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Message Subject BIG Up-Date (pg. 12) "Heads-Up" for "Unprecedented Event(s)!" Did NASA "leak" warning using image of Demi-God? Video
Poster Handle WinterStone
Post Content
Here is interesting videos of signs for this month:

Yesterday's Video

Today's Video

When watching this video you can see Obama in PetGoatII with the dragon on the wall behind him.

Since the inauguration was changed from March 4th, the last one in 1933..
Every 28 years the inauguration falls on the 1st day of Aquarius and a second term president is inaugurated..
Count 1260 days from that falls on Independence Day in America.
In 2013 Obama was inaugurated on the 1st day of Aquarius/Jan 21st and in the year of the WATER Dragon!!!

The Water Dragon

Revelation 12:15 Then the dragon tried to drown the woman with a flood of water that flowed from his mouth

August 2016 Video

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