the base for his religion philosophy from the Egyptians. President Roosevelt was the first president to use the seal on US Federal Reserve Note currency and he was a Mason. And there is an old saying that says control the money and control a country or the world and this is what the power of this inner circle of religion seek. The reverse side of the Great Seal first appeared on the back of the one-dollar bill in 1935, at the request of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The President on the front of the Dollar Bill is George Washington, who was also a Mason. One can follow some of the Mason imagery at this point. The Five-Dollar bill has Abe Lincoln on the front and the 5 denomination stands for the pentagram, and those celebrating their evil deeds of killing Lincoln for their New World Order common cause. The Mason named Ben Franklin is on the 100-dollar bill and Pennsylvania's Independence Hall, where the US Constitution was signed, on the back. This Mason scores a hundred points for setting the US New World Order process into motion.

The twenty dollar bill celebrates Mason Jefferson and the control of the White House gained the third time. There is a Masonic symbolism in all money things, even to the point of the US based Rockefeller banks teaming up with the Rothschilds European banks to became an economic tyranny superpower.

These two are some of the family names connected to starting the Federal Reserve with a meeting at Jekyll Island, Ga. There is a book that speaks to the monster or beast that was born from this meeting. The first one is a Rothschild (real German family name Bauer) and the second is one of a Rockefellers, and both big players in New York banks of the Federal Reserve System.

The Masons are for the lowly masses without much education and there are higher secret societies that connect to colleges like the Yale economic centered college. The secret societies "Skull and Bones" is the elite for the college based ones and worships war and the symbolism of the Phoenix that made the Rothschilds banks take over the US via economic games starting the Civil War. It was this system that had Abe Lincoln killed and which inspired the Five-Dollar Bill with Lincoln upon it. The same system later killed John Kennedy for finding all these deep dark secrets of conquest and power using a faked up religion's gods.

The "Demonseed" is the Jewish religion itself and its worship of money and power. Their definition for god is a fabrication for their designs on world conquest. The very origin of the problems that we have today stem from these old ideas of Moses in designing his ideas for god and power to rule. It would appear that religions that practice this subterfuge against the American Citizens and their allied organizations like the Masons all need to be criminalized, because they have taken away the power from the people.

These groups have been intentionally concealing the factors that arise when one puts Moses into the context for Midian and its geologic and geographic features, and what happens when one puts in the political and religion contexts for power and God from Egypt, where Moses was raised and trained. These factions don't even tell the issues of Mary and Joseph having to flee Israel to protect their baby Jesus, and into the learning of Egypt's Cleopatra on health and religion. This return of Mary and Joseph was a cathartic event in the story that would become Jesus. Mary was even symbolic in the same sort of way as Egypt's ISIS, who cared for the Egyptian god Horus. Horus is about the all seeing god, and the wings of eagle's symbolism. This symbolism leads to Jesus being termed the Son of God.

The Masons incorporate all these factors in their secret society that has the pyramid of 13 steps leading to the "Eye of Horus" or "Eye of God." It is part of their progression toward the 33 rd degree status or the level of knowledge of Jesus, except they don't share the big secret. They turn it into more of a sinister effect to gain world power and wealth. Likewise, the ministers and evangelists of the US keep the same sinister secret.

The reason for the existence of "al Qaeda" (aka "The Base") are these secret society games for economic conquest. Their name for the US is the "Great Satan" and this name is about these economic tyranny factors associated with the false concept for god, producing a literal Satan and the anti-Christ. The very reason for the WTC attack is based on this unscrupulous pursuit of world control.

The former CIA asset Osama bin Laden is from a high level Saudi family and both he and they know the secrets of the western Saudi desert per Mt. Sinai and the lies presented by modern religion. The foundations of the Islam religion and the Mohammed started in this same region. In the same imagery that Michelangelo visually called Moses Satan in his sculpture, those that know the same level of facts speak to the lies being told.

Even in the US these same words come out in varied fashions, like naming of the "God-Father" for the Jewish Mafia leader named Meyer Lanski. All these Mafia people well know the Jewish Moses was the father of the god stories, or the faked up stories on god designed specifically for their self-benefit and power seeking. Lanski and his associates were well involved in the plot to kill JFK, because JFK had the "god-father's" big secret and was going to tell it publicly.

This is a long sorted tale for a very big crime family that has sought power via methods of corruption. When one knows the full story of the corruption, the main reasons for the American Revolution, the Civil War, WWI, and WWII have been the secretive actions of this system for economic tyranny that usurps the power of the citizens.

The chemtrails sciences are the key to exposing the "Demonseed" of religion's false stories, and with that comes the history of people that have killed even US presidents in their design for world power. It is this process that is pushing the world into the "End-Times" or "Armageddon" type situation, based upon this lie and those that support it.

The ultimate part of the deceptions on the End-Times lie in the heart of the church itself and their attempts to remove the geographical and geological associations of Moses' Mt. Sinai from its volcanic origin. These deceptions followed on with the formation of AMA type hospitals using the non-profit status connected to Churches. Almost all hospitals in the US carry some church affiliated sponsorship and with that come many ministers and church people that sit on their boards. These Rockefeller and Rothschild sponsored issues who want to cover up the problems on religion's origins and the factors associated with fluorine mean huge profits for hospitals staff and boards AND huge profits for churches. Just so long as both those associations can sustain keeping the big secret, they get wealthy by a process of racketeering.


"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"If our nation is ever taken over, it will be taken over from within." ~ James Madison, President of the United States

"Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce." ~ James A. Garfield, President of the United States

"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws." ~ Amschel Mayer Rothschild

"The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the Americans freedom and before I leave office I must inform the Citizen of his plight." ~ PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY (10 days before he was murdered)

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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
Best Photos of Chemtrails being made:

[link to www.airapparent.ca]
[link to www.airliners.net]
[link to www.airliners.net]
[link to www.airliners.net]
[link to www.airliners.net]
[link to www.airliners.net]
[link to www.airliners.net]
[link to www.airliners.net]
[link to www.airliners.net]
[link to www.airliners.net]

The first ideas for chemtrail technique used the catalysts in the low hydrogen fuels to attract water vapor. The second-generation chemtrail technique moved the catalysts back into the refineries and upped the hydrogen to the point that chemtrails of the correct densities form. It is about rain, IR warming weather control, and pulling acids from the skies. It is basically called the DOE Global Shield Project.

Back when jet planes came into being in WWII, the jets used "naptha" based fuels that were down in the 11 % hydrogen range. These were selected because the military did not want these vapor trails pointing to bombers or fighters. They also had some sense about marking up the skies even from commercial aircraft---so the low hydrogen naptha grade was the choice.

With the advent of problems from man-made pollution issues----the jet fuels were modified to remove more sulfur and cut the SOx problems. The method that did this was via hydrogen to make hydrogen sulfide that could be removed in the refining process. It also left more hydrogen in the products.

Refineries also lost a lot of gases that also came into regulation, so they were forced to seal these off and cut the emissions of VOC's and all the emissions. They did this with the help of catalysts. And they also used catalysts to up amount of the heavies in the distillation column that could be converted to lighter fuels.

As this happened the jet fuels were switched from the contrail type 11 % hydrogen naptha based fuels to the chemtrail 14% hydrogen kerosene based jet fuels. Ask anyone that has ever used kerosene to heat how much water these things make and literally make the walls wet. All this has been carefully guided by regulatory methods to shape the hydrogen content in the fuels to that best suited to chemtrail shading methods.

The chemtrails are the direct effects of catalysts to change the refinery systems, so as to increase the hydrogen content in the fuels and up the jet plume water content to the point that they make these more dense plumes with large particles that reflect IR wavelengths to deal with global warming. The large dense particles mean you get heavy particles that fall and induce weather/ rain effects in the lower cloud formations.

First generation chemtrails were from catalysts in the fuel, and so are second generation chemtrails less directly. It is just a matter of where they were added in the process. The net intent has always been to use jet planes as catalysts for mediation of the IR absorption of heat from the Sun, aka global warming. And to use the heavy particles as rain makers to get some of the heat absorbing acid effects out of the air and to keep things like Cl and F from being able to collect to higher concentrations at the poles. Chemtrail methods go after even the polar ice melt rates.

It is very easy to explain how chemtrails do affect the weather, make for rain seeding, and do mediate the global warming effects.

Once you know that gasoline is around 15% hydrogen content----then you can see also that gas planes flying the same altitudes of jets, also make chemtrails that do more seriously affect the weather and they don't dissipate. Contrails do dissipate and they do sublime rapidly and in the history of jets using naptha fuels (sans chemtrail additive methods), they did not affect the weather---nor did they mark up the skies and screw up the soil acid induced metals and fluoride levels.

First generation chemtrails methods were aimed at the dry naptha type fuels and second generation chemtrails methods is the wet kerosene A-1 / JP-8 type fuel.

Add these new fuels to the high by-pass jet engine designs and one gets jet chemtrials to remove the acids from the air using jet planes as catalysts.

WWII photos of gasoline bombers making trails that changed the weather over Germany. After WWII, jet fuels were originally chosen not to cause this effect.

The Basis of Generation II Chemtrails is GE-90 Jet Engine and Kerosene jet fuel.

There are two distinct volcano based models that related to chemtrails methods.

Chemtrails "Generation I" methods use the hygroscopic materials, nano-particle metal oxides in particular, for the generation of hygroscopic compounds in the presence of acid air. These are the methods like around non-explosive type volcanic emissions in the Mt. Sinai range. This is the one like the Moses model that affected the climate to support the Exodus numbers in the region.

Chemtrails "Generation II" methods are based on the detonation of ocean based volcanoes, like the big Krakatoa event around 540 AD, that made the world dark for 40 days and nights from the injection process into the atmosphere. This one was a massive injection of water into the upper atmosphere. This one is like the Noah model of 40 days and nights of near constant rains and extreme global cooling. In the Noah story Mt. Ararat as the high location for the Ark and the actual volcano that detonated was in the Mediterranean. In the story of The Garden of Eden, there Mt. Ararat would be actively affecting the Euphrates Valley.

Chemtrails models come right from the volcanic sciences on seeding clouds and affecting global warming factors and climate change.

The specialness of Mt. Sinai was that is was an up-thrust mountain in a volcanic region with many magma chambers well below the surface that captured natural gases of this oil laden region and was high in sulfur content. This formed explosive gases like hot hydrogen sulfide that would ignite spontaneously as it was jetted into the air. When the volcanic pressures filled these magma chambers the gases, sulfur, and natural gas reactions formed an explosive gas that was vented out of the top of Mt. Sinai making for the "Column of Fire" effects that burned the top of the mountain black. In conjunction with this rising magma pressures in the deep underground magma chambers the region of the "Red Sea Crossing" was lifted some and that in conjunction with high tides there made the crossing open and close. The volcanic eruptions signaled the passage's opening.

The climate change science models associated with Mt. Ararat and the Garden of Eden and Mt. Sinai and feeding the transient population there are key factors for the chemtrails sciences. The volcanic sulfur dominated releases set up the climate with lots of rain and lots of beneficial trace metals that made to excellent plant growth. The industrial age model of high HCl releases from coal burning upset the sulfur driven metals solubility factors into ones dominated by chlorine. The rise of fluorides in the food and water chain in combination with the rise of metals like aluminum make for human immune system failings.

These very old sciences that were first discovered long ago and rediscovered of late, are the science of chemtrails.

'Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming' In 1992, a massive study project was funded by US Congress.
The project comprises a 994 page document outlining the threat of greenhouse warming along with potential geoengineering mitigations (corrective measures). In 2000 the study was published in book form by National Academy Press.

The project was approved by the Governing Board of the National Research Council, whose members are drawn from the councils of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine.

The report (often viewed as "the smoking gun"), concludes that the most effective mitigation solution to global warming is to spray reflective aerosol compounds into the atmosphere via commercial, military and private aircraft.

[link to www.airapparent.ca]

Please also see: [link to antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov]
2004 October 13
Contrail Clutter over Georgia
Credit: MODIS, Terra Satellite, NASA
Explanation: "Artificial clouds made by humans may become so common they change the Earth's climate. The long thin cloud streaks that dominate the above satellite photograph of Georgia are contrails, cirrus clouds created by airplanes. The exhaust of an airplane engine can create a contrail by saturating the surrounding air with extra moisture. The wings of a plane can similarly create contrails by dropping the temperature and causing small ice-crystals to form. Contrails have become more than an oddity - they may be significantly increasing the cloudiness of Earth, reflecting sunlight back into space by day, and heat radiation back to Earth even at night. The effect on climate is a topic of much research. You can help NASA measure the actual abundance of contrails by participating in a contrail counting exercise that runs over the next two days."

The various concentrations of hydrogen fluoride (HF) gas in the upper atmosphere of the Earth are shown here. The weakest concentrations are in the lower latitudes around the equator and tropics; concentrations increase towards the poles where they are densest. As HF gas contains no chlorine atoms it has no ozone depleting effect. However, it is a powerful greenhouse gas and greatly contributes to global warming. From this image, a processing of data collected by NASA satellites, it is clear that the largest quantities of HF gas are to be found around Antarctica, where the levels of ozone are at their lowest (the white circle at the pole indicates no satellite data).
[link to uk.encarta.msn.com]
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
Fluoride Emissions from Coal-Burning Power Plants

Fluoride Emissions from Power Plants 1998 marked the first time in which the electric utilities industry reported their emissions to the EPA. According to their data, Hydrogen fluoride is the 3rd main pollutant, due predominantly to the burning of coal.

(The above chart comes from Clear the Air: The National Campaign Against Dirty Power which issued a report in August 2000 on power plant pollution.

Power Industry Primer on Toxics Release Inventory (pdf file)

Of the chemicals that leave a typical plant through its stacks, and therefore must be reported under the right-to-know program, by far the largest are diluted hydrochloric acid (HCl), hydrogen fluoride (HF), and sulfuric acid (H2 SO4 ).

Electric Power Research Institute - Hydrogen Fluoride.

Hydrogen fluoride from power plants is about 84% of all the hydrogen fluoride from human activities released into the air each year in the United States. Almost all hydrogen fluoride from power plants comes from burning coal. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that U.S. power plants burning coal released about 32,100 tons of hydrogen fluoride into the air in 1994.

To the problem of trace elements and hydrocarbons emissions from combustion of coal. J Hyg Epidemiol Microbiol Immunol 1984;28(2):129-38

The air pollution emission data presented here are a result of systematic measurements of actual emissions. The measurement included virtually all larger power plants in Czechoslovakia and were carried out between 1975 and 1981...Apart from organics the condensate was found to contain a relatively large amount of fluoride compounds. There is suspicion that this fluorine may occupy an important position among the factors responsible for the ecologic damage caused by emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Fluoride Pollution from Coal Burning in China Compilation of recent studies, 1990-2001

Recently a huge amount of fluoride in coal has been released into indoor environments by the combustion of coal and fluoride pollution seems to be increasing in some rural areas in China...Since airborne fluoride from the combustion of coal pollutes extensively both the living environment and food, it is necessary to reduce fluoride pollution caused by coal burning. ("Health effects of fluoride pollution caused by coal burning." Sci Total Environ 2001 Apr 23;271(1-3):107-16)

Florida Power Companies Release Pollution Reports: Hydrogen Fluoride 3rd Main Emission Tampa Tribune artuckes June-July 1999 Power to Kill: Death and Disease from Power Plants Charged with Violating the Clean Air Act (pdf file) Clean the Air July 2001 Going Backwards: Bush Expected to Weaken Portions of Clean Air Act Baltimore Sun December 23, 2001 Most Dirty Power Plants Getting Dirtier Clean the Air
[link to www.fluoridealert.org]


Fuel System Icing Inhibitor Ice can form in fuel tanks at the very low temperatures encountered at high altitude. Generally, this ice is formed from water that was dissolved in the fuel when it was loaded onto the aircraft but separated from the fuel as the fuel temperature dropped. Most commercial aircraft have heaters on their main fuel filters to melt any ice that is collected. However, many military aircraft do not have these heaters and are susceptible to reduced fuel flow if ice crystals form. Fuel system icing inhibitors (FSII, pronounced "fizzy") work by combining with any free water that forms and lowering the freezing point of the mixture so that no ice crystals are formed.

The only FSII currently approved for Jet A, Jet A-1, and U.S.military fuels is di-ethylene glycol monomethylether (di-EGME). A similar compound, ethylene glycol monoethylether, is allowed in Russian TS-1 fuel. di-EGME is only slightly soluble in fuel but is very soluble in water, which leads to various handling problems. Since the additive is only slightly soluble in fuel, it must be added in small amounts with good mixing to ensure that it is completely dissolved in the fuel, especially when it is added at low ambient temperatures. In practice, the additive must be injected at a controlled rate into a flowing stream of fuel. di-EGME

If a fuel containing FSII comes into contact with free water, the additive will be extracted out of the fuel and form a thick, gelatinous phase with the water, an obviously unacceptable situation. To avoid contact with free water, FSII is usually not added to fuel at a refinery but at some point in the fuel distribution system. For the military, it may be added at the airport or on delivery to the aircraft itself. Similarly, when required by small jets, it may be added during delivery to the aircraft. FSII is not used in jet fuel by large commercial carriers.

[link to www.chevron.com]


Unfortunately, the CF6 has reached its limits and GE must design a brand-new engine, the GE90, for the B777. At the time, GE was convinced that there would be a strong market for the growth B777 and 600- to 800-seat large-capacity aircraft. As a result, the GE90 was designed with ample room to grow, and it is significantly larger (and, hence, significantly heavier) than the competitiors' derivative engines. The GE90 has the largest fan (123" diameter vs. competitors' 110" [Trent 800] and 112" [PW4084], or 20% more in frontal area), it has the highest bypass ratio (~9 vs. ~6), and the highest pressure ratio (~40 vs. ~35). The high bypass ratio helps to increase the engine propulsive efficiency, while the high pressure ratio helps to increase the thermal efficiency. However, all of the recent proposals for NLA-type aircraft--such as the B747X and A3XX-- require engines in 70K-lb (310 kN) thrust range. Although GE may offer a derated GE90 with a smaller fan, an improved CF6 derivative may be a more competitive product. Then, with only the B777 platform, the future of the GE90 is not exactly bright. Nevertheless, the GE90--developed by GE, SNECMA, Fiat, and IHI of Japan--is supposedly the most (specific-)fuel-efficient and environmental-friendly engine. [link to www.cris.com]


The atmosphere is like an enormous chemist's beaker - a vessel where gases mix, mingle, and react, often turning into poisonous substances capable of returning to earth as rain or snow. Acid rain has been blamed for the "death" of several lakes and rivers in North America and may be responsible for world-wide forest depletion as well.

Each day, thousands of tons of sulfur and nitrogen oxides are pumped into the air by fossil fuel burning plants and automobile exhaust systems. Sunlight converts these gases into sulfuric and nitric acids which then are absorbed by the water particles in clouds. Mixed with rain and snow, they fall back to earth, usually hundreds of miles from the original source of the pollution.

The term acid rain is somewhat misleading. In addition to the "wet" substances of rain, snow, and fog, dry particles of sulfur and nitrogen oxides also fall and are absorbed by plants and soil. These particles, known as acid deposition, turn acidic when mixed with surface moisture.

A substance's pH factor, a figure on a scale of 0 - 14, determines a substance's acidity. A pH value of 7 is average. A figure less than 7 indicates higher acidity, more than 7 greater alkilinity. Rainfall with a pH lower than 5.6 is considered abnormally acidic.

Acid rain releases aluminum from soil into the rivers and lakes restricting the growth of aquatic plant roots. Aluminum also clogs the gills of aquatic animals, attacks calcium in their bodies, and causes life-threatening deformities in their young.

As plants, insects, fish, amphibians and reptiles disappear, the structure of the lake's ecosystem weakens and collapses. When the lake is completely unable to support life, mammals and birds which rely on the lake as a food source become endangered. Sadly, "dead" lakes and streams often appear clear and beautiful.

Some scientists think that acid rain affects forest growth by weakening trees so that they are less likely to survive droughts, insect attacks, diseases, or storm damage.

Natural habitats are not the only ones endangered. Man-made office buildings, houses, and automobiles also erode due to repeated soakings of acid rain.

Several government agencies are currently investigating acid rain. They are expected to recommend technology which will clean up sulfur emissions made by factories.

[link to pao.cnmoc.navy.mil]
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
COMPANY 14: Gas-to-Liquids, Fischer-Tropsch, low sulfur diesel, nanometer-sized particles, iron catalysts, continuous magnetic separation

This 22 year old company - an innovator in development of magnetic separation technologies - presents a method (patents pending) for separation of nanometer-sized particles from viscous flows, proven for removal of iron catalyst particles from Fischer-Tropsch wax. This beneficial technology permits use of versatile iron catalysts in synthesizing products including food quality wax and low sulfur diesel fuel. The user of this technology will have a decisive advantage in the evolving $100 billion annual gas-to-liquids market. The company seeks a licensee or buyer who will outsource a portion of its continued development to the company.


COMPANY 15: Nano-powders, high-activity catalysts, complex metal oxides, carbon powders, aluminum oxide

This company is a specialty materials manufacturer producing metal oxide nano-powders, carbon nano-powders and high activity/selectivity catalysts. The $700M/year specialty nano-particle and $10B/year catalyst industries are the primary markets served. Patented and proprietary process and product technologies yield large volumes of high purity, single metal oxide products at competitive prices. Production of Al2O3 and Fe2O3 will start in 2004. Unique, high-margin complex metal oxides for ultra-high performance catalyst applications will be introduced in 2005. They are seeking $10M from venture investors or corporate partners to support growth of their nano-powder and catalyst manufacturing businesses. Projections indicate greater than $100M in annual sales by 2008 and ROI greater than 50%.


New process could compete with desulfurization technologies - Brief Article Diesel Fuel News, April 15, 2002 by Jack Peckham Save a personal copy of this article and quickly find it again with Furl.net. Get started now. (It's free.)A so-called "selective adsorption for removing sulfur" (SARS) process developed at laboratory-scale at Pennsylvania State University now seeks industrial partners to carry research & development to the next stage.

According to a paper presented to American Chemical Society last week, Penn State researchers have found a way to remove organic sulfur from liquid hydrocarbon fuels (diesel, jet fuel, gasoline) on a metal adsorbent that's regenerated by a recyclable solvent.

"This method will not adsorb the co-existing compounds like benzene and naphthalene," Penn State researcher Xiaoliang Ma told the ACS meeting.

Removing sulfur compounds this way without removing aromatics from diesel or gasoline can be difficult, but the researchers found a way to employ transition metals or transition metal alloys to grab these compounds without significant yield penalty, they said.

"The active adsorbent is placed on a porous, non-reactive substrate that allows the greatest surface area for adsorption," according to the researchers. "Adsorption occurs when the sulfur molecules attach to the transition metals on the substrate and remain there separate from the fuel."

According to co-researcher Michael Sprague, "the absorbent transition metals can clean 10 times their volume of fuel, but eventually the system becomes saturated with sulfur," hence the solvent regeneration step. The solvent is reclaimed, while the sulfur extract can be further processed. The ultimate aim is a complete commercial system that can be continuously regenerated, they said.

The researchers first unveiled their concept in another ACS paper last fall in which they claimed to have found an alternative to the Phillips "S-Zorb" process.

The key difference, Penn State researcher Chunshan Song told us, is that "our process is sulfur adsorption at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure, whereas S-Zorb is at elevated temperature and low pressure, and their process converts sulfur to sulfide."

Phillips contends that its process should result in only minimal chemical hydrogen loss. The Penn State process would require only minimal hydrotreating of the sulfur extract and thus avoid hydrogen loss, Song said.

"S-Zorb is a good process, but for refiners, it depends upon what you want," considering the wide variety of refinery configurations, he said.

The researchers say their adsorbent regeneration process produces an eluate of sulfur compounds and solvent sent to an evaporator for solvent recycle, from which a concentrated sulfur extract is obtained. This extract "accounts for less than 1 wt% of the whole fuel," the researchers said. "The concentrated sulfur fraction is hydrodesulfurized in a small HDS reactor. Then, the HDS produced is blended with the hydrocarbon fraction from the adsorber."

U.S. Departments of Energy and Defense have contributed funds for R&D, because the process could have application for desulfurization of military fuels for future fuel-cell applications. Recent research work focused on desulfurizing JP-8 jet fuel, which is typically around 500-ppm sulfur. In this work, the researchers cut sulfur to less than 1 ppm.


What chemical element facilitates ozone production in the troposphere and is a catalyst for ozone destruction in the stratosphere?

Answer: Nitrogen Oxide

What could be utilized to mitigate the impact of nitrogen oxide emissions on tropospheric ozone levels?

Answer: Titanium Dioxide.

May 6, 2004
To Cut Daytime Smog, Attack It At Night

[link to www.csmonitor.com]


The recipe for an ozone "event" seems simple. Mix together nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons that cars, factories, and some natural processes emit. Add sunshine. Voilà! Ozone smog. Like a vaguely stated cake recipe, apparent simplicity hides underlying complexity. It takes a lot of preparation to set things up so the ingredients mix to make major smog.

While smogmaking stops when the sun goes down, the atmospheric cauldron keeps on bubbling. Its action helps determine what happens after sunrise the next day. Steven Brown at NOAA's Aeronomy Laboratory in Boulder, Colo., and his colleagues have dis-covered an effect that makes this point. They find that the atmosphere in the marine environment of coastal New England can do a trick that "will short-circuit some of the ozone production that would have occurred the next day," Dr. Brown says.

During the night, ozone-forming nitrogen oxides undergo chemical reactions that transform them into nitric acid gas. This gas rapidly deposits on the surface, partially cleansing the air of key smogmaking ingredients. As Brown's colleague A.R. Ravishankara notes, this glimpse of a previously unknown process shows that "the nighttime chemistry is a new piece of the air-quality puzzle.... We need to find out more about when and where it is important." For example: Are there circumstances where it enhances smogmaking rather than moderating it? And what else is going on?

This research is part of an ongoing comprehensive study of New England air quality. Some of the results will be specific to this region. Other findings may have wider relevance. It is already clear that scientists everywhere need to understand what's going on in the atmosphere 24 hours a day.

They may need new tools to help them. The discovery Brown and his colleagues published in Geophysical Research Letters was made possible by new instruments that measured concentrations of key chemicals that had been nearly impossible to assess before.

Meanwhile, some air-quality engineers are experimenting with ways to clean up local air. The European Union is funding tests of a paint that contains tiny particles of titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate. That combination transforms polluting nitrogen oxides (NOX) into calcium nitrate with water and carbon dioxide as harmless byproducts.

Also, tests in Italy showed that a concrete made with NOX-scrubbing cement reduced street-level concentration of the oxides by up to 60 percent, according to a report in New Scientist magazine.

By getting a better handle on the complex chemistry of smog, scientists may make it easier to fight air pollution.


May 10, 2004

Nano-paint gobbles smog (Link no longer available)

European scientists have devised a paint that soaks up nitrogen oxide gases emitted by vehicle exhausts, a pollution source that can cause smog and respiratory problems.

The substance, Ecopaint, will go on sale next month and, when painted on the side of buildings, should be able to soak up nitrogen oxides (NOx) for five years until its novel coating is exhausted, an article to be published in the next issue of New Scientist says.

The secret lies in spherical nanoparticles of titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate that are just 30 nanometres across, mixed into a silicon-based polymer, polysiloxane.

The particles are so tiny that the paint is clear, and pigment can be added to make the desired colour. But the first paint to go on sale will be white.

The polysiloxane is relatively porous, and lets the NOx gases, the collective name for nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide, diffuse through it. The gases then adhere to the particles of titanium dioxide.

The particles absorb ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, and the energy from this converts NOx in a chemical reaction to nitric acid.

The acid is either washed away by rain or is neutralised by the alkaline calcium carbonate.

But the calcium carbonate typically lasts just five years. After that time, the titanium dioxide still breaks down the NOx but the acid produced discolours the paint.

The product was invented by a British company, Millennium Chemicals, under a European Union-funded program to help improve air quality in cities.

An experiment conducted in Milan, Italy, in 2002 with a similar catalytic coating painted on a stretch of road, reduced levels of NOx at street level by 60%, and residents reported they found it easier to breathe.


Atmospheric Purification by Photocatalysis

" [link to www.aist.go.jp]

Atmospheric constituents such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and CFC substitutes, greenhouse gases, and nitrogenous and sulfurous compounds undergo photochemical reactions either directly or indirectly in the presence of sunlight. In a polluted area, these can build up in the atmosphere rather than eventually being removed. NIRE is especially concerned with heterogeneous processes in which particulate matter and aerosols play a role.

We have found that some materials called "photocatalysts" based on titanium dioxide (TiO2) can remove nitrogen and sulfur oxides to the levels of environmental standards (about 0.05 ppm). As this photocatalyst is activated by sunlight and regenerated by rainfall, it can purify ambient air naturally without additional energy use. Tests of these air-purifying materials are being conducted at the sides of roads with heavy traffic. Some local governments have begun considering their use.


Environmental Technology Research Network

" [link to www.aist.go.jp]

1. Development of Technology for Removing Air Pollutants by Photocatalysis
2. 1993-1997
3. air
4. counter measures, remediation, reaction mechanism, monitoring
5. chemistry, material science
6. Takashi IBUSUKI, Shin-ya YOKOYAMA, Koji TAKEUCHI, Shuzo KUTSUNA, Hitomi KOBARA, Nobuaki NEGISHI
7. Photoenergy Application Div., Global Warming Control Dept.
9. 16-3 Onogawa, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305
10. Japan
11. 81-298-61-8162
12. 81-298-61-8158
13. This project aims at developing technically and economically feasible purification methods for ambient air. Photocatalysts based on titanium dioxide were found to remove ppm-level nitrogen and sulfur oxides from air by oxidation. As the catalysts require only near ultraviolet light for activation and water for regeneration by rinsing the oxidation products (nitrate and sulfate) off, the catalysts can be operated under outdoor conditions with natural energies only. The reaction mechanisms, improvement of photocatalytic activity, and immobilization of the catalysts are studied in the project.


" [link to]

According to a Pratt & Whitney paper on "Particulate Emissions from Aircraft", preliminary data analysis of the effect of sulphur on particulate formation suggests that fuel sulphur content plays an important role in volatile formation that in turn act as nuclei for cloud formation. If this were true then lowering sulphur content in aviation fuels would be highly desirable from the perspective of reducing volatile formation.

[link to members.aol.com]
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
" [link to www.accelrys.com]

Hydrogen and the Structure of Gamma Alumina
Karl Sohlberg1, Stephen J Pennycook1,2, and Sokrates T Pantelides1,2

Gamma-alumina is an enormously important material in catalysis. It is used as a catalyst in hydrocarbon conversion (petroleum refining), and as a support for automotive and industrial catalysts. Key products C2.CASTEP

Industry sectors
Petrochemical, Automotive

Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Vanderbilt University (USA)

Even through gamma alumina is so widely used, the experimental data available about its structure has given rise to a long history of disagreement among scientists. The most widely held view is that gamma alumina is a stoichiometric oxide of aluminium with a defect spinel structure. The minority view is that gamma alumina actually contains hydrogen. Now, based on their DFT calculations, scientists from ORNL and Vanderbilt University have presented a description of the structure of gamma alumina which has enabled them to reconcile these two interpretations of experimental data.

The researchers conducted a series of density functional calculations on the dehydration of gamma alumina using the CASTEP program from Accelrys. They carried out three sets of calculations:

Fully relaxed structures were computed for gamma alumina at various levels of dehydration. Vibrational frequencies were computed for H atoms in nominal tetrahedral and nominal octahedral sites. The energy barrier to diffusion of H through the bulk was computed. The results from each of these calculations were in good accord with experimental data available through the literature.

The calculations showed that certain spinel aluminas exist over a range of hydrogen content. In particular, gamma-alumina behaves as a 'reactive sponge' in that it can store and release water in a reactive way. This chemical activity offers a basis for understanding long-standing puzzles in the behavior of aluminas in catalytic systems.

This structure leads to very unusual surface chemistry, which can explain some of the versatility and value of transition aluminas. When a water molecule reaches the surface of gamma-alumina it breaks up. The H enters the material, and the O stays on the surface. Al atoms migrate from the centre of the material and combine with the O, thus extending the crystal matrix. Valence requirements determine that for every three H2O molecules, six H move into the material, two Al move out, and the crystal extends by a stoichiometric Al2O3 unit. The reverse process is also possible. This behaviour is a consequence of the fact that the H content in gamma alumina may fall anywhere within the range [0 < n < 0.6] for Al2O3 · n(H2O).

The availability of H and O at the surface of gamma alumina is likely to have significant implications for the understanding of the remarkable catalytic properties of this material.

Karl Sohlberg1, Stephen J Pennycook1,2, and Sokrates T Pantelides1,2 , "Hydrogen and the structure of the transition aluminas", JACS, Vol. 121, No. 33, p. 7493-7499, 1999.

1. Solid State Division, PO Box 2008, Oak Ridge national Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6031
2. Department of Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37235

Nice little tri-methyl Al chemical called TMA can be sprayed into the air and was done in these rocket studies listed earlier:

" [link to www.gi.alaska.edu]


"Each Danish rocket released a chemical called trimethylaluminate (TMA, for short) as it sped upward through altitude 80 km (50 miles). At this altitude the rocket was still in darkness and the TMA formed a yellowish trail. Then as the rocket entered sunlight, the TMA being released glowed a beautiful blue color."

Any chemist knows TMA vapor is reactive with water and makes aluminum oxide particles in air as it reacts with water vapor. It is even used in atomic layer vapor deposition methods: " [link to www.funmat.uio.no] It leaves zero doubt of the aluminum oxide results. TMA is even compatable with saturated hydrocarbons. This rocket spray test set up the basic concept for chemtrails using more advanced metal compounds.

There is lots of work on various metalized compounds and mixes of compounds that work best in fuel systems, some depend on the colloid properties of the metals. These advanced methods are more complex Al compounds than the basic idea from TMA. They are designed for fuel and combustion compatability. All that work is proprietary and confidential. But one can see one of the earliest of the methods from rocket testing above that led to the methods for chemtrails.

Missing that little hint speaks to the vapidness of the oligarchy of religious blunderers present here and what else they intentionally miss. To those goobers: Blah, Blah, Blah.......... Take your chatter where someone can appreciate total vapidity.


12 November 2004
Alaska's tundra now releasing carbon dioxide [link to north.cbc.ca]

WHITEHORSE - Scientists say they've found evidence the North has now become a source of atmosphere-warming carbon dioxide.

A new study from the Pew Center on Global Climate change says the Arctic tundra is no longer absorbing carbon dioxide, but it rather releasing it.

Scientists have estimated that soils in the Arctic have accumulated up to one-third of the entire earth's organic carbon.

When the climate warms, carbon that had been locked in frozen peat and other permafrost zones is released through melting.

Camille Parmesan of the University of Texas says the tundra has changed from being a carbon sink to a carbon source.

"For many thousands of years Alaska has sucked up quite a lot of carbon from the atmosphere and put it into long-term storage as part of the frozen tundra," she says. "The carbon bank has now turned into a carbon exhaust."

Parmesan says the changes are because winters have become warmer and drier, allowing more plants to decompose.

The study came out on the heels of a major global warming report that was released earlier this week.

That report says the rate of warming in the North is rising rapidly.


" [link to healthandenergy.com]
Sulfur Dioxide cuts may allow Increased Global Warming

Sulfur dioxide emissions from the burning of coal and oil react with water and oxygen in the air to form sulfate aerosols; acidic compounds that fall to the Earth in the form of acid rain.

Global warming and acid rain are two environmental problems the world will be forced to reckon with in the 21st century. Unfortunately, efforts to mitigate acid rain may actually increase regional warming, according to a university professor.

"It is ironic, in a sense, that in working to solve one environmental problem you exacerbate another problem", said Michael Schlesinger, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Sulfur dioxide emissions from the burning of coal and oil react with water and oxygen in the air to form sulfate aerosols - acidic compounds that fall to the Earth in the form of acid rain, wreaking havoc on the world's forests and streams.

Sulfate aerosols also reflect sunlight back into space. "This acts as a negative radiative forcing which partially compensates for the positive radiative forcing due to greenhouse gases", said Schlesinger.

Take away the sulfur dioxide - a gas that doesn't stray too far from its source of emission - and all of a sudden something that used to mitigate the effects of carbon dioxide is lost, resulting in regional warming.

"In recent studies, we found that decreasing the sulfur dioxide emissions led to significant regional warming in North America, Europe and Asia", said Schlesinger.

Schlesinger and his colleagues based their study on four scenarios for emissions of greenhouse gases that are being produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for the panel's Third Assessment Report scheduled for completion in 2001.

In these scenarios, sulfur dioxide emissions have been de-coupled from carbon dioxide emissions. Even though the burning of coal and oil produces both carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions, technologies exist that allow for both low-sulfur fuels and "scrubbers" placed in smoke stacks that clean emissions of sulfur dioxide.

Therefore, in each of the scenarios that Schlesinger and his colleagues examined, sulfur dioxide emissions either leveled off early in the next century or decreased while carbon dioxide emissions continued to rise.

"Thus it appears that mitigation of the acid-rain problem by future reductions in sulfur dioxide emissions exacerbates the greenhouse-warming problem by enhancing the warming in and near the regions where the sulfur dioxide emissions are reduced", he said. Nevertheless, Schlesinger said that the problem of acid rain and the breathing difficulty he has experienced in Beijing, China, are good enough of a reason to want to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide.

Schlesinger presented the group's findings June 2 in Bonn, Germany, at a joint meeting of the IPCC and the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technical Advice of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.


Statement of Dr. Stephen E. Schwartz
Senior Scientist - Environmental Chemistry Division
Department of Applied Science, Brookhaven National Laboratory before The Committee on Energy and Natural Resources United States Senate
Tuesday, May 24, 1994

" [link to www.ecd.bnl.gov]


.....Before concluding, I must emphasize one further very important point about the aerosol forcing issue. Because the aerosol forcing is opposite in sign to the greenhouse forcing, it is sometimes suggested that this is a fortuitous situation whereby we might develop a strategy to forestall the consequences of the enhanced greenhouse effect by offsetting it with the aerosol forcing. Such a policy would, however, be fundamentally flawed. As I have noted, the mean atmospheric residence times of the tropospheric aerosols that we have been discussing are about a week, in contrast to the lifetimes of carbon dioxide and the other greenhouse gases of roughly a century. At present the atmosphere contains an amount of carbon dioxide in excess of the amount that was present before the industrial era that is equal to about thirty years' worth of present fossil-fuel-combustion CO2. Thus, to the extent that anthropogenic aerosol is offsetting a fraction of the greenhouse effect of this CO2, it is a week's worth of aerosols that is offsetting decades' worth of CO2. It is clear from the differences in the atmospheric residence times of the two substances that a strategy of relying on anthropogenic sulfate aerosols to offset increased greenhouse forcing by CO2 would be relying on an ever increasing short-term fix to solve a long-term problem. Indeed, rather than solve the problem such a strategy would only exacerbate it. Everyday one would be committing oneself an ever greater rate of emissions of SO2 in the future. Such a strategy simply cannot work.

A corollary of this situation is that a substantial fraction of the warming influence due to increased concentrations of greenhouse gases to date has been offset by the cooling influence of anthropogenic aerosols, which have increased roughly in proportion to the increase in greenhouse gases. Consequently the warming influence of anthropogenic greenhouse gases now in the atmosphere is very likely substantially greater than has been inferred from temperature trends thus far over the industrial era. In other words the whitehouse effect may be masking much of the greenhouse effect.....


" [link to www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]

J Immunol. 1989 Aug 1;143(3):780-6. Related Articles, Links

Stimulation of PIP2 hydrolysis by aluminum fluoride in resting T cell subsets of normal and autoimmune-prone lpr mice.

Coggeshall KM, Altman A.

Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation, Department of Immunology, La Jolla, CA 92037.

T cells of autoimmune-prone mice homozygous for the lpr mutation respond poorly to mitogens in terms of proliferation and of IL-2 production. In a previous study, we have correlated this deficient activation with the inability of mitogens to stimulate hydrolysis of phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate in lpr T cells, although these cells bind mitogen and express the TCR/CD3 complex. In order to determine whether activation-deficient lpr T cells contain functional GTP-binding (G) protein(s) and phospholipase C, we examined the effects of the G protein activating agent sodium fluoride plus Al+3 (AlF-4). AlF-4 stimulated phosphatidylinositol turnover, a response characteristic of TCR/CD3 occupancy, in mature L3T4+ and Ly2+ T cells. Second, and more important, AlF-4 stimulated the same biochemical events in L3T4-, Ly2- (double-negative) T cells from the normal thymus or from the enlarged lymph nodes of autoimmune-prone mice homozygous for the lpr mutation. However, these double-negative T cells were unresponsive to receptor-active ligands such as T cell mitogens or anti-CD3-epsilon mAb, despite their ability to bind these ligands. These findings suggest that activation-deficient double negative T cells express the receptors, G protein(s) and effector enzymes necessary for second messenger formation and further suggest that the failure of these cells to generate the relevant second messengers in response to mitogens or anti-CD3-epsilon antibody may be due to inefficient coupling of the TCR/CD3 complex to G proteins.

PMID: 2545777 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

[link to members.aol.com]
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
Manganese blocks HIV replication; Lab finding points to potential new class of HIV treatments

Johns Hopkins scientists have found that simply increasing manganese in cells can halt HIV's unusual ability to process its genetic information backwards, providing a new way to target the process's key driver, an enzyme called reverse transcriptase.

By measuring DNA produced by a related reverse transcriptase in yeast, the Hopkins team discovered that higher than normal levels of manganese, caused by a defective gene, dramatically lowered the enzyme's activity. The scientists then proved that HIV's reverse transcriptase responds to manganese in the same way.

Hopkins graduate student Eric Bolton determined that the defective gene is PMR1, whose protein carries both manganese and calcium out of cells. Using special yeast developed by others at Hopkins, he discovered that manganese stops reverse transcriptase, the team reports in the April 26 issue of Molecular Cell.

"These results really point to a never-before-proposed way to try to stop HIV in its tracks -- that simply manipulating concentrations of a metal, manganese, can have a profound effect on reverse transcriptase," says Jef Boeke, Ph.D., professor of molecular biology and genetics at the school's Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences. "We expect the human equivalent of PMR1 could be a good target for developing new drugs against HIV."

Retroviruses like HIV use reverse transcriptase to make copies of their DNA from RNA, the opposite of how genetic information is usually processed in cells. Each retrovirus has a distinct version of the enzyme, identical in function but different in form and sequence, says Boeke, also a professor of oncology.

The scientists found that each reverse transcriptase they studied has at least two places where manganese and the similar metal magnesium can "dock." Having these spots filled with the right metal is crucial for the enzyme's activity -- its ability to read a particular set of RNA, the scientists learned. When the metals' balance is out of whack, the enzyme doesn't work properly, they report.

"Most reverse transcriptases we studied prefer to bind magnesium. At the very least they were more active when magnesium was bound to them," says Boeke. "But a little extra manganese changes the activity of the enzyme."

Normally, charged magnesium ions outnumber those of manganese by the thousands inside cells. Having just three times more manganese than normal can cut the activity of HIV's reverse transcriptase in half, the scientists report, even though there's still much more magnesium.

HIV's ability to adapt and overcome drugs means that current treatments like AZT, which target reverse transcriptase directly, generally stop working over time. Using a combination of drugs helps block the virus on many fronts, but finding new drugs or a new class of drugs is needed to help keep the virus at bay. The new work suggests that targeting a cell's manganese transporter could be an effective way to stop HIV from replicating, without targeting HIV's reverse transcriptase directly.

"We've been working under the idea that studying reverse transcriptase in yeast may help improve understanding of retroviruses and lead to new ways to deal with HIV," says Boeke. "By studying yeast genetics we made an important discovery about how HIV works and have identified a target for a new class of anti-retroviral drug. It was completely unexpected, but very satisfying."

The yeast that were missing PMR1 appeared fine, suggesting that targeting the manganese transporter in humans may be relatively safe, the scientists suggest. It's not known whether targeting manganese levels will have a therapeutic benefit, but the mantra of HIV treatment is to reduce the number of copies of the virus.

The studies were funded by the National Institutes of Health. Albert Mildvan, M.D., professor of biological chemistry, is also an author of the report.

[link to www.eurekalert.org]

Lymph nodal prion replication and neuroinvasion in mice devoid of follicular dendritic cells

Prinz M, Montrasio F, Klein MA, Schwarz P, Priller J, Odermatt B, Pfeffer K, Aguzzi A. .

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002 Jan 22;99(2):919-24.
Institute of Neuropathology, University Hospital of Zurich, Schmelzbergstrasse 12, CH-8091 Zurich, Switzerland.

Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and scrapie are typically initiated by extracerebral exposure to prions, and exhibit early prion accumulation in germinal centers. Follicular dendritic cells (FDCs), whose development and maintenance in germinal centers depends on tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and lymphotoxin (LT) signaling, are thought to be indispensable for extraneural prion pathogenesis. Here, we administered prions intraperitoneally to mice deficient for TNF and LT signaling components. LT alpha(-/-), LT beta(-/-), LT betaR(-/-), and LT alpha(-/-) x TNFalpha(-/-) mice resisted infection and contained no infectivity in spleens and lymph nodes (when present). However, TNFR1(-/-), TNFR2(-/-), and some TNFalpha(-/-) mice developed scrapie similarly to wild-type mice. High prion titers were detected in lymph nodes, but not spleens, of TNFR1(-/-) and TNF alpha(-/-) mice despite absence of FDCs and germinal centers. Transfer of TNFR1(-/-) fetal liver cells into lethally irradiated Prnp(0/0) mice restored infectivity mainly in lymph nodes. Prion protein (PrP) colocalized with a minority of macrophages in tumor necrosis factor receptor (TNFR) 1(-/-) lymph nodes. Therefore, prion pathogenesis can be restricted to lymphoreticular subcompartments, and mature follicular dendritic cells are dispensable for this process. Macrophage subsets are plausible candidates for lymphoreticular prion pathogenesis and neuroinvasion in the absence of FDCs, and may represent a novel target for postexposure prophylaxis. [link to www.priondata.org]


Spontaneous Regression of Advanced Cancer in Mice

Researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, led by the Pathology Department's Zheng Cui (pictured below, left) and Mark Willingham (right), have bred a colony of mice that successfully fight off cancer.

Occasional, though rare, cases of spontaneous regression in human cancers have been seen and documented in the past, but no satisfactory explanations for this phenomenon have ever been put forward. While conducting a series of experiments with mouse sarcoma 180 (S180) cells, which form highly aggressive cancers in all normal mice, Dr. Cui and his colleagues happened upon a single mouse that surprised them with its ability to resist several forms of cancer, despite repeated injections of the sarcoma cells. Breeding the mouse produced offspring that also exhibited cancer resistance, suggesting a likely genetic link.

The cancer-fighting trait appeared to decline as the mice aged; six-week-old mice appeared to resist the cancer completely when injected with S180 cells, while the older mice were more likely to first develop cancer and only thereafter experience spontaneous regression. Further experiments showed that in these cases it was a massive infiltration of white blood cells that destroyed cancer cells in these mice without damaging normal, healthy cells.

Based on these results, Drs. Cui and Willingham and their colleagues suggest that a previously unknown immune response may be responsible for spontaneous regression. Click on the links below to learn more about this project.

[link to www.wfubmc.edu]

AlFx: the useful tool in laboratory investigations, but potential danger for humans.

Anna Strunecká, Charles University Prague, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology, Czech Republic.
Jirí Patocka, Military Medical Academy, Department of Toxicology, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.
Andreas Schuld, Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children, Vancouver, Canada.

Aluminofluoride complexes (AlFx) have been widely used in laboratory investigations for stimulation of various guanine nucleotide-binding proteins. These complexes are able to simulate phosphate groups in many biochemical reactions. They are formed in water solutions containing fluoride and traces of aluminum. Reflecting on many studies, which utilize AlFx in laboratory investigations, a new view of fluoride and aluminum toxicity can be suggested. Moreover, many ecological studies bring evidence about the detrimental effects of fluoride and aluminum ions in humans. The hidden danger of their long-term action is not fully recognized at this point.

Transfer of phosphate groups is the basic mechanism in the regulation of the activity of numerous enzymes, energy metabolism, cell signaling, and regulation of cell growth. Phosphate is an important component of phospholipids in the cell membranes. In view of the ubiquity of phosphate in cell metabolism, a phosphoryl transfer transition state analog might represent a useful tool for laboratory investigations, but also a strong potential danger for living organisms including humans. Such compound has been already found, described, and opted for molecule of the month March 1997 1,2,3. Moreover, the new phosphate analog has been used in experimental work in numerous laboratories.

Scientists need not buy this powerful compound through any catalog or drug store. Fluoride anions, generally introduced as NaF solutions, have long been known to influence the activity of various enzymes and the GTP binding proteins (G proteins). These proteins are part of a three-component transmembrane signaling system that serve as intermediaries carrying signals from numerous receptors to the cell interior. It has been later demonstrated that the effects primarily attributed to fluoride are caused by aluminofluoride complexes (AlFx) because experiments were performed in the presence of trace amounts of aluminum. This fact had at first been ignored because aluminum is a normal component of glass from which it is etched by a solution with fluoride 4.

However, the exact structure of the activatory complexes able to simulate PO43- group in many biochemical reactions, were disputed. AlFx (where x = 1-6) forms in aqueous solutions of fluoride and aluminum. The different coordination numbers of aluminum originate mainly from the difference of pH 3, 5. The bound AlFx occurs as AlF3 at pH 8.5 but as AlF4 at pH 4.5.

AlFx - phosphoryl transfer transition state analog
Analogies between a phosphate group and aluminofluoride complexes consist in atomic and molecular similarities. The fluorine atom has the same size and the same valence orbitals as oxygen. Of course, fluorine is more electronegative than oxygen and has greater capacity for forming hydrogen bonds. Aluminum is close to phosphorus, their valence electrons are in the same shell. An Al-F bond is the same length as a P-O bond in phosphate, i.e.1.5 to1.6 Å. Like phosphorus, aluminum has possible coordination numbers of 1 - 6, due to the possible hybridization of its outer shell 3p electrons with the 3d orbitals. AlFx are not permanent, equilibria exist between the various possible complexes, depend on the excess concentration of free F- ions and on the pH of the solution 1, 3, 5. These complexes can bind to proteins by hydrogen bonds to the fluorine atoms just as to oxygen atoms of a phosphate ion. So can arise an aluminofluoride analog of pyrophosphate, R-O-PO2-O-AlF3, which may be bound at the site for the (-phosphate. Thus, for instance, in a GTP-binding protein whose nucleotide site already contains a GDP, an aluminofluoride complex can form hydrogen bonds with the donor groups of the (-phosphate site and bind ionically to the terminal oxygen of the (-phosphate of the GDP. Enzyme-bound ADP or GDP could therefore form a complex with the AlFx that imitated ATP or GTP.

However, an important functional difference between a phosphate group and the structurally analogous AlFx complexes exists 1,6. In phosphate, oxygen is covalently bound to the phosphorus and does not exchange with oxygen from solvent. In AlFx, ionic bonds are formed between the electropositive aluminum and the highly electronegative fluorine. While the reaction of a bound phosphate compound with orthophosphate is endergonic and slow, the corresponding reaction with AlFx is rapid and spontaneous. AlFx bind ionically to the terminal oxygen of GDP (-phosphate. Enzyme-bound GDP or ADP could therefore form a complex with AlFx that imitates ATP or GTP in its effect on protein conformation. This effect often causes a structural change that locks the site and prevents the dissociation of the trisphosphate.

AlFx in laboratory studies
Low cost and availability of these fluorometallic complexes contributed probably to the fact that their use as a useful tool in laboratory studies of G proteins widely spread 1,7. The heterotrimeric G proteins mediate the transfer of information from receptor to effector molecules. These studies brought a great deal of knowledge about the involvement of G proteins in cell signaling. Numerous papers bring evidence that AlFx influence various functions and biochemical reactions of all cells and tissues of the animal or human organisms with powerful pharmacological efficacy. Fluoride in the presence of trace amounts of aluminum affects all blood elements, endothelial cells and blood circulation, the function of lymphocytes and cells of the immune system, bone cells, fibroblasts and keratinocytes, ion transport, calcium influx and mobilization, processes of neurotransmission, growth and differentiation of cells, protein phosphorylation, and cytoskeletal proteins 7. It is not surprising in respect to the role of G proteins in signal transduction. Physiological agonists of G protein-coupled receptors include neurotransmitters and hormones, such as dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, serotonin, acetylcholine, glucagon, vasopressin, melatonin, TSH, neuropeptides, opioids, excitatory amino acids, prostanoids, purines, photons and odorants 8. It has been demonstrated that AlFx may clone or potentiate the action of numerous extracellular signals. The principle of amplification of the initial signal during its conversion into the functional response has been a widely accepted tenet in cell physiology. AlFx therefore affects the levels of second messenger molecules, including c AMP, phosphoinositide signaling system, and cytosolic calcium homeostasis. Biological signaling pathways interact with one another to form complex networks 9. The discoveries of receptor diversity, numerous G proteins, and phospholipase C families, broadens enormously the possibilities of interactions of signal transduction events. The question as to how cells manage to make the right responses at the right times is still disputed. The phosphate-analog models of AlFx action have been accepted for G-proteins but may be extended to all enzymes that bind phosphate or nucleoside-polyphosphate. AlFx mimicks a phosphoryl group being transferred. Phosphoryl transfer reactions are involved in processes such as energy transduction, regulation of cell growth, activation of metabolites, and cytoskeletal proteins assembly.

Evidence about the action of AlFx in humans
The interpretation of laboratory investigations using isolated animal and human cells or tissues on the intact human organism could be discussed. Nevertheless, many ecological and clinical studies bring evidence about the detrimental effects of synergistic action of fluoride and aluminum ions in humans.

Most of the ill effects caused by fluoride were first recognized among workers in aluminum factories, where fluoride and aluminum are present in high concentrations. The levels of fluoride in serum, urine, and hair of these workers are higher than in the control subjects 10. Osteoarthritis and related disorders in such workers have been reported since the 1930 s 11. Observation of industrial fluorosis (osteosclerosis) led to the use of fluoride as a treatment to increase bone mass in osteoporosis patients. Psychiatric disturbances were also reported in aluminum smelter workers 12 - 14. The study of persons living near an enamel factory reports a distinct decline in mental activity, poorer memory, inability to coordinate thoughts and reduced ability to write. Those living further away from the factory were less affected and had lower urinary fluoride content (14). Chronic effects of fluorides on the pituitary-thyroid gland system in industrial workers engaged in fluorine production showed also moderate functional changes 15.

Fluoride intoxication with multiple nonspecific symptoms has been observed in chronic hemodialysis patients 16. In some regions, the water used for the dialysate also contained a lot of aluminum. Some patients used aluminum-containing medications. Moreover, patients with renal failure cannot remove aluminum from the blood. Elevated aluminum levels have been also implicated as the cause of dialysis encephalopathy or dementia 17. Dialysis dementia can arise after three to seven years of hemodialysis treatment. Speech disorders precede dementia and convulsions.

Fluoride has been used in the prevention of tooth decay for over 50 years. While official medicine is convinced that the epidemiological evidence that fluoride protects against dental caries is overwhelming 18 many studies reporting and evaluating the risks and adverse effects of fluoride on human organism were published during the same period 19 - 21. Some of them demonstrate the positive correlation between the higher intake of fluoride and osteoarthritis, changes in bone structure, and various non- specific symptoms. Reduction of children intelligence 22, 23, various psychiatric symptoms in adults, such as memory impairment, and difficulties with concentration and thinking were reported 19 - 21. Elevated fluoride content was found in embryonic brain tissues obtained from required abortions in areas where fluorosis was prevalent. These studies showed poor differentiation of brain nerve cells and delayed brain development 24.

Understanding the role of phosphate and G proteins in cell signaling allows to accept the fact that fluoride in the environment, water, and food chains followed by aluminum, can evoke various and multiple pathological symptoms 19, 25. The endocrine glands such as the parathyroid gland, the thyroid, the pituitary gland, and the pineal gland, are extremely sensitive to fluoride (25, 26). Of particular importance relating to G protein activation is the ability of fluorides to clone the role of thyroid-stimulating-hormone (TSH). Fluoride is used in laboratory animals specifically to substitute for TSH. The synergistic action of thyroid on fluoride toxicity has been reported since 1940. Fluorides effects on thyroid hormone synthesis can be observed on many different levels. There is a direct dose-response relationship with iodine: the higher the fluoride intake - the lower the iodine in the system. The major areas of iodine deficiency are identical to endemic fluorosis areas. The comparison of fluoride toxicity symptoms and symptoms of thyroid disorders has been reviewed 25. The functional changes of the hypophysis-thyroid gland system caused by disorders of the regulatory chain and fluorine impact on thyroid hormones metabolism at the level of target cells were reported 15. Moreover, the melatonin concentrations were positively correlated with TSH levels in hypothyroidism, and negatively correlated with T3 in hyperthyroidism 27. Regarding the crucial role of the thyroid in regulation of growth, development, and metabolism of many tissues, AlFx might influence the proper function of the entire human body.

Chronic exposure of humans to AlFx begins in the foetus 21, 24. Every minute at least one child is dying due to excess fluoride exposure dressed up as iodine deficiency. High fluoride exposure appears to weaken mental function among children, as well as adults. In respect to the etiology of Alzheimer s disease, the long term action of AlFx also represents a serious and powerful risk factor for the development of this new threat of human civilization epidemy (28). AlFx may affect all pathological hallmarks of this disease: processes of neurotransmission, ( amyloid generation, plaque formation, metabolism of apolipoprotein E, protein tau phosphorylation, cytoskeletal protein organization, transport of ions, energy metabolism, and calcium homeostasis 29,30. In light of the published findings, the AlFx s harm to intelligence would not be neglected by responsible scientists and physicians. AlFx represent serious hidden danger for homeostasis, metabolism, growth, and differentiation of the living organism including humans.

Fluoride and aluminum in ecosystems
Aluminum, the metal of the earth's lithosphere, is everywhere: in water sources, in nourishment, in different food additives and also in air in the form of dust particles. Aluminum is present in all living organisms including human 31. It has, until relatively recently, existed in forms not generally available to living organisms, and was therefore regarded as non-toxic. With the appearance of acid rains and the use of aluminum in industry, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of uncomplexed aluminum in ecosystems. The water supply industry uses aluminum salts to produce a less turbid drinking water. In the UK, concentrations of between 0.01 and 3.5 mg/l have been found in potable waters 32. Toxic effects of increased aluminum concentration have already been observed in some animal and plant species living in lakes with aluminum concentrations of between 0.1 and 0. 8 mg/l 31.

Fluoride comes from fluoridated water, from crops grown with fluoridated water, from medicines, dental products, pesticides, fertilizers, fuels. About 143, 000 tons are pumped yearly into drinking water supplies in the U.S.A. 500, 000 tons a year goes into fresh waters and the sea, 155, 000 tons of fluoride are released annually into America s air 21. Industrial fertilizers and pesticides increase the amount of this element in agricultural products and food sources 21, 33. Several studies reported a high content of fluoride and aluminum in all tested Chinese, Indian and herbal teas (34). A cup of green tea can contain up to 22 mg of fluoride, as much as 22 l of fluoridated water, a cup of black tea 17.25 mg. Tea is the second most-consumed beverage after water in the world. That the aluminum present in tea is indeed resorbed in the simultaneous presence of fluoride was demonstrated in healthy male volunteers after drinking equal volumes (1.2 l) of tea, coffee or tap water on separate days. In every case the amount of the urinary excreted aluminum increased on the day when tea was taken. The results indicated that tea consumption must be considered in any assessment of the total dietary intake of aluminum in human beings 35.

Reports of fluorosis popped up in the 1970's when phosphate fertilizer plants dramatically increased production. For more than one hundred years, Florida has been a major producer of superphosphate fertilizer. Residents have complained at different times of difficulty in breathing, sore throats, and various nonspecific health problems due to excessive emissions from phosphate fertilizer plants. Spills from toxic waste water ponds dump hundreds of millions of gallons of highly acidic water laced with toxic fluorides, into rivers and streams. People living near phosphate fertilizer plants are twice as likely to develop lung cancer and osteoblastic leukemia 36.

No one can predict what happens in the human body after a truly chronic exposure to an increased content of fluoride and aluminum in body fluids and in various tissues. The severity and the development of the symptoms depend on a person s age, genetic background, nutrition status, kidney function, and many other factors. The natural barrier systems for aluminum such as low absorption in the gastro-intestinal tract, and various physiological ligands, such as citrate, phosphate, and silicic acid, were efficient buffers preventing the increased intake of this metal in natural conditions. The population is now exposed to soluble aluminum, which is more bioavailable. The presence of fluoride caused more aluminum to cross the blood-brain barrier and be deposited in the brain of rat 37. This study compared behavior, body weight, plasma, and brain fluoride levels after NaF exposures during late gestation, at weaning or in adults. Rats exposed as adults displayed behavior-specific changes typical of cognitive deficits, whereas rats exposed prenatally had dispersed behaviors typical of hyperactivity. Aluminum-induced neural degeneration in rats is greatly enhanced when the animals were fed low doses of fluoride 38.

The discovery of AlFx as a new class of phosphate analog brought numerous demonstrations of their powerful pharmacological efficacy. It is not surprising in respect to the role of G proteins in signal transduction. G proteins take part in an enormous variety of biological signaling systems, helping control almost all important life processes 39. It might seem difficult to decide if numerous laboratory experiments demonstrate a potential toxicological risk of fluoride and aluminum for the human population. The origins of many human diseases are in the functioning (and malfunctioning) of signaling components 9. Pharmacologists estimate that up to 60% of all medicines used today exert their effects through G protein signaling pathways (39). However, it is evident that AlFx is a molecule giving the false information amplified by processes of signal transmission.

The understanding of mechanism of action of these fluorometallic complexes could allow us to explain numerous observations about the effects of increased amount of fluoride and aluminum in the environment, drinks, and food. Fluoridation of public water treated with aluminum salts together with the wide use of fluoride and aluminum in medicine, industry, and agriculture, started the era of supplementation of human bodies with these ions as never before in the history of human race. Science has already accumulated evidence about their detrimental effects on the living organism. It seems that scientists still need more significant data to be sure about the causal relationship between the action of AlFx and disturbances of human health. However, numerous published reports bring us at least strong warning.

Chronic exposure of humans to AlFx begins during the first trimester in the womb. It is evident that children are at highest risk. It therefore follows that the sources of fluoride available to children must get addressed first, prioritizing on sources with highest content. For many this is not only water. For some it is fluoride in formula and prepared cereals, for others it is exposure to coal smoke during cooking. For others yet it is close vicinity to power plants with high fluoride emissions, or exposure to other fluoride-emitting industries. Then there are fruit juices and iced tea products, the first beverages introduced to toddlers, as well as toothpaste and other dental products. Vaccines, allergy skin tests, 25% human serum albumin, baby skin creams, baby diaper wipes, and antacids, which are frequently given to infants, are extremely high in aluminum. For adults, the accumulation continues from suntan lotion, cookware, aluminum cans and skin moisturizers. Such items as deodorants, vaginal douches and baby wipe not only have high aluminum content, but are applied to areas wherethere is far greater tendency to absorption through the skin.

The increasing content of fluorides and aluminum in food chains has raised the possibility that the near future will supply us with much more data about the danger of AlFx for humans, if it has not already done so. How long shall we wait to obtain evidence about the destructive actions of AlFx on the human race? How many subjects including ourselves, our children and our friends, shall we need for an overwhelming study?

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Information about the authors:
Anna Strunecká, Professor of Physiology, Charles University, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology, Vinieckná 7, 128 00 Prague, Czech Republic.
Email: [email protected]
Faculty of Sciences, biology and chemistry, graduated in 1966, Ph.D. in normal and pathological physiology 197O, DSc in physiology 1988 Charles University, Professor of physiology 1988.
1981 - 199O Head of the Department of Physiology, Faculty of Sciences, Charles University.
pa: New York Academy of Science, International Union of Physiological Science, International Union of Biochemical Science. Her previous research was focused on the role of phospholipids, phosphoinositides, and calcium ions in the regulation of cell metabolism. She addressed her work to the implications in the development of pathological states of cells in blood diseases, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer s disease. The interactions of phosphoinositide signaling system with cytoskeletal proteins in red blood cells and the effect of aluminofluoride complexes were studied. In the past research the insect flight muscle, rat hepatocytes, human red blood cells, and platelets were used. She has published more than 15O scientific papers, four textbooks, and numerous articles in the lay press. She has 3O years experience teaching biologists, biochemists, and biophysicists. Her biography is included in, e.g., Who s Who of Women, Who s Who in Science in Europe, Who s Who of Professional and Business Women, etc. She is the Associate Editor of the News in Physiological Sciences and a member of the American Biographical Institute s Research Board of Advisors.

Jirí Patocka, Professor of toxicology, Department of Toxicology, Military Academy, Vimkova 870, 500 01 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic email: [email protected]
Faculty of Sciences, chemistry and physics, graduated in 1962, PhD in biochemistry 1974, DSc in toxicology 1992. Head research worker and Professor of toxicology at the Department of Toxicology, Military Academy, Hradec Králové. Member of the Czech Chemical Society, Czech Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Czech histo- and Cytochemical Society, Czech Society of Industrial Toxicology, Czech Society of Biological Psychiatry, Czech Psychopharmacological Society, The European Peptide Society and IBRO. He has published more than 250 scientific papers and presented more than 200 lectures and posters on scientific meetings. Co-autor of 8 books and/or textbooks. Almost 400 citations to SCI. His scientific work focuses on the biochemical mechanisms of toxic action of different biologically active compounds, mainly on inhibition of cholinesterases, include their application as Alzheimer s disease drugs and on the function of centrally active anticholinesterases and different peptides in teaching and memory processes.

Andreas Schuld is head of Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children, an organization of parents whose children have been poisoned by excessive fluoride ingestion. The group includes educators, artists, scientists, journalists and authors, lawyers, researchers and nutritionists. It is active in worldwide efforts to have the toxicity of fluoride properly assessed. PFPC, 78 Malta Place,Vancouver, B.C.V5M-4C4, CANADA email: [email protected]

[link to members.aol.com]
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion

A rather dramatic representation of what appears to be chemtrail like cloud masses and another important event, "The Second Coming."


The churches role in the ozone hole and revelation--corruption of legal system

It appears odd that religion would be linked to nuclear issues, but even the oldest religions worshiped the Sun. The symbolism's from these old religions over time became the ones we know today. These old religions that helped to form laws like the ones from the "Stone of Hammurabi" and many of the ones we still know today. Inscribed stone pillars or piles of stones were used as contracts in those old days. The Washington Monument is symbolic of these principles. So, if religion has some corruption factors, then one must expect these to flow into the corruption of the legal system and Govt. itself. These were factors ORNL considered in hiding their massive environmental problems from the world. Religion had to be controlled and exploited to hide this problem from the citizens. We'll look at how this is happening.

Some American's think that might makes right, and this appears what is driving America today. Some say this will lead to a Great War, and in many ways we're in it right now. The better ideal is truth makes right, and this is how we proceed here. The truth can set the people free.

Some say we have found the formula for the apocalypse, and there appears to be one on the near horizon. We have certainly found all the factors connected to the "End-Times" and factors that sure look just like the predictions for "Revelations." The ozone hole issues leads us into the questions about how these effects appear to be the revelations and what should be the churches role in discussion and exposing these issues. Obviously, the Govt. needs to manipulate this venue to control exposing these huge environmental problems.

Some question why religion is not focused on these factors, if they are of this epic importance. What is the church role in the ozone hole, if this is the foretelling of the Revelation's predictions? If the church can't tell the truth on this and the church is the foundation for the legal system, then just how far will the corruption continue? Will it affect the honesty of our laws and justice? Many say all these are failing.

These factors led us from the balanced deterrence to that of preemptive strikes. The White House born again Christians appear to have intentionally left the door wide open for aircraft bombs, despite lots of intelligence showing it coming. 911 then served as a purpose to advance into a New World Order process. Afghanistan became a nice oil pipeline venue and Iraq a huge source of oil for American development. These were no accidents, these were planned events from ORNL national security issues seen in the mid-80s and linked to the problems with Libya.

The game plan is to take the American citizens hostage as well, using the same basic scam as in NAZI Germany. Today, we have a Govt. run by serious CIA methods using lots of CIA thugs, and those pretending to be religious. This Govt. is about 180 degrees opposed to the values of Christ. America has a CEO these days protecting the interests of those in oil, Rockefeller AMA medicine, Rockefeller based pharmacology, weapons work, and chemicals. We have to see what is going on as a hostile take over of America. The cover up of global warming in the Bush censored EPA report is going to lead to the same type health cover ups as harmed thousands in the DOE plants and communities from DOE's cover ups.

Bush now actively threatens and intimidates anyone that is against their imperial policies. It is the same thing doctors were told in Oak Ridge, keep Our secrets or we'll ruin you. We have a White House that has corrupted both church and state. The two are no longer separate due to the discoveries of DOE on the weather effects due to the Sun's shielding process, and due to the Israel factor and its nuclear weapons.

We have a president that likes to call himself the CEO of America, who manages the White House with the basic ethics of an Enron cover up and scandal. His dad was the former president and headed the CIA, and the son continues to hide the mistakes his dad helped cover up. This president and lots of his staff claim high values based on their religion and there is a total loss of separation of church and state. Bush, a born again Christian, is a member of the Methodist Church and belongs to the Highland Park UMC in Dallas, Texas.

The Methodist Church and other churches are highly interested in the Bush formula for the Govt. to give them lots of money. Bush has bought off lots of religions with this big offer. Only a few church interests like Van Impe and some others are heralding the issues of the ozone hole and its connections to End-Time predictions. They happen to be right, but why are not the other churches talking this information?

Most churches like doing business as usual, where organized religion has members come listen, obey, and give. They don't want to upset that formula for profit. They hate free thinkers and those that ask the right questions. Most churches don't want to get into the discussion of how the ozone hole warning is leading us into disasters, some with health, some due to weather, and some due to wars. One cannot even come close to knowing the ways of God without knowing the teachings from science and their connections to Old World problems.

Today, ministers of churches are illiterate when it comes to the issues behind old world religions and how this connected to sun worship. Religion's evangelists tend not even to know the basic principles of the science that the Magi likely taught to Jesus and Mary. Theology is isolated from science, and science shows the pathway for the revelations. Those that know God know the natural orders of all things. Those that know these things must know the sciences very well and how to connect these to problems in the Old World and the messages from Jesus. The shallow of mind evangelists only allows the money changing that took Jesus' life. Their members are kept as dumb as possible and eat foods that don't even follow Genesis.

Here lies even more of the roots for massive problems. There are inequities in that Israel is allowed lots of nuclear weapons, and America threatens any Arab faction that wants nuclear weapons and sometime even reactors. Religion is a strong factor in the issue of nuclear weapons and proliferation these days.

There are even inequities in Jewish vs Islam / Moslem. One claims they are chosen and are above others, the other side claims making war as their duty to prevail. Both have some issues that keep the world from becoming one again. The bottom line is we are all equal, and this concept is needed for all to be one again. We should not overlook that most people in the world are Buddhist, Islam, and Moslem oriented.

If one looks at the Jewish history from the old Testament and Genesis, one finds the Jews did lots of things that today would be called national security issues, if not called terrorism. The Jew's don't have a very nice history to brag about. In the time of Mary and Jesus these things were attempting to be changed. Jesus was into curing folks and health, which he learned from his vast travels. He wanted folks to avoid animal products. Jesus was what in this day could be called an Environmentalist. Mary was from a highly aristocratic family with money and servants. Jesus could also be described as an activist. His biggest adversaries were moneychangers corrupting the church. This appears our same problem today. Basically, the Jews had a Nazareth Jew killed over their greed. This is something even the Pope has had to battle with in politics between churches. Perhaps this debacle with why the Catholics chose Mary as their central icon.

Bush and his actor's guild in the White House have even gone so far as to have him read the "Servant Songs" from the Bible, which is all about Jesus. Bush and his stage show put on a huge show on the aircraft carrier Abe Lincoln. Bush could not show up for his National Guard duties, but he could show up for this act.

It is become clear that we have a president that lies, from the issues of known fake intelligence on Iraq, to hiding his service record and what looks like AWOL. The spin is so thick in DC, that an invisible tornado is spinning every ounce of info coming from the White House. Can America or Americans afford to support such lies, when we know this will lead to disasters of epic proportions?

The religion thread runs through many things. It forms our laws, it supports morals for truth. Yet, we have a White House that corrupts all these.

Lets also not forget that the word "Bible" means "book," and this is a book of old essays and histories from the time man learned to write. Lets also not forget that the real message in the Bible is not from its literal words, but from the icon symbols the words describe from the oldest of times of man on the planet. This is the real code that many miss in the Bible words of wisdom. What makes the words sacred or most revered through time, is the icon messages. These are the messages intended to save the world in this time. It is time to put them to good use.

The religion threat runs even through nuclear issues. Perhaps it was Oppenheimer that started many of the Manhattan Project's religion threads, as he read all manner of things including the Indian "Bhagavad Gita." He read these hints about God and supreme spirits at the Trinity Test for the A-bomb. Oppenheimer worked well with Gen. Groves, who had built the Pentagon, and it was this connection that got lots of these national security religion connected names started. Groves was also connected to getting Jewish scientists out of Hitler's expansion. This is how we got Teller and other European scientists, from Groves Project Altos, Alsos, and others. Grove's collection of "crackpot" nuclear scientists turned into the Manhattan Project.

At the Trinity Test the scientists were betting if the shot would set the atmosphere on fire. 40 years later we learned some methods to set the atmosphere on fire with IR radiation and use the power of the Sun to enhance nuclear like weapons effects.

These scientists were working on the power of the sun and its nuclear processes. This was how plants in Oak Ridge came to be named after things like God and the Ten Commandments, the code name X-10 was for the plutonium project. Yahweh and the twelve disciples became Y-12, or the calutron uranium enrichment process. Similar comes right out of the "Bhagavad Gita" message about supreme spirits and the light of a hundred suns, which is the effect seen from an A-bomb.

It gets even more interesting when one visits St. Mary's Catholic church on the Oak Ridge Turnpike near the main town mall. In the garden of this church stands a most unusual statue of Mary. This special statue has Mary wearing the pointed crown of the Old World Pope's. She stands on a globe with the atom symbol imbedded, with the traditional snake coming from the Earth's surface with her foot on it and an apple in its mouth.

This symbolically stands for Environmentalism, as the snake stands for toxics from the Earth getting into the food chain, with Mary mediating the process. Interesting symbolism indeed, and this is not where it all ends. It goes much much deeper. Symbolism's are an important carry over from old world religions and each has a language independent message to convey through time. This is part of how the topic of Jesus as an Environmentalist came to be.

There are many other symbols or icons, from that of Noah and the Ark to that of Adam and Eve in the Garden--both these from the book of Genesis and the time when language was rare and symbolic icons conveyed the meaning to the illiterate masses. The snake symbol appears in the Garden of Eden Icon and means that certain fruits should be avoided, this to sustain good health, clear thinking, and other factors. American evangelicals take these icon messages far too literally, and this causes problems. The story of Noah and the icon happened to land on the largest land mass volcano in the world. Volcanoes are notorious for poisoning things and living things needing protection from their poisons, of which HF is one big player.

It was knowing how these icon symbols convey messages about environment and health that lead to many national security names. The ones on Oak Ridge are never told because of the impact the real story would have upon religion. Presidents have opted to keep up these veils on these links, so as to not void many things wayward Evangelism has taught folks in the US. This is also part of the big problem. Citizens need to know the truth, all of it, not selected bits. Evangelism that promotes the supernatural element in religion are part of the big problem, as science provides rational explanations for these biblical events. This type preaching leads the entire world astray.

These naming conventions connected to religion go on to infect even present projects and one obvious one is the Star War "Excalibur" Project. King Arthur's Excalibur sword is related to the Isle of Avalon and the area of Glastonbury England. It is here at this church that Mary once came and the Ark was stored for a time. So, displaying this convention anointed Teller into this special knowledge group. The church at Glastonbury is used as the model for much other church architecture.

These names go on and on, you just have to know to look for them. The HAARP Project is another one and one that I also gave the name for. HAARP is linked to ozone hole and ion layer experiments and intended to be something angels played on high.

My forte at ORNL was a special project called "Global System Engineering" and it looked at the effects of the Earth's Potential Gradient on the weather and how the Gradient was formed. The interest in the ionosphere and gradient came from my Amateur Radio interest that used these reflective ion layers to talk around the world. This naturally led to looking at how to control the effects of differential energy absorption into atmospheric air from IR. This lead to projects like HAARP and the global Sun Shield for IR and for UV radiation. The study revealed all the parts for the Revelations, and all that knew this science felt as though they suddenly fell into the footsteps of God and Jesus. It provided an awakening, as science had literally ran head on into like issues from millennia old religion.

In many ways the hobby of Amateur Radio sets one on the path toward discovery. Many others have followed this path, and one prime example is Ross Gunn. Gunn discovered the S-50 or thermal liquid diffusion process used in the Manhattan Project. He was also into weather studies and actually measured the potential gradient. Even Carl Sagan's movie "Contact" leads off with Amateur Radio as a way to start toward Contact with the realm of God. Indeed, when one looks down this pathway one does encounter many factors connected with God.

The study of the ozone hole leads one to volcanic factors as well. And even to other Biblical connected issues. Here the story of Sodom and Gomorra comes to mind. This was a geologic subsidence effect with many volcanic properties, and these happen with global warming and cooling effects. God destroyed this area by the subsidence into the Dead Sea. In the process all the toxic releases affected persons minds and sexual drive, and the myths of the snake headed hydra and turning into a pillar of salt are the main icons. Today, we can see these meanings more clearly as connected to HF and metal toxic effects.

The new area for these Sodom and Gomorra like effects is the East African Rift zone, which is marked by many volcanoes. It is along this line that many illnesses spawn that now go around the world. It is a variant of what happens in China with Flu's each year. Both areas are highly fluorides impacted, which breeds immune dysfunction and viral breeding.

The problem is all these effects are known by science and even the DOE, and the citizens have the right to know these issues and have them explained clearly to them. These issues should not be allowed to be hidden from the common man by a quagmire of science's most complicated reporting. The agencies in their news have the duty to report how the sciences have found the proof for the revelations. If one does this reporting it brings all peoples and religions closer together. The problem is the powers of Govt. and religion make money off of not telling these important issues. The US is becoming more like the UK, where Govt. and religion are one authority, and one dared not object.

The plight to fix what is going on today must involve the churches and the Govt., each must be confronted by the citizens and peoples of the world. Each of us must take the time to enlighten ourselves and each confronts the powers that seek to deceive us. It almost sounds like the rapture message, and it may well be. A very noticeable symbol above our heads that is causing all manner of stuff to fall from the sky sure looks like time for an awakening. And that awakening has all the messages from the Revelations involved. So, be it a time of the rapture or just a head-up call, it is time to pursue the truth.

I just happened to be the person that put all these issues together and identified the problems and wanted an openness process to address them. Our Govt. and Religion did not want openness and instead sought vast wealth from denying there was harm to man on the planet. It is not going to be slowed by expanding oil fields or letting industry run wild with pollution. Only total openness towards each person in this world is going to be able to fix this Goliath issue.

American needs to unclog their immune systems and minds from all the industries pollutants, then dust off all the atmosphere weather control fallout off their heads, and then say enough of the deceptions and cover up. It is time for Judgment Day.


Of con-trails and con-men-->The Bush Oilman's League--Spinmasters

This series on "chemtrails" has explored some of the causative issues that set up the trends for how and why these things are being done. Keep in mind that the Rockefeller Standard Oil Corp. interests were directly tied to the origin of the AMA and pharmacology. This was set up to protect industry, not the citizens. Similarly, fluoridation was set up to protect industry, not the citizens nor their children. Lastly, Chemtrails were set up to protect industry, not the citizens. Our "CEO of America" president is about protecting corporations and not the citizens. The Bush CEO of America cares not for expendable citizens.

One of the better books to read about this process is one called "The Drug Story" by Morris Bealle, as Chicago newspaper person. The whole AMA / Pharmacy system was set up by "Oilmen" and their chemical and energy interests. It is an "Oilman" from Texas that currently carries on this long trend to con the American public. We'll look at how con men relate to con-trails and the slippery tricks of the Bush Oilman's League.

The Standard Oil interests were highly connected to the IG Farben Company in Germany, which came to be a major help to Hitler and the Nazi's. Farben company persons were tried for war crimes in Nuremberg. Farben designed fluoride nerve gases, and supplied chemicals for the death camps. The Bush's have a long historical connection to Farben.

Farben was split up after the war to become things like pharmaceutical, chemical, and oil companies. Germany used fluoride to keep their prisoners dumbed down and tired. It is the effect of damage to the T-3 thyroid hormone process. Its been well known effect by chemical companies since the 30's, most especially in Germany.

One knows things are bad when the "Spin" from DC is intent on hiding the net effects of the End-Times. We need to begin to consider that "Spin" is basically lying because the plain truth is difficult for a president to admit. Truth has become missing in the management of US corporations. Truth is missing in religions. We have an entire system based on nondisclosure, or should we say deception. Why? The corporate liability rules and the cover up of the big banker games.

The truth of chemtrails is out of the bag these days and all over the Internet as many free thinking persons are awakening and asking questions. This series of articles speeds some of those questions and answers and guides where to look. The US industry and the DOE are trying to hide the real reason for having to do chemtrails and they hide these by hiding one development program inside another. These are the "dual use" type funding schemes and they don't state the long term goal.

This keeps the public ignorant and keeps some in Congress, like Kucinich, from asking more questions. There is a big problem, which the DOE does not want to make public. The secret long term objectives are to pull the acids and particulate out of the air, lessen the severity of storms, and get the UV-b levels down; but not blame those industries that caused it. The DOE and Govt. along the way intends to reward these weapons developers with huge funding for keeping the main goals and problems hushed. Then take the citizens hostage and keep them from taking on the corporate corruption.

The DOE also set up the "Human Genome Project" to go right along with these same issues of pollutants in the environment. This was my suggestion with air pharmacology and HAARP to get down to the fine points of how the toxic's damage the DNA and immune process. The goal here is to identify which gene segments and folding patterns are damaged by pollutants and how the immune system proteins, cytokines, etc. communicate and work.

This is why the recent Wake Forest mice line with full function immune system is so important to recognize. We know mice immune systems are highly damaged by environment. Now DNA experiments can be commissioned to look for the undamaged DNA strains in mice. One must be careful not to let the polluting industry apologists' turn around the causative factor timeline.

One must also consider other effects of fluorides. One thing to notice around Oak Ridge and other fluoride damaged sites is the honeybees die off. They become susceptible to tracheal mite infections. Honey Bees feed on pollen and one of the properties of plants is the pollen concentrates fluoride and metal pollution. This process damages the honeybee immunity and kills them off. This also causes problems with African Killer Bee movement north.

This same property of the fluoride and metal toxic's to concentrate into the reproductive system is also true for mammals and humans. Reproductive processes are the most susceptible to toxins, and the effects of these materials even on DNA folding patterns are important. These same effects seen in mice and bees, also happens to man as his toxic exposures increase.

We are already seeing massive signs of these type problems in man from damages to the thyroid hormone process. Adults and kids are getting extreme weight and energy problems from the thyroid damage process. The AMA's simple test for TSH only helps to conceal this problem. The problem of thyroid damage from fluorides and metals can only be found by running the full panel thyroid hormone tests.

The issue of mad cow syndrome is also in the same venue as it comes from re-feeding bone meals and use of pesticides. The cow's nervous systems fail under the damage to the immune system. Cow's are chucked full of antibiotics to help there immune failings along and these get passed to man via milk and meat.

We are well into the discussion of human and environmental experiments with the chemtrails, so lets look a little deeper into what DOE knows from its classified Govt. files. In the early 30's the Rockefeller oil, chemical, and pharmacy interests wanted some humans to test chemical effects. The groups they picked were isolated tribes of natives in the rain forests of equatorial South America. These jungle natives were used to do accelerated testing for the effects of chemicals on humans.

Selected group environments were sprayed all kinds of chemicals from toxic metals to pesticides. What emerged over the years were health effects, genetic damage, and all kinds of birth defects. They essentially proved chemicals cause health harm and it transmits to offspring. These were the early studies that showed the DNA damages from chemicals. It was an effect that would take longer in the US population, but the effects would be like what happened to these jungle natives over longer time. These studies are all classified because they are essentially war crimes type human experiments.

As WWII came along these natives were uprooted and moved to an island in the Panama Canal Zone and things like war gases and other things were studied. As the atomic tests came along, these genetic defect natives with problems like short stature, large heads, six fingers, and so on were used to study the effects of atomic bombs on humans. They were place in cages at varying ranges from the test shots and exposed to the bomb blast and radiation. These reports are also classified and held in "Special Access Project" areas of the NTS Area 51, which is DOE property.

At the DOE Human Experiment hearings in Albuquerque, NM one of the special Army persons assigned to these experiments came to tell this story. His name was Ernest Garcia and Govt. plants quickly surrounded him. He showed many chemical burns on his body from some of the testing, and he had documents to boot. He was told by the military to shut up because of violations of security or go to jail. A book called "Darkness in El Dorado" touches on some of this history.

The thread of these human experiments goes even further. In 1947, the Russians were building huge numbers of TU-4 bombers and developing their RDS-1 atomic bomb, which they tested in Aug 1949. These issues slipped up on the US and sent the US into a panic. They wanted to test bomber pilot survival with A-bombs and how RADAR responded to the radiation ionization. The US again used the White Sands range, where the Trinity shot was done, to run a balloon suspended A-bomb test.

They set up RADAR systems to the North to study the effects of air ionization and used the human experiment natives loaded into balloon suspended saucer/wing plane designs to study pilot and plane survivability. Roswell AFB, next to the White Sands Range, received all the captured NAZI booty, which was V-2 rockets and experimental aircraft, some of which were "saucer" or "flying flapjack" profiled. Flying wing and saucer design aircraft have the highest bomb load capacities and resistance to bomb air shock.

Needless to say, this 1947 experiment went astray as the experiment broke loose and landed on public land. This became the most spun military project in history as they attempted to hide what happened. The balloon material was radiation damaged and formed the new material "mylar" and the humans instantly blinded as their surface eye proteins burned to black by the heat flash and UV. In 1947, the NAZI doctors that did these same type human experiments were being jailed and hung at Nuremberg. Every imaginable "smoke and mirrors" technique and even threat was used to cover up this experiment. The only "aliens" present was only in the sense of the US Emigration designation. It was this style spin that is used today to cover up this crime and the very same methods used to cover up the chemtrails experiments.

1947 was an interesting year, because it also spawned the CIA and set up the state of Israel. The CIA used the methods taught to the US by the OSS and its UK alliances in the war. This happened because of the fear that the "Russians were coming." This was the kick off event for the cold war that was to develop and consume massive resources and monies.

All this hidden history is directly related to the HAARP experiments. HAARP is all about doing the same kinds of ionization in the atmosphere as seen at White Sands in 1947, when the RADAR screen whited out and was blinded by the bomb ionization. There were other experiments that ended with disasters in WWII. The infamous "Philadelphia Project" was a RADAR invisibility project that used ion in air effects or plasma techniques.

The shipboard experiment was set up by the Westinghouse Electric group in Philadelphia and the nearby Plasma expertise at Princeton, NJ was involved. This experiment used the inert fission gases to set up ionization around a small ship and control the ions with magnetic fields. Not much was known about the health effects of these ion gases in the early years, but later it was found they decayed to other isotopes that lingered in the lung and body. This damaged the nervous system for those exposed as the inert gases slipped past ship compartment filters and exposed ship's crew. This experiment became a failed human experiment also and hushed up with classification and spin.

The RADAR in those days were VHF 50 MHz and easily controlled by plasma techniques. Wave propagation and the plasma density controls reflection and a wave equation called the "Poynting Vector." It is a space-time equation, and its technical terminology is used to portray the effect as a time warp. The ship never went anywhere, just its RADAR profile was lost and some of the same effects with "potential wells" obscured it in fog. The experiment was recklessly pursued to get past the Pacific RADAR grid set up by the Japanese.

This experiment showed the reckless abandon that applied to many military projects. This same reckless speed applied to how the largest steam plant in the world was built in Oak Ridge to power the S-50 process in just months, and how the largest building in the world was also built in just months. These reckless abandon effects would take longer to appear for Oak Ridge, but the toxic effects from the coal emissions and the careless fluoride emissions in later years would highly damage the workers and communities. Oak Ridge would become the pilot study for what would soon happen across the country.

Today, these plasma techniques have matured to the point that plasma jet techniques are used to hide satellites from ground detection. It can also be used to neutralize sensing satellites for quality measurements of charged particle factors in space. The HAARP system's extended experiments will look at how to control the plasma density to open or close space communication. Such experiments may also help deal with the dead time for space flight reentry, when the plasma shuts down communications with space flights.

Lots of the cover up for these projects is set up by the Mil. / Ind. Network and their powers to obtain secrecy and influence the office of president. These type words were also said by JFK just prior to his death. JFK got in the middle of a CIA plot to take back Cuba from Castro and recover US investments. This failed the first time due to a poor plan by CIA connected Bush. This set up the Missile Crisis in 1962. This was diffused and there came a Russian double agent named Oswald, who kept an eye on the Texas interests trying to revive the take back Cuba plan.

JFK learned of these plans and intended to stop it due to his deal with Russia. Oak Ridge became involved as JFK was shutting down nuclear testing. An Oak Ridge nuclear bomb plant person named Ray Tucker had connections with Jack Ruby and the Capone Mafia, and this set up the CIA like plan to remove JFK and replace him with LBJ. The Mafia hated JFK and RFK because of their RICO Act legislation aimed at the Mafia. They were more than willing to provide Offshore help.

LBJ was making tons of money from the Brown-Root connections in the Vietnam War and hated JFK. This was the power of the Mil. / Ind. Network to control and corrupt even the office of president of the US. LBJ was the high level inside man, who set up the Warren Report cover. This is the same power to corrupt connected to Cheney and Texas Oil's Halliburton / Kellogg, Brown, and Root today.

In 1963, things changed as the Vietnam Confederate Air Force that shuttled supplies for Brown-Root came back loaded with hard drugs. The Mafia, which once ran only alcohol and women, began dealing hard drugs. The CIA also became involved in drug dealing of all sorts and the once tame world of the US became enthralled in even more chaos.

These were the results of deals between the CIA, the Mafia, Oak Ridge, and the Mil. / Ind. Networks. The chaos was needed to distract the citizens from the Govt. corruption, to help conceal the JFK mess, drag the US into deeper Vietnam conflicts, and to confuse the American public on the problems of worsening health effects connected to atmospheric testing and environmental pollution.

These are the histories and the other studies that went into the ideas for HAARP, the discoveries on AIDS, and the experiments on chemtrails. This is the real level of corruption in our Gov't. Oak Ridge has gotten away with murder and they wanted to try one more even more colossal scheme to cover up the fluorides health issues. In the process their oil and pharmaceutical buddies could get rich.

They would not disclose the real issues behind AIDS and allow entire continents to die off, while making money selling expensive retro-viral pharmacy. They'd toss out condoms as prevention and use this to curb the rising population rates. They know that population growth is directly tied to pollution and the worsening of the environment.

These are some of the big picture perspectives for why the chemtrails are happening. There is reason for concern based upon the reckless past actions of the national security linked persons. These difficult times we are in now have come about because of abuse of security by the US Govt. and the office of the president. They have taken their human experimentation from the equatorial jungles of the 1930's and now do human experiment spraying above the heads of the entire nation. Should we expect their secrecy methods to have outcomes any better than those for the jungle natives?

Will American's become 'Aliens' in their own country, or should they all waked up and take back America from racketeering thugs? As we approach the July 4 Independence Day this year, these issues should weigh heavily on everyone's minds.

There is a saying in the entrance foyer of the CIA HQ's that says: "The Truth Will Set You Free." This is very true and the American people need to learn the truth and that truth needs to jail and remove freedom from some crooks using the JFK inspired RICO Act.
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12/30/2006 11:01 PM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
Subject: Jim Phelps
From: [email protected]
Date: Mon, October 16, 2006 6:44 am
To: Editor

I read your information on Jim Phelps. I subscribe to his email newsletters and live in east Tennessee. I do believe some of the things he says. He implicates Oak Ridge in global warming which I don't know any CIA spook who would do that. He explains things in technical matter. For example, recently he implicated the Sulfur cycle and Freon from Oak Ridge causing the hole in the ozone.

If you lived out here and saw what I see on a daily basis with the chemtrails you would understand. Oak Ridge does employ a lot of Jews which he has also implicated the Zionists responsible for much manipulation with regards to religion, disease, etc.

I'm not discounting that some things he says may be untrue but why would he lie and regardless what damage is it doing? We know the chemtrails are bad but so is the planet heating up and incinerating all the people.

What is your solution?


Hi Dan,

It's not a question of my 'solution'. If you like like what Jim Phelps has to say, that's fine. You're welcome to your opinion.

My opinion is that he's a disinfo agent working for the people he claims to be exposing. That's the 'harm'.

For example, freon from Oak Ridege and the 'sulphur cycle' is NOT responsible for the hole in the ozone layer, not that there is much of a "hole' these days anyway.

2. We have chemtrails here in California too. We probably don't have them nearly as bad as you do because we've learned how to do something about them, unlike the folks who are reading Jim Phelp's newsletter.

3. If Jim is harping about Jews at Oak Ridge, then you've got to put on your thinking cap. Is he discussing the role of Zionists in promoting the NWO agenda or is he race bating?

4. The planet is not heating up and incinerating people. If Phelp's used those terms, then you really MUST think twice about this guy!

Global Warming is a psyops being promoted by the Illuminati using front men like Al Gore.

Yes, we know the artic areas have been warming in the past 10 years or so, but the reasons have nothing to do with those being offered by BS artists like Gore or Phelps.

Not a 'solution', but my opinion.

Regards, Ken


From: Yoko
To: "ken Adachi" <[email protected]>
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2005 7:27 AM
Subject: Disinformation on chemtrails

Hi Ken

I am very sure that [link to www.surfingtheapocalype.net] is run by the elites which causing our problems.

Have a look at their sponsors, you see the signs of American Cancer Society, American Diabetic Association, American Heart Foundation; they are all

Did you read about chemtrails, saying it is for reducing the global warming? The truth is chemtrails are causing the global warming effect with HAARP.

I did not read all but only some lines, since I quickly identified their sponsors.

He says, the government is saying global warming is not happening, but this is totally opposite too.


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12/30/2006 11:37 PM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
In reading some of this I have some problems with it.

It was taliking about problems caused with photoplankton being destroyed by ozone holes. Ozone holes that are located by the poles. If you really think about it very little photoplankton would be able to be exposed there becuse it is either covered by ice (north) or there is in fact a land mass there (south).

Much was made about Edward Teller being behind the letter that Einstein sent to Roosevelt. Leo Slizard was the prime motivator behind that letter. I think anybody familiar with the real story behind making the forst atomic bomb would realize that.
Anonymous Coward
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12/31/2006 05:40 PM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
Did you read about chemtrails, saying it is for reducing the global warming? The truth is chemtrails are causing the global warming effect with HAARP.

 Quoting: Info on the Author 98506

Lizards like it hot!
Anonymous Coward
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12/31/2006 05:52 PM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
Ok discuss....a long and interesting read but some good points
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01/02/2007 10:52 AM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
Ok discuss....a long and interesting read but some good points
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 174672

Yes, some very interesting points which is why I posted it. I don't agree with his view on isolated Global Warming, because as other evidence is proving our entire Solar System is changing, and the spraying probably in fact has something to do with that. Perhaps scientists are just now starting to understand that it's the entire Solar System and not just little ol' us changing. If the sinister element of mankind (or whomever) is running the global show, I have to accept the fact that they probably knew this Solar System change was coming, and have known for a long time. Elites are well versed in esoteric and ancient information along with pretty much MANDATORY secret society involvement...it's just blatantly obvious that they DO know more (about where we've been and where we're going as a species) than the average man. The important things to consider is WHAT are they spraying and WHY. I could care less WHO because it's obviously commercial and military craft that are more than likely operating under false pretenses or "public security interests" or whatever lie they have been told to make the spraying seem benign or even necesssary.

Anyone care to point out pertinant information from the above? Or pose a possible theory as to WHY they are spraying?
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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01/02/2007 12:46 PM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
"One can see that the investigation of the volcanic effects that lead to the invention of the chemtrail methods yielded some unique surprises. The model for chemtrails Generation 1 methods was the volcanic emissions of metals and acids of this Mt. Sinai region volcanic area that set up climate change for this area. The model for the Generation 2 methods of chemtrails was the large scale volcanic detonations like the Krakatoa ocean volcano explosion that injected huge amounts of water into the atmosphere to induce 40 day and night rains. The investigations of the gold mines around the Midian volcanic zone founds rather simply that gold is rather non reactive with acids in the emissions and plume and will settle to the bottom of volcanic lava flows.

The real secret of Mt. Sinai for Moses was part these gold deposits that were mined and which became part of the wealth for the Throne of David and to be used in building Solomon's Temple, but the special characteristic of the gold to settle out as a dust downwind of the air emissions became the prime issue for the special Manna or bread of the Israelites. Manna was also the DMS effect which left the volatile white compound the Israelites gathered off the grass in the mornings. This was used to enhance their health and combat the problems of being near the toxic emissions of HF in these areas.

Later, when the Israelites were captured and the temple burned and plundered by the Persians, all the secrets of the Ark and the special Manna appear to have been gained by the Baghdad area. One can see the Baghdad area knew how to make batteries from dissimilar metals long before the time of Christ and that this battery technique is easily used to make gold colloid material, which was like the Manna of god.

These very simple battery designs are thousands of years old and stem from Babylon. The Babylonians captured all the secrets of the ancient Ark, which included the secret for the Manna, bread of god, or the making gold colloids for health. The use of titanium is similar to the effects the gold provided to health, as this is the ancient reason for the use of titanium in the mysterious chemtrails projects."

This is strange and sounds like pure bullshit to me. Why would TPTB want to stimulate our health? We are over populated as it is. Take into account the reported side effects of heavy spraying; there seem to be a surge respitory infections and stomache problems (and who knows what else!) There may be something to the volcano/Moses/gold colloid research, but I highly doubt there is a massive attempt to infuse the world with "God's manna." There is so much more to this than we can even imagine.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
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01/02/2007 11:29 PM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
Anonymous Coward
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01/03/2007 01:47 PM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
Mt. Sinai isn't a volcano. Scientists have shown that its burned and blackened peak appears to be scorched from a source above it, not from within.
Anonymous Coward
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01/04/2007 02:57 PM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
Anonymous Coward
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01/05/2007 10:08 AM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
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04/04/2007 11:07 PM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion
Have saved it to read.
Anonymous Coward
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04/15/2007 02:45 AM
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Re: Weather Modification Association - Started in 1950 - New Air Pharmacology Thread for Serious Discussion