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Message Subject Post your Hillary or Trump rant here. Get it off your chest and feel a little better.
Poster Handle Deplorable QuantumLove
Post Content
A friend of mine trolled my facebook wall with this...

decided to post it to create some balance

A special letter to Republican nominee Donald J. Trump:

Dear Sir,
In a way, you are no better than your narcissistic alter ego. When told what you say is considered sexist, racist, classless, hurtful, and you say it more, you are a self-centered narcissist.

Speaking off the top of your head, yelling hurtful insults, slinging mud, your unsophisticated intellect comes as somewhat surprising. It is apparent there is no limit to what you will say.

For starters you are unapologetically low class:
• women ooze blood
• Hillary cofounded ISIS
• "Hillary Clinton is a bigot!"
• punish women for abortions
• kill terrorists and their families
• proposed mass deportation force
• African Americans use food stamps
• extreme vetting of Muslim immigrants
• if Ivanka wasn't daughter, he'd date her
• Mexican immigrant’s murderer’s rapists
• cancel Obamacare (offers no alternative)
• "you have to be wealthy in order to be great"
• "putting a wife to work is a dangerous thing."
• Hillary's not going to do anything for African Americans
• John McCain's a war hero because of his capture
• referring to protesters, "throw'em the hell outta' here"
• will pay legal fees for those who beat up Trump protesters
• women who get pregnant create inconveniences for employers
• "I'll be humane and efficient" with undocumented Latino immigrants
• Secret Service met with Trump after his inappropriate 2nd Amendment Hillary comments.
• To the African American voter, I'll make sure that when you walk down the street neither you or your child will be shot.
• inner city African Americans and Hispanic's live in "war zones" where they can't walk down the street "without getting shot."
• Tweeted, "Dwayne Wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in Chicago. Just what I have been saying. African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP!"

Your fellow Republicans consider you unqualified to be Commander-in-Chief:
• may dissolve NATO
• flip flops constantly
• yelled at crying toddler
• attacking Hillary's health
• implies America's not great
• mocked handicapped reporter
• more nuclear countries needed
• throws Twitter temper tantrums
• interrupts, talks over interviewers
• won't defend NATO allies against Russia
• requested Russian espionage for Hillary's emails
• Trump doesn't have maturity, judgment, temperament
• attacked a Gold Star Family (Captain Khan's grieving parents)

You have narcissistic personality disorder:
• dodged Vietnam war draft
• says media biased against him
• Trump University Ponzi scheme
• says he's Law & Order candidate
• filed bankruptcies to avoid paying employees
• refused to rent to African Americans sued twice
• says his own wealth is his strength, but Hillary's wealth is nefarious
• begrudgingly endorsed reelections of fellow Republican party leaders Ryan and McCain
• personally insulted every adversarial Republican, and Democratic Presidential candidate
• won't release tax returns during audit, IRS states tax returns can be released during audit

Your attempted outreach to African Americans raised more than a few eyebrows:
• "you have no job
• "you're living in poverty
• "your schools are no good
• "what do you have to lose?
• "what-the-hell do you have to lose?
• "58% of African Americans are unemployed" (included 18-year-old high schoolers through not able to work elderly)

Your audacity to lie 75% of the time astounds me:
• President Obama isn't a US citizen
• President Obama has no US birth certificate
• will build wall to keep out illegals, hires illegals
• I know more about ISIS than our military generals
• Justice Scalia was murdered (died sleeping, natural causes)
• complains media takes him out of context (even when quoted)
• Indiana born judge is Mexican (judge born to Mexican immigrants)
• secretly viewed $400 million Iranian money drop video (no video exists)
• Hillary receives special government favors (gives no specific credible examples)
• Cruz's father helped Oswald assassinate JFK (provides no proof whatsoever)
• will build Mexican wall to keep out immigrants (provides no financial or construction details)
• ISIS which formed in 1999 was founded by President Obama (first elected in 2008, 9 years later)
• "will reject bigotry and hatred and oppression in all its forms" (Trump has promised complex Muslim bans)
• Hillary's emails killed Iranian scientist (scientist publicly outed himself 2010, Hillary left Secretary of State 2013)
• will stand up to and bring jobs back from China (wears Trump ties from China, wears Trump shirts from Bangladesh)

You're a walking contradiction:
• demanded Romney's tax returns (won't release his own taxes)
• demands Hillary's speech transcripts and emails (won't release Trump business emails, memos, or minutes)
• demands Obama's birth certificate and college transcripts (won't release his own birth certificate or college transcripts)

Of course you'd admit to a few mistakes in life:
• currently married to 3rd wife
• multiple affairs and divorces
• has 5 children by 3 different women
• has sacrificed nothing, and no one
• Criticizes illegals, Melania may be illegal
• Melania stole from Michelle Obama's speech
• Melania Trump's nude layout proves she's not First Lady material
• Trump's pro-police, neither Trump nor children ever served Police
• Trump's promilitary, neither draft dodging Trump or children ever served
• prior to RNC speech, palmed Ivanka's hips onstage at Republican Convention
• says Melania has 4-year Architecture degree but won't release her college transcripts
• Melania Trump receives green card 1996, got paid for nude layout 1995 that makes her illegal

You give adversaries childish names:
• Carly Fiorina - Ugly
• Ted Cruz - Lyin Ted
• Jeb Bush - Lightweight
• Marco Rubio - Little Guy
• Hillary Clinton - Crooked Hillary
• John Kasich - Stubborn Old Man

Your low IQ:
• Trump companies owe China $650 million
• when asked policy specifics or tough questions, Trump pivots
• called would-be Reagan assassin John Hinckley, David Hinckley
• Trump tweeted Scotland loves Brexit (Scotland voted against Brexit)
• Trump Presidency will prevent Russia from invading Ukraine (Russia already occupies Crimea)
• called former Virginia Governor, Vice Presidential Candidate Senator Tim Kaine, New Jersey's Governor

Your political endorsements leave much to be desired:
• Fox News
• Scott Baio
• Rick Perry
• Jan Brewer
• Roger Ailes
• Sarah Palin
• Mike Pence
• Mike Tyson
• Ted Nugent
• Ann Coulter
• Oliver North
• Kirstie Alley
• Stacey Dash
• John McCain
• Rudy Giuliani
• Sean Hannity
• Chris Christie
• Newt Gingrich
• Phil Robertson
• Clint Eastwood
• Dr. Ben Carson
• Mike Huckabee
• Katrina Pierson
• Kellyanne Conway
• Michele Bachmann
• North Korea's Kim Jong-un
• KKK Grand Wizard David Duke
• Russian President Vladimir Putin

Surprising Republicans NOT endorsing you:
• Ted Cruz
• Rand Paul
• Bush family
• John Kasich
• Carly Fiorina
• Dick Cheney
• Rob Portman

And how does this end sir?

You alone have reduced this election to common gutter name calling. Your rise to Republican nominee is both shocking and amazing, and now, some would argue, regretful.

America must come to its senses and flat out reject you. The last thing America needs is Donald J. Trump.

VOTE BLUE UP AND DOWN THE TICKET ~ We must defeat the maniac Trump!

(Feel free to like, share, copy & paste, and repost!!)

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