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Message Subject BIG Up-Date (pg. 12) "Heads-Up" for "Unprecedented Event(s)!" Did NASA "leak" warning using image of Demi-God? Video
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
Post Content
Why call it a "10 Day" heads up.
Maybe it was a "14 day" heads up.
In that case, I'm still stocking up for the coming Global Zombie Apocalypse scheduled to begin sometime around the 21st through the 23rd.

Good luck and Godspeed my friends.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72815931

I have a "math block!" lol!

The 10 days is from when I first posted the thread
8-09-2016 thru the date 8-19-2016...but I'm making
the final summary on 8-20-2016, it's 11 days, actually
I decided to keep it a brief "watch window" because
trying to keep this thread up-dated is actually a fair
amount of DAILY searching and thread monitoring. The
August 18th-19th date was chosen because of the amazing
"double YOD" found in Hamlet Mill's beautiful astrology
chart and seemed to be a significant VISUAL MATCH to
the Mason's COMPASS in William Blake's image of Demi-
God Urizen.

Don't know where you are getting the "14 day" number,
are you thinking that the "WATCH WINDOW" should be
extended thru the 24th of August? I guess if something
major comes up, I WILL EXTEND it...but it will make the
thread really long!

The Zombie deal is just about "floating coffins" in
this thread...did you see that incredibly GASTLY image
from the LA floods? It is one of our "MATCHES" FOR THE
THREAD! See Post #3 and 4 for the 15 matches to the
topic we've found in the past 10 days!...incredible
stuff in the news.


Thanks for the BUMP!!

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