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Subject Am I Nobody? Well, I dont fear. Are you?
Poster Handle Ipiphini
Post Content
The connections between myself and all of my potential abilities have been long established, but mostly dormant. I wait. Threats cause me to learn very quickly how to harness my control over time and space, and the beings within it. I was approached by the 14th Martian Queen for the discussion of me possibly becoming president and about this years election. This is the only contact i have had with any formal entities that are not part of the illuminated network.

What i have learned is, this: Everything in the universe is an extension of One thing, We Are All That Thing. If you have the intent of the All at the core of your being, you are working towards the highest good of all parts of All. This makes you important to the universe. Cherished. Prized, even. Protected. This is how the pansy weaklings can still have a place in space and be safe.

But I can keep myself safe. I Am a protector. We are legion, hidden among you, already ready. Waiting to be readied. Using every form of deception to stay alive, hidden.

This one speaks, for he has long since passed the need or want for life, having knowing of so much. Luster is properly seen, understood, and catalogued as stimuli with the rest.
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