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Message Subject WTF? Mysterious United States “Beast Bill” Currency With Trump & Clinton Showing Up All Over The World!!! Major Event Sept 14!!!
Poster Handle Deplorable Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What a waste of time. I wonder if he knows how counter-productive his actions have been? Surely with the depth and skill behind it’s set up, he’d have a better crescendo than a pithy rant aimed at entirely the wrong group of people?

This guy is naïve to ignore situations like children born from rape or incest, or with a known physical deformity that would impair the child’s quality of life. In just such situations abortion is a choice the mother has a right to make. And what if the mother’s life is at risk if the child is born? With such a palpable and sensitive issue, he should be a little more objective and do more research rather citing solely from the Bible. Of course, that’s something a religious nut is incapable of doing.

What really got my goat more than anything was his cavalier branding of Child Sacrifice. With the plethora of esoteric and occult symbolism featured on the bill this guy should know what real Child Sacrifice is. But not a fuck was given from him, for the children sodomised from the age of 3, ritualistically beaten and sometimes killed at the behest of Satanist paedophiles.

He has totally shot himself in the foot and potentially damned his cause. Next time perhaps he should try not berating people and laying on them eternal damnation – because unsurprisingly, people don’t respond well to that.
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