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TIME MAGAZINE: "WikiLeaks is Getting Scarier than the NSA" <<< They mention Seth Rich

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08/12/2016 10:53 PM

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TIME MAGAZINE: "WikiLeaks is Getting Scarier than the NSA" <<< They mention Seth Rich
In an all out panic, the Globalists have fingered their new boogieman.

Less than 50%

"When Wikileaks surged to global prominence six years ago, it was for its work posting hundreds of thousands of pages of secret government documents about the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, followed by a quarter million confidential cables by American diplomats. Working with major news organizations, including the New York Times, the Guardian and Der Spiegel, the site was associated both with accountability and a bold new version of “radical transparency.”

That has changed. With the publication of e-mails expressly aimed at damaging Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy, WikiLeaks has shifted from a global platform for whistleblowers to something less exalted—and lately, a bit strange." More bullshit at the link [link to time.com]

So they were OK with Assange releasing US cables, major news agencies even working with WikiLeaks...but now that the organization is releasing Democratic internal emails they're SCARRIER THAN THE NSA?


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