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Customer Service Has Gone to Crap!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 72755694
United Kingdom
08/13/2016 02:04 PM
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Re: Customer Service Has Gone to Crap!
It's all bullshit which is why I find it hard keeping a smile on my face. The company I work for doesn't give a shit about you. It only cares about your money. It engineers all sorts of ways to get you through the door, all sorts of manipulative tactics and gestures and rhetoric but it means nothing. It's all lip service and you all buy it. They should call it lip service rather than customer service.
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Just know you aren't the only one, brother.
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My company once did used to care about you. before privatisation. Then it became a free market and things like targets became the priority. Figures and numbers and targets to fight off the competition.

User ID: 68851417
United States
08/13/2016 02:07 PM
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Re: Customer Service Has Gone to Crap!
I remember exactly what you mean!

There was a shopping plaza we always went to, for new shoes for school, an Easter outfit, or Christmas shopping. These were the norm here in the south. We had Leggett's store, which is now Belk.

I remember always going in and there was a person who would come to you and ask if hey could help you find something. We did not have to chase down someone from another department just to try something on. The fitting rooms even had a little sofa where people could sit and help you decide if it looked good, etc.

And the shoe department! Oh my goodness. There were always helpful young (handsome) men ready and waiting to fit you and measure your foot properly. Even make a second trip to get another pair if your size wasn't right. And they did it willingly, happily. I KNOW this is where my love of shoes comes from. It is my delicious habit, when it comes to classy high heels I cannot turn them down. lol

I could go on and on. I remember the gas station too.

Why doesn't the industry realize this and put it in place again. Truly caring about customers. They would make a fortune.

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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 71142887
United States
08/13/2016 02:27 PM
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Re: Customer Service Has Gone to Crap!
I really think it's corporate that's ruining real customer service. Corporate made sure no one can make a decent living just working for minimum wage. Corporate companies have no respect for their employees at all. It's like the management doesn't appreciate their employees at all. It's so sad.
I always get good customer service where ever I go. But, there was this one time where an employee at customer service in Wal-Mart wouldn't accept my Wal-Mart check. She wouldn't cash it in for me.
We went everywhere trying to cash in that Wal-Mart check. We send a complaint to management and I never saw that employee working there again. I wouldn't be surprise if she got fired at Wal-Mart .