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Message Subject God, The Lord, Holy One of Israel, The Savior, Yeshua, Jesus
Poster Handle Kagan
Post Content
Jesus is just an allegory of the Sun, get over it! Gospels are just an elaborate/symbolic description of the movement of the sun. That's all they are.

In ancient past people had no language of science, so they used the language of symbols and myths to describe nature and the movement of stars. My ancestors described the world and nature by means of gods and mythology, in the same way that hindu gods are just representatives of natural forces (well that's because Hindu and Slavic knowledge and mythology come from the same source).

Basically, Hebrews took the knowledge of my ancestors and created a 'religion' or rather a tool for mass control and enslavement out of it. When Philistines came to Canaan they were an advanced civilization which mastered writing, building, shipbuilding and many other things, while Hebrews were still just goatherders in rags wandering around the deserts of the Middle East. Guess what language the Philistines actually spoke:

[link to www.scirp.org]

BTW K'Naan/Canaan actually refers to two geographic areas, one of them is the land to the East of Elbe/Laba river - present day Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus. Now you know why.
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