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People, You Need A Way To Unplug!

Mr. N. Denial
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United States
08/13/2016 03:28 PM
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People, You Need A Way To Unplug!
The election bullshit has me stressed-out. It doesn't seem to matter that I know that's all a farce and we don't actually have any say; it's just a dog and pony show.

Still, I get wrapped-up in all the drama despite knowing better. It doesn't help that I hate the Clintons in a mega-adjective way.

My stress outlet is my motorcycle, number one, my car number two. If I'm really stressed I go for a ride, if I just need mild diversion I take the sports car.

After a week of Hillary/Trump drama, I was all ready to ride this morning. I got my knee down a few times, passed a shit-load of cars, rode my favorite roads in the local So Cal mountains. Had breakfast at my favorite joint in Crestline.

The ride was fantastic, but kinda hot! I think one of the best moments is after I get home, peel-off the hot leathers and sit here at my desk in my underwear, enjoying the AC. And surfing GLP.

Fuck Hillary Clinton...