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of God

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09/22/2016 12:16 AM
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of God
I swear sometimes, a lot, not for any other reason than to extrapolate a point...

Fuck, is not swearing to God.

In your own heart are the scales of justice, for each and everyone of us know this.

Swearing to Almighty God, is refusing to obey the Law. Swearing is declaring, in your heart, your tabernacle, that you refute His Ways entirely and as such, you misalign to lesser entities, dark malevolent Ahrimanic type influences.

Swearing is declaring allegiance to the dark side...

Thought I should make this point first.

Second, I'm enjoying my time here with you. I see you, thank you.

Trinity, sometimes I wonder if you're a good guy or the opposition...

So, I went to my place and asked, funny, got no answer...

Although, I did notice that I had a big smile on my face.