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Message Subject Duat do what
Poster Handle Fancypantz
Post Content
Makes one wonder where all that fire goes? All of us searching for truth, who or what is harnessing that fire?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68595896

 Quoting: S__

Makes me question if we/ our fire searching for truth is causing global warming? As in the earth harnesses it?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68595896

Actually is the global cooling which causes the global warming - if it makes any sense to you, lol.

And fire as much as any other element is ascribed to the same circular motion of re-cycling translated as:
"What goes up, must come down."

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

 Quoting: S__

he he

its becoming a happy sunday
 Quoting: aether

The spikes of cold an warming reminds of extraction methods like tincturing and brewing. For instance the coffee bean when in warm or hot water extracts properties that cool or cold water does not and vice versa.
 Quoting: Fancypantz

well that's right
everything does what is comfortable to do
singularity particle priests and atomists/monad believers go down the sado/masochistic everything in nature is the result something hitting everything to get everything to do anything
blow it up big bang free miracle theory
 Quoting: aether

[link to www.livescience.com]

Mysteriously, previous research suggested that some superluminous supernovas appear to explode twice. Before their main explosions, each of these supernovas experience a spike in brightness that lasts a few days.

Now, Smith and his colleagues have analyzed such a "double-peaked" superluminous supernova from almost the moment it occurred, shedding light on its origins. In their new paper, they said most superluminous supernovas may actually be double-peaked.

The researchers saw that after the initial spike of brightness, the object rapidly cooled off. Another, more powerful burst of brightness followed.

The initial spike of brightness likely coincided with the dying star's ejection of a huge bubble of material into outer space. The star's mass was about 200 times that of the sun, and the mass of the bubble of expelled material was about equivalent to the sun's, the researchers estimated. This bubble of expelled material cooled rapidly as it grew, they said.

Following the initial spike in brightness, this supernova gave birth to a magnetar, the researchers said. Magnetars are among the most powerful magnets in the universe. They are a kind of neutron star, which is the leftover core of material in a dead massive star. To reach this conclusion about the magnetar birth, the researchers compared the data with several physical models of supernovas.

 Quoting: Fancypantz
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