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And its a cool video anyway for those of us like to know about mechanical stuff.

I made a very intentional but apparently offhand comment to our younger boy when he was in a confused stage regarding same-sex relationships.

"That's not how the plumbing works."

It really is that fucking simple. He seemed better after that comment, it made sense to him.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72689058

I too, enjoyed the video, lol.

I'm very glad for you that it was that simple.
 Quoting: Diplomatic Warrior

That part was simple but not easy (I planned it meticulously. I don't get much verbal bandwidth with him, so it had to be right the first time.)

Didn't I mention about having to fight the gay-recruiting lesbian teacher at his middle school? I had to fight that battle first, and she was his teacher for all of 7th grade. She messed with his mind in many ways, in my opinion to create a weakness or need for her approval that she could fill via her gay-straight club.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72689058

Yes, you did mention about the teacher. Sorry, I failed to connect the 2 posts. I'm even more glad for you that you participated in active parenting and that it worked out. As it is the role of parents, I believe, to take responsibility in moulding their child/ren. Good for you. :)
 Quoting: Diplomatic Warrior

Before I was a parent, I thought that meant sitting down and talking with your children. Now I know that's like 1% of it. Most conversations don't happen like that, or they're abnormal conversations under pressure. And it's been repeated battles to outwit heartless school administrators and this evil teacher.

Heh. I learned at least one lesson. Parents are the boss, the school isn't. Since we were all once students, we're conditioned to go into our kids' schools and defer to the teachers and admins there. You must explicitly kill that conditioning. They are "school employees" and you pay them, they are not your teachers. They may not necessarily have the best interest of your child at heart, for example they may be SJW's and want other children to profit at the expense of your children.

Elementary school is probably not worth it, if you can impart reading (phonics!) and arithmetic thru long division to your kids or join a parenting group that does.
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