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Message Subject VK Durham take on Wanta; "Sedition and Treason"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Durham is absolutely correct about Wanta. Even Christopher Story admits the origin of a big chunk of the money came from the collapsing Soviet Union, where American operatives acting on concert with large banking firms smuggled out half a trillion dollars worth of rubles IN CASH. This made the collapse much worse, and Putin is well aware of the situation. All thoroughly documented in many places included Mike Ruppert's "Crossing the Rubicon".

The criminal financial activity that took place during the years of a defunct Reagan, when GHW Bush was in charge of the Whitehouse is mind boggling. Read ONI agent Al Martin "The Conspirators" and find out how the CIA (the enforcement arm of the American banksters) crashed banks, and other financial institutions, and how Congressional investigations were sidetracked by blackmail to cover it up.

The thing that is important to remember is that this is just RECENT corruption which is layered over the top, and has its roots in, the corruption that happened in the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 (actually contained in the Owens Glass Act - nicely hidden, you see...). Given the number of politicians that have been murdered trying to fight it, you'd think that people would catch on, but no-o-o-o, because you will never see this stuff coming out of the glass teat, the talking cyclops, or boob tube. Too many banksters on the boards of directors of the major media corporations. But look into Louis McFadden who survived two assassination attempts (the third one got him), Larry McDonald (wandering Pan Am flight shot down by a Soviet fighter!), John Tower and John Heinz who died in unusual plane crashes a day apart, and on, and on, and on... The corruption that Durham has been fighting is the much earlier part of the ongoing and evolving process. Thus she resents being called a "useful idiot" by more recent useful idiots.

Everybody paying attention knows of the counterfeit bonds at Cantor Fitzgerald that were coming due on 9/12, but putting this together is difficult in a society where people are taught not to think, but rather to trust experts. Oh yes, it was all that bankster profits hidden in tax-exempt foundations that fund people who write the history books, people who determine educational policies, and on, and on. So you go to school and learn irrelevant minutae that have no bearing on anything - and totally miss the big picture - which, for those who control the money is exactly what they paid for.
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