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Message Subject "Heads-Up" for "Unprecedented Event(s)!" Did NASA "leak" warning using image of Demi-God? Video
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
Post Content
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72815906

This could actually be a "MATCH" to our thread...
but a truly GRIZZLY MATCH!

[link to youtu.be (secure)]

I know that there are Bible verses which predict that
in the "end times" the "dead shall RISE UP"...
(Does anyone have an actual scripture reference handy
that they can share about this? I would appreciate
having it posted!) I FOUND ONE:
"Behold, I will open your graves and cause you to come up out of your graves, ...
Isaiah 26:19

However, in my own opinion, much of the predictive
nature of some of the Bible's scriptures which are
quoted to Jesus, himself, refer not to a PREDICTION
but rather to our Earth's own HISTORY!

Jesus knew that the "earth changes" we are NOW seeing
happened in the past. The Vela Supernova in 9,500 b.c.
was one such era when all of the things we are seeing
in the earth changes, like the 1,000 year floods in
Louisiana, happened IN THEIR TIMELINE.

Wouldn't it be a riot if all these ZOMBIE MOVIES that
are actually based in the "mythology" of the "dead
rising" in scripture are ONLY REFERRING TO FLOODING
where other ancient cultures ALSO SAW FLOATING CASKETS
(with the newly buried are still inside.)

This "floating casket" story is actually the fulfillment
of what people are assuming is "Bible prophesy"--but
its NOT the "un-dead" which is in our mythology, but
the memories of past global catastrophies...and symptoms
that they are about to happen again.

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