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Message Subject Just say something vaguely intelligent
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
dont you astro folks get this test shit is totaly bonk. dont you folks dont get the bibel comes straight out of sumeria. why you bloaks think a green portal at israel is not a trap like the nasty thought these guys watching this experiement with popcorn like its the hungergames. you folks flying out there like a coward nibiru hiding. and waiting 100000 of years to show up again play the good frequency, when its that easy use one of your super fucking fast UFO to give fuck. and then are you analyzing only a few stripsenes of someone who getting tired bother his classmates with again the same and the same foking shit. someone who only get triggered by using psychotic oppertunites to not shit another "by the way, today this fuckes my brain again " . spaming threats and bothering other members here with my brain illness. you are like this foking nibiru . what is wrong with doing a simple PM for more quality and SPOCKYBRAIN MELTING. which could be much more effectiv folks. instead of sending each other with psychotronik frequencies and later checking how the bomb effects the planets surface. you are childish like a 9th dimensional ARCHON . you are so the real deal. you dont know anything about the morphing unstable whole painting in my head. its like you only wont to see what you like . i mean what do you guys about this ? do you like this way ? being this planet ? i could help you so much with the guy who is slowing the time down.
you gus never saw teh industrial. you never ever heard this fuckin metallic voice of this coward source.
you gus still think there is good and bad , natural and unatural, and that there is a foking GOD who cares.
there are robots who are not can be materialized in our 3d world. you fokin lightbody is alredy a robotik thing like your physical body. and when you go up to this creep realms and biy into there euphoric LOVE drugging you lost totally the relationship to what you call here love or think its "Love". you getting more and more away from your self. you wonna found something out? rescue the planet and think technologial breakthrough can be gained with looking in the bibel and feeling closer to jesus? i cant belive this . you wonna jump into a green portal in jerusalem and belive the borg there is just nice and invited for the john lennon summer of love pardy ? i made people questioning themself, who i know they told a lot reallstuff. but after i told them certain things they thought wouldnt be there. they thought iam a greated problem. but the proof is there and the fact i cheated the shamanway. and this is only a "devilish propaganda" is just so a pain in the ass. i cannot anything for this that some of these foking superstars never knew how the twintowers got build. and this could only be done with a foking plane and the the only thing what leaves the scene is a FOKING PASSPORT OUT OF PAPER. machines think biggermachines are not creative
who do you think you are? coming here this way after i .......
if you dont get over marcies farts you getting nowhere with this
i thought all these years da7 is a smart guy. but after this
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