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Message Subject Duat do what
Poster Handle songwaves
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Morning all hf

This caught my eye about Pan:
[link to www.whitedragon.org.uk]

When a man, growing in consciousness by repeated acts of love under will, expands his consciousness to embrace all other consciousness, he becomes Pan, ie One with All. There is thus no essential difference between any one universe and any other. Once consciousness has become cosmic in scope the many selves vanish and the One Self alone remains. The process is detailed in the Divine Pymander of the Thrice-Greatest Hermes, the father of Pan: "After this manner, therefore, contemplate God, as having within himself the entire Cosmos - all thoughts or intellections. If thou dost not make thyself God-like, thou canst not know God; for like is intelligible only to like. Expand thyself unto the immeasurable greatest, passing beyond all body, and transcending time, enter Eternity, thus thou shalt know God. Conceive that nothing is impossible unto thee; think thyself immortal and able to know all - all sciences, all arts, the nature and way of life of every creature. Become higher than all height, lower than all depth; comprehend in thyself the qualities of all creatures, of fire and water, the dry and moist; and likewise conceive thyself to be in every place - in earth, in sea, in heaven, in the unbegotten, in the womb, in the young, in the old, in the dead, and in the after-death state. And if thou canst know all these things simultaneously - all times, places, deeds, qualities, and quantities - thou canst then know God."
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That is interesting. The realignment goes not just with earth but people as it did when there was matron vs. patron societies transitioning. Mirrored by the Hebrew and Arcadia stories. Magnetic north has been moving faster.
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Made me think about that expression 'uniting heaven and earth' scratching
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