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Message Subject I'm sorry if this is a stupid question . But does whole foods carry vegan cheese ? If not where can one get it . Order online ?
Poster Handle BMKSY
Post Content
Yes they do.

Daiya is the best.

Make sure whatever alternative cheese you get does not have Casein in it. It is a milk protein. And why in the future there will be a post on my website about how it took me a year to go Vegan after I set my mind to it, because the Milk and Dairy industry just can't let go - and tries to put their crap into non dairy cheese.

Rant over.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72953681

I can see myself being vegan. It's just the damn cheese that's gonna be hard for me to give up. I don't mind giving up eggs or milk. But cheese . Some reason I love cheese :(. But my inner self is yelling at me "go vegan" lol. I'm like "isn't vegetarian good enough " . Lol
 Quoting: Whodoyoulivefor

whole foods does carry vegan cheese

there are also newer vegan nut cheeses which i read about, but idk if whole foods carries them yet

i was vegan for several years, but am ovo-lacto now bc of my current life situation....i may go back there with the exception of having eggs fom chickens i take care of...idk

good luck to you, op
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