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Message Subject I'm sorry if this is a stupid question . But does whole foods carry vegan cheese ? If not where can one get it . Order online ?
Poster Handle Freddy DaFrog
Post Content
Thanks !
 Quoting: Whodoyoulivefor

Since going vegan, I've had issues with iron and vitamins.
I have to supplement with B12 daily, and I do a good multi every other day.
Friends who have been vegan for a long time told me to go buy Braggs amino soy, and use it in lieu of salt. I do for savory liquid foods.
Also use Himalayan pink salt. Full of good trace minerals etc, which I have done for years now.

But the last thing they told me about was nutritional yeast flakes.
They said it's called "vegans gold".
I'd never heard of it, but I read up on it, and went and got some. I even put a small shaker of it in my bag to use when eating out.

It has this lightly cheesy nutty taste. Someone told me they make lovely vegan Alfredo and beshamel sauces out of it.
So you could also experimemt with that.
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