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Hillary Spends Two Weeks "Fundraising" And Returns to the Campaign Trail Looking Sicker Than Ever!

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08/31/2016 08:18 PM

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Hillary Spends Two Weeks "Fundraising" And Returns to the Campaign Trail Looking Sicker Than Ever!
Fox news anchor just stated that Hillary has been 'fundraising' the past two weeks....then she emerges in Cincinnati looking horrible and ill.

While she was 'fundraising', she passed up the opportunity to visit the Louisiana flood victims, and also passed up a personal invitation to meet with the President of Mexico. These are two crucial events that she missed out on due to 'fundraising'??

More likely she was in clinic or hospital, getting some kind of treatment. She emerged today in Cincinnati looking like she had undergone chemotherapy or something similar. Her hair is flat and greasy, her eyes are baggy and barely open, she pauses frequently in mid-sentence during her speech, and she needed assistance to get to the podium.

It is time she comes clean. There is no way a healthy, vibrant presidential candidate would have passed up either opportunity to show up her opponent. It is obvious she did not go to either Louisiana or Mexico because she physically would not be able to withstand the trip, and the glaring eyes of the media.

Hillary, stop the lies. Enough already!! We see through you!! Shame on you for taking the American people for fools. It is obvious you are sick, time to face up to it and step off the campaign trail.

The thought of Kaine running the USA is a scary one indeed. Trump HAS to win, or it will be the end of the USA as we know it.

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