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Message Subject I'm sorry if this is a stupid question . But does whole foods carry vegan cheese ? If not where can one get it . Order online ?
Poster Handle Freddy DaFrog
Post Content
Yes they do.

Daiya is the best.

Make sure whatever alternative cheese you get does not have Casein in it. It is a milk protein. And why in the future there will be a post on my website about how it took me a year to go Vegan after I set my mind to it, because the Milk and Dairy industry just can't let go - and tries to put their crap into non dairy cheese.

Rant over.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72953681

I'd also make sure there's no carageenan in it too. It's in many dairy items, but then you find it in things like soy and nut milks.
It's seriously toxic to the colon.
I won't buy anything with carageenan in it either.
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