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Concerning Hilary's state... - Russian POV

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Russian Federation
09/11/2016 02:09 PM
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Concerning Hilary's state... - Russian POV
There was a Russian joke if late Soviet times, when, before Gorbachov there were several leaders that were so old and sick when assuming their posts that they died just a year or so later. Chernenko, Andropov - most don't even remember them anymore. That period is also called "a time of lush funerals".

The joke was a mockery of official TASS announcement:
"Today, at 9:00 am, after severe and prolonged illness CPSU General Secretary, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet Presidium Konstantin Chernenko, without regaining consciousness, assumed his duties."

Do US want to repeat our experience? I won't recommend it...
"When every one is dead the Great Game is finished. Not before." - Rudyard Kipling, "Kim" (1901)
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