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When did this forum become one of police-brutality apologism?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 63825706
United States
08/07/2016 01:03 PM
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When did this forum become one of police-brutality apologism?
Forget the race aspect for a second.
Just a mere 2 years ago, police brutality was regularly exposed and called out for what it is: a sham.
It seems as though the sadistic lunatic elites have been successful at innudating a once libertarian-friendly forum with fascist apologists as a way of further polarizing the masses for sheer profit purposes. There is no middle ground anymore, the KKKlintons and their followers will label you a "bigot" or (God forbid) a "wingnut" if you strive to unite the two sides on a particular topic like (in this case) police brutality. You're being played and you're too ignorant to realize that. They WANT you to develop fascist thought so they could further attain power and persecute anyone who objects to the status quo. Don't fall for the bait. If you see something wrong, speak up. I'll speak up on a tyrannical police state, while you submissive whores try to excuse your masters' opinions because they possess a badge and uniform therefore they're "better" than you. Get a brain, Mormon.