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Message Subject Duat do what
Poster Handle Fancypantz
Post Content
Agni did come up in a book, The Lost Night
Preface: guys are trying to capture this guy and girl and set fire to their house and they are stuck inside.

"The lights are out but the fire is going strong. I don't want you silhouetted against the shades."

"What are you going to do?"

"Take a look around."

"You are going outside? Are you crazy? If there is someone out there, he might have a gun."

"Believe it or not, that possibility did cross my mind."

"I don't think it is a good idea. You won't be able to see a thing in this storm and if you use a flashlight you'll make a perfect target of yourself."

"I won't need a flashlight."

"Are you saying you can see in the dark?"

"You said you saw my aura, but I never got around to telling you about the nature of my talent."

"No you didn't."

"I told you, I'm one of the monsters. You should of believed me."

The inferno gathered in the house and so she ran toward the kitchen. The roar of the flames leaping down the hallway was louder than the thunder of the storm, a great, insatiable beast that would not be satisfied until it had consumed everything in its path.

She flew into the kitchen and collided with a solid dark shadow.

"Change of plans."

There was something wrong, she thought. She knew he was there. She could hear him and feel the heavy currents of his energy swirling in the kitchen. But she could not see him. The small space was swathed in shadows, but the fire was racing down the hall now, throwing off enough light to reveal a portion of the stove, the counter, and the refrigerator. But she could not see him, who was right there in front of her.

But that was not he worst part of the disorienting experience. It was the terrifying chill that rattled her nerves, the icy sensation coalescing rapidly into a bloodcurdling terror. Mindless panic threatened to overwhelm her. This was what if felt like when the monsters came out from under the bed. This was what if felt like when you were cornered by the creature from the depths of the Obsidian Lagoon. This was the sensation that overwhelmed you when you woke up inside the coffin, the sensation that destroyed sanity, the sensation that make you welcome death....

"Trust me"

It was an order. This was no monster. It was him.

She pulled herself together with an act of will and focused a little talent through her bracelet. His fierce silver and midnight aura blazed reassuringly in the darkness. Her heart was still pounding, but the panic receded quickly. She took a deep breath.

"Okay. I'm okay. What did you do? You were invisible except your aura. And the cold sensation-"

"I'm still invisible and so are you as long as we stay in physical contact. The bastards outside will be watching both doors but they won't be able to see us."
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