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Imagine this, some food for thought.

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09/22/2016 09:09 AM
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Imagine this, some food for thought.
Good day. Here is some food for thought. This is a theory and only a theory.

For the past decade or more, the POTUS has joked about a third term in office. Even Bush did this as did Obama. Lately Obama has been joking how he is being kicked out of office. Michelle has also been joking about this.

Here is one theory as to why, they have suddenly changed their minds on a third term. Not only is the US Constitution in the way, the people would not stand for it. So what to do.

I have heard rumors that Obama is to become part of SCOTUS, but that is unlikely. Michelle maybe, but not Obama. But why? Why would Obama not want that. The power, the glory it would bring. He would live in infamy!

The reason is a bit more complex and require additional support. So picture this....

Barrack Obama as Secretary General of the United Nations. Can you imaging a former US president as Secretary General? Put Hillary or a Dem as POTUS with Michelle in SCOTUS and you have a Trifecta of power! In two years they could dismantle the US and do what every they please. No muss no fuss, Americans would be powerless to do anything, so no revolt or revolution.

So whats to stop it? Trump? You?