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Message Subject The Christian trinity is an idol.
Poster Handle Monotheism
Post Content

God is not human and does not change. Lord, kyrios, means a person of authority - nothing more, nothing less. When LORD in all capitals appears in the Old Testament however in a substitution of the tetragrammaton, God's name, YHWH. Jesus is not God.

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 Quoting: Monotheism

God did not change even though he became a human for a time period. HE is still the same forever. This being whom GOD became his visible image. As the CHRIST is both LORD and SAVIOR.

MY ONE GOD has saved me through JESUS. Come to him for he is the ONLY one that can save you in the end.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73117241

Spirit becoming human flesh is a change. Who did Jesus pray to?
 Quoting: Monotheism

He prayed to his TRUE SELF, for that TRUE SELF did not change.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73117241

So the false self prayed to the true self? Just stop. Please, check out some of the links in my signature, and read some of my threads.

[link to m.youtube.com (secure)]
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