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Message Subject What Do You REALLY Believe About Aliens????
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
speaking of woo woos! lmao
So what is the whole truth?

It would appear that the whole "ET question" is so diverse in FACTS and ASSUMPTIONS, with information/misinformation/and disinformation all sort of mixed into a "fruit salad" type of concoction, that the individual at best can only make a subjective assertion as to THE WHOLE TRUTH of the matter. As far as researchers go, I have found Grant Cameron to be the best(only my opinion of course).

As far as ET witnesses go (for reliabilty and believability) I rate Betty and Barney Hill; Travis Walton; Phil Schneider; and Charles Hall, as people who appear trustworthy in their accounts of interaction with humanoid ETs.

Will the general populace of the world ever KNOW the whole picture/truth of the ET presence, time will tell!!
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