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Message Subject God Sends Evil Spirits To People???!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Personally, I find it sickening and beyond comprehension that these people would be going into cities and murdering every man, woman and child. Absolutely disgusting. I'd like to have seen them all killed...well, actually I guess that is what happened to them in the end. I would have been gathering up my tent and heading for the hills with these murderous, insane, blood-thirsty maniacs, with this Samuel the seer telling them who to kill next. There is always the possibility that half the garbage you read was written by men, savages, murderers. After all, God's 10 Commandments clearly stated, "Thou shall not kill," yet they killed constantly. So the possibility exist that these people were insane, evil liars and were slated for destruction-actually they were, as God told Moses He was going to destroy them, and that most of the tales in Samuel are tales written by insane fools, whom did not talk to God, but had become the tools of the devil.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 181636

Do some reseach on the Amalekites before thinking God is the bad guy. The Amalekites were the first one of the nations to launch an *unprovoked* attack on the Israelites after the Exodus, at Rephidim near Mount Sinai. These were not peaceful people. They brought destruction onto themselves. And in these wars if there were people in a city that were innocent they were saved. Look at the account of Rahab and her family from Jericho as an example. She was a Canaanite. They had this particular custom of taking babies and young children and burning them alive to their demon God Molech. The louder the children screamed the better according to these evil people. Obviously Rahab and her family were not like this and left their ways behind them to join the Israelites. And always remember God can read hearts unlike humans and never makes a mistake when he orders a person/s killed. If they are repentant of their deeds they are spared. Read up on Ninevah and Jonah for an example of this.
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