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Message Subject What Do You REALLY Believe About Aliens????
Poster Handle The Lone Ranger
Post Content
Who are the REAL aliens?

To entertain the thought that WE the human race are alone in this gigantic universe, is now a ludicrous notion in Imo. As for demons....I have encountered them personally, but THEY are not the humanoid ALIENS that I believe exist.

RSG, you really have touched on what is probably the MOST researched and debated about subject on the net, bar Politics and spiritual matters Imo.

There are so many aspects to the "ET question" that is very difficult to summarize aspects of belief/experience into one little summation.

After decades of research I can definitely conclude that mankind is NOT the only humanoid species currently residing on the planet earth.

This topic, for me, will never grow boring as probably only a handful of persons currently on the earth know the WHOLE TRUTH in regards to the ET presence.
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