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Any One Out Here With Diabetes? Not sure I am one but curious.


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02/11/2017 08:36 PM
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Re: Any One Out Here With Diabetes? Not sure I am one but curious.
I sweat profusely - I get dizzy and almost feel like I will pass out. My entire body wants to shake. I can't sign my own name until after 12 pm. I am 61 yrs old, my father died of diabetes at the age of 60.

Now here is the kicker. I drink vodka every day - never to get drunk - but, I do every day to calm the symptoms above. These are not hangovers they are nothing I've ever felt before. And the god damn itchys !
 Quoting: GUAM USA

That doesn't sound anything like diabetes. It sounds like you're starting to go through withdrawals from alcohol by morning. Once you have few drinks your hands settle down and you get yourself back together.

That's classic signs of alcoholism. I've known people who started the morning off with a bottle of whiskey and would drink it out of a coffee cup so it wasn't so obvious what they were dong. Their hands wold shake badly like you describe. So much so they could hardly hold a drink till they had a few. A classic alcoholic way to deal with that is to tie a handkerchief around your wrist, loop it over the back of your neck, and pull your hand with the drink up to your mouth.

I don't believe you've said exactly how much you drink. To the people I was talking about a bottle was a liter. They referred to a fifth as a "little bottle".

It's easy to get a glucose level done. They just stick your finger and can tell right away what your blood sugar level is.

A liver profile involves them drawing blood and a few days to analyze it. Your doctor will palpate your stomach to see if your liver is enlarged, look at the whites of your eyes to see if you're jaundiced, etc.

It's a little hard to believe you're confusing the effects of alcoholism for diabetes, but good luck. You really need to stop drinking.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72538696


Clearly that post is based on personal experience.

But it's still accurate.

I work in medical.

I've seen thousands of diabetics.

Diabetes can give all sorts of different and severe symptoms. But not in the beginning. In the beginning, symptoms are a lot more subtle.

I'm not a doctor. I don't give advice. But based on basic info, what you describe, OP, sounds like alcohol-related disease.

The liver cleans out toxins from the body. When alcohol is taken in enough quantities, over enough time (different for everybody), the liver starts having a hard time clearing out those toxins. The toxins are redistributed through the blood stream.

Which causes all sorts of physical issues. The cells in the body are unable to function properly when toxins are overwhelming the system...causing similar reactions you describe ...itchiness, shaking, sweating

A normal hangover is due to the imbalances caused by alcohol...electrolytes, metabolism, nutrient disruption, etc.

What you describe...sounds like your body has been dealing with all those imbalances for so long, that it is now beyond the hangover period. The body can only heal so much abuse. Eventually, that abuse catches up and minor symptoms we ignore...become major signs we can not dismiss.

Your body is TELLING you it needs help. You MUST tell your doctor everything. It's not too late.

But doctors often ignore DIET as part of their treatment plan. They usually only rely on drugs and surgery.

You NEED to clean out your body. Slowly.

Just like a cut on the outside of the body..all you need to do is keep it clean and let the body heal itself.

Internally is the same thing...keep the internal environment clean to allow the body to heal itself too.

Which is what a hangover is doing.

However it sounds like your body is beyond the normal hangover healing, you will need the doctors assistance. But you must also keep your internal environment CLEAN!

Lots of fruits, fruits, fruits. Fresh air. Clean filtered water. Proper electrolytes and micro-nutrient supplements. Vitamin intake, etc...

But most importantly, show your body the love and respect it deserves. Pay attention to it and support it with kindness.

Btw...even if you had diabetes, or anything else...you would still need to see a doctor and keep your internal environment clean.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 61805337

If it does turn out to be diabetes -

Sorry, NO. Big NO. Not lots of fruits, as they are all fructose and it will massively load your system with sugars.

I have type II diabetes OP.

In type I diabetes, your pancreas can't make insulin, but you can still get glucose/sugars from food, but the glucose can't get into the cells, where it's needed, so glucose stays in your blood. This can make your blood sugar level very high, if you constantly eat sugary foods, or foods that break down into sugars like fruit.

Fruit is one of the worst things you can eat, as it is all fructose, and instantly absorbed into the blood stream, which will give you a masive sugar high, and you'll get very sleepy and drained. Your body is not able to cope/convert the sugars into your cells. You need insulin to do this, likely injected, or from a fanny pack with a timed injector. Don't fuck around with trying to solve your issues with diet at your age.

You can also go the other way, and not have enough sugar in your system, which has similar effects in terms of sleepiness etc.

I woke up in the middle grassed section of a highway with a group of people standing around my car trying to get in. I had worked 48 hrs straight, passed out from a low sugar level, and coasted to a halt. Very lucky I didnt kill someone else or myself.
Typical Aussie male response to my doctor telling me for years I had a sugar issue.
I was also a massive eater of fruits. Not just one peach, I had to eat 5, that kind of thing. Fruit is healthy yes? For a normal person it is, but for a diabetic it is a killer.

You need to see a doctor. Soon. The difference will be immediate.

With type II diabetes, which is what I have, the body still produces insulin, and the mechanisms within the body can be controlled with orally taken medication. They will likely start you off on Metformin, the go-to drug which helps cells take in the glucose. They have used this drug for decades and it is successful, to a point. I am one of the few candidates that have an adverse reaction to it.

If you are type II diabetic, beg for a drug called JARDIANCE. See if you can get onto a study through a university or something like that if $$ are an issue.

Basically it changes the way your kidneys work, and you piss out all the sugars, well, a lot of them. But you need to drink a lot of water. Something I have never done. I pretty much lived on coffee or beer as my liquid intake......

But now I'm doing minimum 3ltrs of water a day, which has its own issues, as my elecrolytes are down. Easy fix.

The huge intake of water and regular 'pit stops' stops the forming of crystals in my bladder, which can lead to a UTI. I've been on this stuff for two years now with no side effects I am aware of.

Lost a heap of weight, joints feel so much better, more energy etc. My sugar levels are still not brilliant, but where they were up around 18, they are down around 8-9 and a normal person is around 6-7. You still have to be vigilant and watch sugar intake. Its an interesting exercise to find out about what you eat and drink.

BTW, although created using sugars, Vodka has none in the final product. You are only masking the issues OP, go see a doctor, please. It will add years to your life, and your quality of life will be so much better. Promise.


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Anonymous Coward
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02/11/2017 11:24 PM
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Re: Any One Out Here With Diabetes? Not sure I am one but curious.
I've read that quitting alcohol cold turkey can be dangerous to some alcoholics. Not sure if this is true, FYI
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68974033

this is true...cold turkey can cause seizures if you have a daily habit of decent quantities of Vodka. The tremors may be alcohol withdrawal as previous poster stated as sweats can be also. You should weed out the alcohol from the diabetes problem first. Liver involvement can cause many issues. Urine discoloration not a good sign. Get yourself to an urgent care facility ASAP to get some tests done They will know with two blood tests if it's diabetes or alcohol related....best of luck to you....
 Quoting: Bird Shadow

Yes, it's what I heard too and I'm sure it's true for some people. I had some of the symptoms OP is talking about after drinking too much for a long time.

The worst thing was the pressure in my chest and abdomen when trying to do hard work. It seemed to affect my heart and lungs etc all at once. I'd have to stop and just drop my head and breathe steadily until it subsided.

I worried that it was my heart, but the symptoms didn't quite match. After some research I came to the possibility that it was my liver mainly. Whenever my heart rate went up from exercise/activity, the liver backed up, so to speak, since it couldn't process fast enough. Couldn't let the blood through at the higher rate, because it was always trying to clear the alcohol and do all the other shit as well.

It frightened me so much that I decided to stop drinking - cold turkey. I knew it would kill me otherwise. I had no withdrawal symptoms at all and within about three weeks, dizzy spells and the pressure breathless thing started to diminish. After about three months, I was back to normal again. Itchys are gone now too.

It's about four years now and I have my life back (64 years old). It really is no big deal to stop alcohol altogether, once you really decide to stop. I would worry about telling you, OP, if it wasn't for a good friend of mine who was a far worse drinker than I ever was and for longer too. One day he decided he was going to stop. I didn't believe him, since I thought he of all people just wouldn't be able to do that.

He is still stopped years later and he suffered no withdrawals either. Happy as a pig in poop now - and has money and time/energy to do things again. Also, more recently, one of my sister in laws stopped drinking cold turkey too. She had been a secret as well as open drinker for a long time too (decades). By that I mean she would hide her drinking during the day, but drink openly at night or in social settings. No withdrawal symptoms.

Both of these people will not even touch a drop now, in case they lapse back into it. I, on the other hand was curious about that and so I would have a mid-strength beer once in a while to check. Didn't make me want to start again at all. In fact it felt bad to do it, so now I don't at all. Don't fucking miss it either. Not worth it.

Sorry for my long ramble, but if one takes the attitude that they are going to stop, then I don't think there will be problems. I think the withdrawal problems occur because people don't really want to give it up and then the stress of forcing themselves to stop causes problems. But, I guess there are exceptions.

Cutting down on alcohol won't work because it just keeps the 'demon' alive and screaming for more. Complete cutoff.

Your life is more important than alcohol. I would suspect it is mostly the alcohol that is causing your problems, but get the sugar checked too. And also, like others have suggested here, cut all sugar and severely limit concentrated starches, even sweet fruit - but less sweet fruit is good, like pineapples or passion-fruit or such. Low carb with good protein and fats and plenty of veges and greens and herbs.