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Anti-Islam group storms Anglican church in Australia!

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United Kingdom
08/15/2016 12:43 AM
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Anti-Islam group storms Anglican church in Australia!
Right-wing protestors dressed in mock Muslim outfits and chanting anti-Islamic slogans have stormed a church service on Australia's east coast.
The protestors interrupted a service held at Gosford Anglican Church on the Central Coast of New South Wales state.
A group of about 10 people entered the church and pretended to pray while playing Muslim prayers over a loudspeaker.
Local police are investigating what the church described as a "racist stunt".
The Party for Freedom posted photos and video of the incident on social media, claiming it was a demonstration against the church's support for Islamic leaders and multiculturalism.
The organisation has ties to Senator Pauline Hanson's anti-immigration One Nation party, which has won four seats in Australia's Senate.

[link to www.bbc.co.uk]

And so it begins!