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Message Subject The Christian trinity is an idol.
Poster Handle Monotheism
Post Content

Concerning context, I disagree, context is everything. The Apostles had already taught the believers the Gospel, so there wasn't any misunderstanding.
Concerning YHWH's word, we already know Jesus is the Word, as revealed in Genesis. But, we have already discussed this.

Now, can we discuss honor? Could you answer my question?
 Quoting: Unchained

if you read Johns prologue in the greek, you can see clearly that the word is not G-d.

in the beginning was the word, and the word was with T-H-E G-O-D and the word was (a) god.

there is a distinction between the god who is with the word and word that is god, clearly putting the god with the word on a higher level.
 Quoting: Dr VIP 1

VIP, I've never heard a scholar claim what you state. All respectable transliterations disagree.
 Quoting: Unchained

mmmm I have heard a unitarian on youtube make that claim.
could be wrong.
 Quoting: Dr VIP 1

You're not wrong. Unchained has been listening to Christian scholars, i.e. compulsive liars. There's no definite article in the last part of John 1:1: kai theos en ho logos.

"We next notice John's use of the article in these sentences. He does not write without care in this respect, nor is he unfamiliar with the niceties of the Greek tongue. In some cases he uses the article, and in some he omits it. He adds the article to the Logos, but to the name of God he adds it sometimes only. He uses the article, when the name of God refers to the uncreated cause of all things, and omits it when the Logos is named God.... The true God, then, is The God (ho theos)." ~ Origen
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