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EDEN - The Garden of Good and Evil

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09/17/2016 03:47 AM
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EDEN - The Garden of Good and Evil
This essay is more a philosophical exploration of the "God" entity than a dogmatic exercise or a scientific report. It is in short, my interpretation of "God" and his mythology.

Genesis is the first book of the Torah and the foundation of Judaism, thus by extension it is the foundation of Christianity and Islam. Genesis is an amalgamation of many different stories that have found their way into the written Torah from oral traditions which were later seamed together by early Hebrew writers. The Garden of Eden is the most well known but also the most misunderstood of the stories. It is my interpretation then that the characters within the Garden are one in many forms.

Elohim is a grammatically plural noun. Many scholars have noted this and the fact that Elohim speaks to "himself" saying "let us create Man in our image", as evidence for Polytheism, Trinitarianism, or Aliens. The meaning is far simpler however, it is
identifying El as both masculine and feminine; the same way Adam and Eve are two as one.

In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas Jesus shares a parable about the five trees in paradise whose leaves do not change by seasons, it is alluding to the Garden of Eden and identifying the five trees of paradise as Elohim the masculine and feminine, Adam and Eve, and the serpent. Jesus says, "For there are five trees in Paradise for you; they do not change, summer or winter, and their leaves do not fall. Whoever knows them will not taste death."

Further more Jesus shares another parable about the garden of eden, Jesus says, "there will be five in a house: there'll be three against two and two against three, father against son and son against father, and they will stand alone."

Five in a house is alluding the the trees of paradise or the forms of the entity within eden. Three against two and two against three is a double entendre, referencing firstly to Adam, Eve, and the Serpent acting against Elohim and secondly it is addressing the question of Trinitarianism. Father against son and son against father is another double entendre answering the question of Trinitarianism with a "NO" and alluding to an adversarial nature between Father and Son. Lastly, they will be alone means that all five are one.

The Fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is the fruit that is Forbidden by Elohim. Metaphorically speaking the disambiguation or prejudice for something like a name or image that appears to be good or evil is the error of Adam symbolized by the consumption of the apple. It prevents Adam and Eve from knowing God wholly, prevents them from knowing themselves and keeps the entity from divinity.

This is only a lax explanation of the garden of eden.

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