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Message Subject Duat do what
Poster Handle Fancypantz
Post Content
I feel that repulsion.. Thanks for clearing it up
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68595896

I remember the first time I met Mara. It was when I was locked in the basement with the light off by a sibling playing a joke on me. Somewhere between 5-8 years old. I'm not good at dates lol. It was an unfinished basement with holes between the steps and this cement wall with a huge square hole with the darkest of dark within it. I was at the bottom of the steps and turned in the darkness and that hole. I then saw two glowing eyes looking right at me. The presence was so intense of repulsion and fear. Now it is not bad when meeting. But I notice like yesterday I should just be quiet till she's gone. Lol
 Quoting: Fancypantz

I guess I'm not experience the same thing.. I feel the anger repulsion from those that are not me.. It feels like ancestors and it bleeding over to me hence I experience their emotions as if they are mine only and I know they are not only mine
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68595896

I get that too. Depends on the meeting.

Guess what, I had a hawk with its back towards me on my way out today and then on my way back in the same spot with back facing me. I then was talking to the environment pretty forcefully on down the way and at the completion of my talk there was another hawk on the other side facing me. I haven't seen a hawk in a while. So I guess it was heard, lol
Funny that, since hawks are better seeing than hearing.
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