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Message Subject God Sends Evil Spirits To People???!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
God commands over all things, both good and evil. Any power that Satan or evil spirits possess is only that which God allows. If someone is being tormented by an evil spirit, it could be either a test by God, to see how the person will respond in faith, or possibly punishment from turning away from him. In either case, the end goal is to get the person to turn to God, or reinforce their faith in him.

So if God is a loving, caring entity, why would he allow such pain? This is not making sense to me, I apologize...

Ever read the book of Job? Not only does allow an evil spirit to torment Job but he takes all of his belongings and family away. It also states that Satan was before God!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 109815

Satan was before God meaning Satan was standing before God in an assembly of angels if you will read the account again. Satan was telling God that God had given all good things to Job and that Job only served God because of the things He gave to Job. Satan wanted God to take all these things away and since God cannot do evil God permitted Satan this one time to test Job himself and see if Job would curse God. Job was bound and determined to show everyone at that assembly that humans only serve God because of what God does for them. Satan failed miserable at trying to prove this. One stipulation was that Satan could not kill Job though. Even though Job did not understand what was happening Job never cursed God. Eventually in the end Job understood it was not God doing the bad things to him. God then restored everything back to Job including the same amount of children. Twice what Job had before. Job's children who died will be restored to him during the resurrection Jesus promises. Satan did not win and Job much later on died old and happy. We learn from this book that no matter what Satan does for us that God will undo it all. Good will always triumph over evil.
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