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Message Subject "Heads-Up" for "Unprecedented Event(s)!" Did NASA "leak" warning using image of Demi-God? Video
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
Post Content
"We are just "observing the latest news" to see what NEWS STORIES
come in to MATCH the William Blake painting"
- OC

Still waiting to see a giant space hand reach down from above...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72815931

As my father used to say:
"...By THAT remark, you must be a "Baptist!"

He thought Baptists interpreted the Bible (and other
things meant to be symbolic) in the most literal way
of any of the denominations! (But he LOVED Baptists,
don't get me wrong--it wasn't a criticism...)

The picture isn't really a "GOD reaching down from
the skies" (though, some might think it means exactly
what it is showing....)--it's symbolic for multiple
things. Understanding William Blake--the author of
the image--and also a great philosopher and symbolic
"thinker" might help us to better know what to EXPECT
with that kind of a "leaked warning."

Remember that big "V-TOOL" in his hand is a Free Mason's
"COMPASS." Blake, himself, referred to the image as
"The Circle of Destiny." THAT tells you a great deal right
there. But...a BIG HAND FROM THE SKY isn't ruled out
either! lol! Have your tornado mats READY!


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