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Message Subject George Noory
Poster Handle 4th Mesa
Post Content
Jorch was recently detained in Echo Park for "revealing his sauces" to passersby.

The following conversation occurred with his lawyer:

Lawyer: If you cooperate, I think I can get you off

Jorch: Later. Let's get this legal stuff out of the way first....

Lawyer: I mean, I'm going over your briefs and I think....

My my. You are a frisky one. First things first, handsome....

Lawyer: No, Mr Noory, I'm trying to avoid a stiff sentence

Jorch: Is that longer than a hard word?

Lawyer: Mr Noory, the best outcome is that we get the suit dropped

Jorch: (enthusiastically) You betcha. But what about this legal matter?

Lawyer: (frustrated) Mr Noory, I have no alternative but to withdraw

Jorch: What the? Not even a cigarette? Or I'll call you?

Lawyer: Mr Noory, I don't think you understand what could happen if you get a hard judge....

Jorch: (openly drooling from the mouth now and fantastizing about "approaching the bench" from below)

The lawyer leaves
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