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Message Subject VK Durham take on Wanta; "Sedition and Treason"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
IS everybody asleep or is this information you don't want to hear about the Wanta fairytale?

Ring, ring, ring. Anybody at the switchboard?

"BILL CLINTON and his buddy, Robert "Short Term Notes" Rubin as Secretary of the Treasury ( yet another cabinet member formerly employed by GOLDMAN SACHS ), allowed the U.S. Federal Corporations of Tias 12087 to be incorporated by the Al Qaeda
Underwriters ... and those are the very same individuals involved with the White HOuse as mentioned in Tom Flocco's recent article.

[ Read the Tom Flocco Article at --

[link to www.tomflocco.com] ]

This Al Qaeda Underwriting group came into being under Bush & Clinton and with the connivance of the Council On Foreign Relations, which can be verified in their own PUBLIC NOTICE:

[ See the following at --

[link to www.theantechamber.net] ]

THEN, there is the BCCI BANKING GROUP'S FINANCIAL ATTACK BY FIRE, as directed at the Equity and Infrastructure of our country, and of We the People. After the raid on the Atlanta Branch of the Banco Nazionale Lavoro, in 1989, the interlocks between BCCI and other banks came under scrutiny. The banking panic of August, 1989, moved well over two hundred billion dollars out of Spain and into the U.S. or Panama. But then ...

It all became a financial nightmare for THE WHITE HOUSE of Number 41, PRESIDENT GEORGE H.W. BUSH. It was his order which supposedly 'privatized' or SOLD OFF property in this country, property for which he had no Constitutional authority to sell !!"
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