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Message Subject BIG Up-Date (pg. 12) "Heads-Up" for "Unprecedented Event(s)!" Did NASA "leak" warning using image of Demi-God? Video
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
Post Content
Times up

 Quoting: Madmacs

be found on this S.O. video for today 8-20-2016! It would
appear that the "golden thread" for many of the matches
is weather & space-related causes.

There has been severe and record-breaking weather stories
since the 8-07-2016 post of the William Blake image on
SOHO's webpage. With the New match FROM S.O. (below)
reporting that gamma-ray bursts and other "exotic energy"
from space DOES AFFECT EARTH'S WEATHER...is there some
"event" in space (besides the solar action) going on we
should be told about? Here is Goofy for God's thread
up today (8-20-16) on tornadoes now!
Thread: Grand Rapids, MI Tornado Head Your Way

[link to youtu.be (secure)]

Ben Davidson reports the very exciting *(for me,personally)
news that a scientific paper has been peer reviewed and
accepted that LINKS "GAMMA RAY BURSTS" (and other "exotic"
energies from space" with WEATHER EVENTS
. This would be
an amazing "match" to the SOHO image we are looking for.
...And a GREAT example of "citizen scientists" making
their impact on mainstream science. William Blake would
have LOVED THIS ANNOUNCEMENT! Great news! Thank you to
Ben Davidson for this up-date.

EDITED: 9-01-2016
Earth took a very large gamma ray "event" on 8-27-2016
from the Constellation Hydra. It should also be noted
that S.O. reported a Hubble Telescope shot of one of
the stars in Hydra GOING "SUPER-NOVA!"
(That's a big deal!)

We'll take it through mid-night today...(and the
thread MAY BE EXTENDED if anything turns up to warrant
that.) We'll just see!

As of this A.M. we have EIGHTEEN...18...100% thread
matches for our "Watch." Remember, TheOracle'sCookie
DID NOT PREDICT ANYTHING (either good nor bad) coming
out of the NASA "Urizen" image from NASA on 8-07-2016.
Just thought it would be a good idea to have a "heads-up"
--and BOY! It has been a dynamic 10+ days!

Please refer to Posts #3 and #4 for the list of
matches...You don't have search thru the 11 pages of
discussion that way. I'll be posting my own "take" on
what this was all pointing to at the end of the evening
tonight--if you are interested.

ANYONE who wishes to "connect-the-dots" themselves between
what they SEE as the William Blake philosophy behind the
"Circle of Destiny" image and what we have seen these last
10 to 11 days--please do so. I'd like to see that!

Thanks for bumping the thread, MadMacs!

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