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Message Subject WTF? Mysterious United States “Beast Bill” Currency With Trump & Clinton Showing Up All Over The World!!! Major Event Sept 14!!!
Poster Handle Tenth Deplorable Crusade
Post Content
If abortion is made illegal more mothers will die getting it done illegally and more children will suffer, for prolonged amounts of time, growing up in unfavourable conditions.

I applaud his effort but I do feel used. Why target the 'conspiracy' audience with esoteric/occult/political/financial motifs and then have a tantrum and attack the very people that showed interest in his platform? I suppose he has got people talking about the subject, and in that sense it has been effective. But I do not think making abortion illegal is the answer.

It comes at an odd time for me as I was asked to write an essay about abortion for a recent Uni application. Maybe I'll think differently once I've had time to digest it all.
 Quoting: Deplorable Anonymous Coward 72979819

That's totally fine by me. Because the sin is ON THEM and not on US as a society. Some dumb cunt wants to get an illegal abortion and ends up getting killed, too bad. It's not my fucking responsibility to keep dumb people from doing dumb things - THAT'S THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.

As far as the children go, I'd rather put my tax money that goes into supporting abortion to supporting orphanages and adoptions.
 Quoting: brokenhalo

You talk of 'sin' and then show a complete lack of compassion. I mean, I sort of agree with you. But, if a woman is raped and gets pregnant I hardly think it would be a sin to abort the unborn child. All I'm saying is it's not so black and white. In an ideal World there would be no need for abortion, but legal abortion seems, as another person mentioned, a necessary evil, in some circumstances. It's easy to argue against abortion because it requires so little from the person arguing that perspective - they will not have to take care of the child after it has been born, to provide for it, no matter what the conditions.
 Quoting: Deplorable Anonymous Coward 72979819

Every year there are over a million abortions in the United States alone. Of these, 0.3% are due to rape and 0.03% to incest. For risk to maternal health - 0.1%. For fetal health issues - 0.5%. The rest of the 98.3% of the $1,218,000 abortions are due to convenience, birth control or economic concerns.
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