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Is Worship of George Washington Compatible with Christianity? (Modern Esoteric)

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08/01/2016 02:49 PM
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Is Worship of George Washington Compatible with Christianity? (Modern Esoteric)
America's "first" president George Washington is depicted as a pagan god numerous places in America's "Capitol" city. The most prominent two of which is the painting on the capitol dome titled "The Apotheosis of Washington" and of course the Washington Monument.

Covering the inside dome of the Capitol Building Rotunda in Washington D .C . is this painting entitled “The Apotheosis of George Washington .” The word “apotheosis” in the title means literally the raising of a person to the rank of a god, or the glorification of a person as an ideal . The huge painting depicts George Washington transformed into a new “sun god” in the chariot of Apollo, being pulled by four horses across the heavens . The painting is surrounded by several pagan “gods” of the old Roman Empire . (Kindle location 735)

 Quoting: Modern Esoteric, by Brad Olson

The very word Apotheosis in the title of the panting "Apotheosis of Washington" means "the elevation of someone to divine status; deification." George Washington is thus depicted as taking his place among the pagan gods in a prominent place where our congress still meets today. How is this compatible with Christianity?

Even the word "capitol" originates from ancient Rome and the famous Capitoline Hill. On this hill sat the "Capitolium" which was a pagan temple built in Rome to honor the god Jupiter. Similar temples, known collectively as capitolia, were common in the Roman Empire and are still popular worldwide and in America, a country believed by some to be "Christian" and thus against paganism.

The Washington Monument is a massive marble obelisk (a popular pagan symbol used to express the male phallus of the gods) and is "erected" in adoration of George Washington. It is easy to research the history and meaning of the Obelisk.

Perhaps despite all this some would be reluctant to say anyone "worships" George Washington but I'd ask you to consider the definition of "worship":

" to show reverence and adoration for (a deity); honor with religious rites."

I would argue that painting murals depicting George Washington as a god and erecting a massive obelisk honoring him like a pagan god is in fact "worship" by definition. Are these things Christians should do? If not, at what point in America's history was it a "Christian" nation blessed by God?

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