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Message Subject The Christian trinity is an idol.
Poster Handle Dr VIP 1
Post Content

I got a little too carried away by your comment about "subterfuge and deceit"
nvm forget it.

anyway, heres the message of Torah, "the supreme infallibe one? yeah that one... worship only that one, no other thing beneath him is divine"

and that idea dominates the world, there is no religion predating Judaism that carries that idea... all other religions were there to support the divinity claim of the monarch and state which resulted in the population being slaves.

and if you cant see that this is the essence of Judaim, exodus out of pagan egypt to freedom, and now exodus out of papal rome and their nwo to freedom... then I have nothing more to add.
 Quoting: Dr VIP 1

Doc, you told me you were waged in a war to bring down rome and christianity. How are you gonna do that without subterfuge and deceit? So don't trip over my saying back to you what you were saying.

As for the rest, it's a well-known idea in Indic circles that all worship ultimately goes to God, who sees it for what it is. That's a lot more refined than your version of all the huffing and puffing and blowing his chosen ones down because they got it wrong.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72869587

if its done through subterfuge and deceit then it aint going to work... we are doing it by simply teaching Judaism to Jews and having those Jews talk about it, and this talking spreads to the none Jewish world and becomes a meme and before you know it you have a truth movement working to take down the roman establishment while on the way debating bible and whether its Jews who are behind it all.
really... if you cant see this sort of Judaic influence is over the world is supernatural that has forced empires to bend and step down and change to fit the demands of their people slowly converting from the absolute divine monarchs despots into a democarcy of the people... really if you dont see the supernatural behind this, the impossibility that it is simply natural... well, just well.

bow down to a cow and think it goes to god... if you dont see that as wrong, then just well.
maybe when again you are forced to bow down to a demigod king who takes your wife for prima nocta you will see it is not so good to bow down to a cow
 Quoting: Dr VIP 1

You are going to bring down the vatican and the nwo with a meme based on teaching judaism to jews and debating the bible? Not sure how that would work, since the guys that you seek to take down coopted your bible 2000 years ago and never looked back. Now they have their eyes on Jerusalem and are working to finalize their control over it. You think you are going to debate them out of that?

Can you list the empires you have brought to their knees. I goggled it and came up blank. How you are taking credit for democracy is beyond me, but there ya go. Regarless, if you are paying attention to that world out there you are under the impression that you guys are dominating, democracy is in its death throes in every way but the sham show.

There are those who want to pin it on you guys as being behind the decline of western civ and this treacherous onslaught of sludge that's washing up on our cultural shores in the way of the insane multi-culty gender bender assault of political correctness and the like, but you have been a staunch denier of such talk and blame the jesuits, so I'm not really sure where you guys fit into the mix on the face of it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 72275325

yes... exactly, I refer you to my previous response.
we have changed the world, through Judaism, Judaic ideas that are based on it's pure monotheism have penetrated the hearts of the entire world, and now virtually every man on earth is an enemy of such tyrannies such as rome.

these Judaic ideas have been spread by "memes" christianity carried some, islam carried some... and Jews just talking Judaism carried some of these memes all around the world.
and now virtually every man woman and child on earth takes these sort of out looks on life for granted.

for evidence see for yourself the neo paganism I have talked about, it is impossible to become a pure pagan again, because people understand that the lower aspects are not worthy of worship... sure they may help shed light on the nature of the true infallible one... but are not to be worshiped... and by this, human kings and rulers are no longer worshiped which means people do not allow their governments to enslave them (atleast not in a visible manner)

you say you do not know of empires we have brought to their knees... well what about the protestant reformation? and how it has freed europe from the clutches of the vicar of god on earth, the pope? which resulted in one of the freest countries on earth, the united states of america, which its bill of rights and constitution are heavily influenced by Torah and Talmud (yes yes... the original judicial system of the US is heavily based on the Talmud)

** yes I am aware jesuits have taken control over breakaway europe and the US, but not in a direct manner that can be noticed by the populace... and why is that?
because of the Judaic ideas in the hearts of the populace, they dont see the pope is G-d's vicar on earth, so if direct control was establised again, it would result in an instant revolt.

do you really really not see what I am talking about?

yeah, I dont take credit for democracy, but I do take credit for how democracy has been used to weaken the aristocratic class through the realization that it is not divine... which is not what the greek had in mind with their democracy as it was created to strengthen the aristocracy.

and again, the idea that the ruling class is not divine does not trace to any pagan philosophy, on the contrary pagan philosophies contribute to that idea, and it is Judaism that has broken that malicious spell over nations.
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