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Message Subject The Christian trinity is an idol.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The simple version is Monotheism doesn't understand Godly mysteries encoded in words and sentences and ideas behind literal written truth.

The complex version is every thread by Monotheism that anyone wishes to waste their time in.

If Monotheism were to be watered by the Spirit of God he'd be 1 under Jesus! But as it is he is a storehouse full of rotting, molding seeds and no prayer SEEMS to affect his free will to want to accept the answer to a mystery before understanding how impossible it SEEMS that the answer is also the truth. That's where faith as of a child takes its most crucial role, and some people are just too smart to be saved; all intellect and no heart.

When I was homeless the night I accepted that Jesus is God and God is Jesus I was so mad because I was struggling with overcoming my left brain logic for a few days until I said aloud in my abandoned building complex, "OK! God you are Jesus and Jesus you are God, now what?!" After 2 days of peace and rest revelation began to pour into my head and the scriptures became alive which I barely knew, my relationship with Jesus began to take off.

May the Lord God Jesus Christ bless Monotheism with child-like faith and unharden his heart. Amen!

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