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Message Subject The Christian trinity is an idol.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You are going to bring down the vatican and the nwo with a meme based on teaching judaism to jews and debating the bible? Not sure how that would work, since the guys that you seek to take down coopted your bible 2000 years ago and never looked back. Now they have their eyes on Jerusalem and are working to finalize their control over it. You think you are going to debate them out of that?

Can you list the empires you have brought to their knees. I goggled it and came up blank. How you are taking credit for democracy is beyond me, but there ya go. Regarless, if you are paying attention to that world out there you are under the impression that you guys are dominating, democracy is in its death throes in every way but the sham show.

There are those who want to pin it on you guys as being behind the decline of western civ and this treacherous onslaught of sludge that's washing up on our cultural shores in the way of the insane multi-culty gender bender assault of political correctness and the like, but you have been a staunch denier of such talk and blame the jesuits, so I'm not really sure where you guys fit into the mix on the face of it.
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The Time of Jacob's Trouble.

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