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Message Subject Look at Ashley Judds Necklace
Poster Handle whisperingsage
Post Content
It is a AA pendant my AA 35 year sobriety chip has the same

Symbol the triangle with in the circle. Unity, Service, Recovery in the infinite Circle of God.

[link to tse1.mm.bing.net]
[link to www.barefootsworld.net]

from what I can tell it is copy righted.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 55094784

My mother was into occult symbols, it's not likely copyrighted as it is a rune or wicca symbol. It's been around thousands of years. It always bothered me that AA took on rune symbols . When Bill Wilson began, it was definitely using the name of the Heavenly Father in the original Big Book, but after he died, like so many good projects, had to be infiltrated and weakened, because in the early days they had a 95% success rate, but later it reduced to 22%. Bill Wilson also used niacin 3 grams daily doses and advocated it for AA's and is a great help, but his MD's on the board never would support it. Look up his connection to the great Abram Hoffer MD who improved the lives of many who were considered ruined. If you would like to see this symbol and other closely related look up "curios" as these are catalogues that sell these symbols. [link to symboldictionary.net] and more of other symbols; [link to symboldictionary.net] My mother got into this from her mother and she just got deeper. I had to burn a lot of books after her death. She was using a small book on voodoo against her neighbors, we found her spells in boxes with pictures of the victims (her neighbors) and their hair and pins through them. We apologized to these neighbors later and found that strange things did happen to them, probably thanks to my mother. Like giant hand sized spiders walking across the wall. My mother had fabric painted symbols on undershirts to wear at all times, she had drawn up mandalas (i'm not sure what else to call them) and hung them in her house with these symbols.

Again the first time I saw that "AA" symbol outside of my mother's lair, was when the new local AA used it outside their new rental, no other distinguishing marks. Then I saw their mugs with that symbol, and I had friends that had the symbol on their congratulations coin. (our church has to share a rental building with AA now, )I think it is just a sneaky way to get people to allow a demon attach to them and just call it something else...nice. Demons have a right to be where that symbol is. It's a form of calling them down. I left the New Age when I had learned enough about the New World Order and got saved because, in spite of my beliefs about Christianity, in all their imperfection, there was this book , that had fulfilled prophecies, and the more I learned those, the more they added up as to be a book of actual truth. The straw that broke the camel's back was the mark of the beast, 666 in Greek (Strongs) chi xi stigma, stigma= to stick, to prick, to punch into, Mark=charagma- a mark incised for recognition of ownership. right hand or forehead (Rev 13) our gov spent $1.5 million to find the forehead and the back of the hand have the most frequent temp change - for recharging of lithium battery. Sorry I had to explain.
After I got saved I went to a Christian that had annoyed me before to ask why he didn't bring up the New World Order, he would have had me there. It turned out he had loads more info on the New World Order and we became good friends, he and his wife led me through deliverance from my demons, which was not allowed to be dramatic, as you bind the demons of each sin, and is a detailed repentence basically. From him I learned about the symbols and signs. And not bringing pagan idols or symbols into my house or onto my body. He had had experience working with real witches and bringing a few out of covens. They had taught him a lot about spiritual warfare and what to do.
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