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DRY EYES, Head nodding, dystonia, hemi-facial spasm

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United Kingdom
08/14/2016 10:01 AM
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DRY EYES, Head nodding, dystonia, hemi-facial spasm
The culprit behind Dry Eyes, Blepharospasm, Hemi-facial spasm and slow Head Nodding Syndrome is normally an long-lasting infection of the MEIBOMIAN GLANDS, initially caused by a Staphylococcus organism, and there is no known cure.

The Meibomian Glands are the tear producing glands found at the extreme edge(s) of your eyelids, you have 24 glands surrounding each eye and 48 glands in total. They can become infected or blocked. What is hard to accept is that just one or two glands being blocked can cause such havoc.

The early day warning signals are (a)excessive blinking (b) The sun appears to be excessively bright (c) noticeable facial movement including top lip movement and including mouth squirming. Stage 2 unwanted movements may include (1) head nodding (2) shoulder twitiching (3) maybe your eye lids clamp shut and it takes a second or two of effort to open them. Here's the bad news its incurable, Eye Drops don't work, Doxycycline does not work, Botox injections does reduce the excessive blinking and unwanted eye Blepahospasm movement but judged overall it does not work.

After 22 years what does work for me: (SIMPLE) A dab of runny honey smeared lightly on your top two EYE-LIDS ONCE A DAY. What is a dab of honey, it's enough to wet the tip of your fore-finger, then rub the honey onto both top eyelids and thats it. The secret is : some will go in your eyes and the immediate relief and vast improvement is rather impressive. Try it and test it yourself.

The writer is a 22 year Eye problems sufferer whose heard in great depth Doctors and Eye Specialists well meant advice - that does not work. If he was told from Day 1 it was incurable he would have been far better off. Today, having tried everything he feels that a dab-of-honey beats everything given to him over the years. And use runny honey it costs about $2 a jar, and got an eye-use history going back to the Phaoroahs and the Eygptians.