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Message Subject The Christian trinity is an idol.
Poster Handle Monotheism
Post Content

Of course you would conclude that, because that's exactly what is communicated. YHWH's word leaves no room for any co-equals.
 Quoting: Monotheism

No amount of "context" can change what is explicitly communicated in these passages.
 Quoting: Monotheism

Concerning context, I disagree, context is everything. The Apostles had already taught the believers the Gospel, so there wasn't any misunderstanding.
Concerning YHWH's word, we already know Jesus is the Word, as revealed in Genesis. But, we have already discussed this.

Now, can we discuss honor? Could you answer my question?
 Quoting: Unchained

if you read Johns prologue in the greek, you can see clearly that the word is not G-d.

in the beginning was the word, and the word was with T-H-E G-O-D and the word was (a) god.

there is a distinction between the god who is with the word and word that is god, clearly putting the god with the word on a higher level.
 Quoting: Dr VIP 1

Professional trinity apologists - being of the deceitful nature they are - would of course pounce on this argument like scavengers on a carcass, claiming the there's no indefinite article in the text, in fact, there is no indefinite article in Greek at all, when the entire point is what implied by the absence of a definite article. They use this straw-man deflection maneuver against Jehovah's Witnesses and their New World Translation.
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