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Message Subject FUCK Mammon...The WORLD is a FICTION....STOP being your Strawman...Enter REALITY now
Poster Handle Yuga Sage
Post Content
Interestingly, the word several, as a reference to the several States joined in union, means private (not public). A several thing is simply a private thing. And so only the private men that are each State are free. If you have a social security number, a driverís license, or any other form of public identification (status) or any type of insurance whatsoever, then you are not in any way a private person. In fact, the mere act of using a surname (your publicly certified, registered last name) is a public act, for the surname belongs to the state. Like renting a car, use of the
registered admixed surname means use of anotherís property in agency to the principal (master) of that name. This is voluntary servitude.
 Quoting: Yuga Sage

All true, it is even spelled out in the Book of revelation, the numbering of man is the Mark of the Beast.

The LEGAL NAME, the SSN, the mind control, all marks of the Beast system.

Then their is the paper money issue. Why don't coins have serial numbers and paper money does? Because coins are MONEY, paper currency is all DEBT, false sacrifices, false idols a beast from the sea that sits upon the many waters.

This is the narrow path that leads to salvation. Did Jesus have an SSN? Was Jesus a Roman Citizen? What mark did Jesus accept?

Thank you for the thread.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71408469

Thank you brother for reading. Be sure to go to the first post and download the free pdf book. Start reading this and your mind will be blown open as to what we have been lead to believe and deceived away from GOD.

HELL is right here and now on earth.
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