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Message Subject WTF? Mysterious United States “Beast Bill” Currency With Trump & Clinton Showing Up All Over The World!!! Major Event Sept 14!!!
Poster Handle Deplorable Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So he went for the Abortion card.

Imagine this.

You're pregnant and you don't want the baby. Instead you opt to have the baby and give it up for adoption.

That child will most probably go into a system of abuse. Maybe be even killed through that. Perhaps go on to grow up and cause abuse itself.

Abortion is bad. But he refutes us for trying to out the people in power that abuse grown children. Kill them. He thinks this is ok. He thinks by stopping abortion, it will stop the rest of evil.

This guy s just a Christian who got some airtime.

Hes done nothing.

Hes the one that should be ashamed. He had a massive audience and he had the platform to really wake some people up.

We all know abortion is wrong. We know dont we? You need a video to know that it is wrong. You dont need a video.

He had the perfect opportunity to educate alot of people.

Instead it was an anti abortion campaign that shouted at us for watching videos.

Which he did by using a video.

I know Abortion is wrong.

But this world is an evil horrible place.

Contraception stops the need for abortion. Maybe he should of used the time and money and effort to demand the world be given free condoms and pills.

Fuck this guy.

If anything, hes an advert for pro-abortion. Noone wants there kids to grow up like this shouty shit.
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